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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by rredmond, Mar 23, 2014.

  1. rredmond

    rredmond Level 0 Character

    As desperate as I want to go and meet and roll dice with those of you knaves I know so well, I will be there in spirit.
    And, as well some of you know, I'm involved with a wee magazine we like to call & Magazine, with a sharp focus on Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and it's offshoots and pre-shoots. Jon and Allan of Black Blade Publishing are bringing & to the Con!
    They've put together hard copies of & Magazine for all to peruse and to be given away for FREE! There are also promotional cards available showing off the high quality that the & Magazine artists bring. Please check it all out at the Black Blade Publishing Booth!
    We are so proud to be working with Black Blade Publishing who are honoring our commitment to being a free resource for AD&D (and earlier) gamers and immensely proud to be a small part of Gary Con this year. Good luck guys and thank you for keeping up Gary's memory.
    Some pictures I wanted to share of the items being given away and, with regards to the hard copies of the magazine, raffled off. If they end up being too big, I'll try and edit. :)
  2. rredmond

    rredmond Level 0 Character

    Those seem okay. Please let me know if the pics are too big.
  3. Dale

    Dale Administrator

    Damn, those look great! Hopefully you can make it out next year.

    The guys at Black Blade are a good group of guys. You'll be in good hands there.
  4. rredmond

    rredmond Level 0 Character

    I want to go so bad Dale! Like I said in my PM to you, it figures that the two Cons I'm desperate to go to are so far away.
    Stupid New Jersey!
    One day I'll get there, too many folks I haven't drank or gamed with. Or drank with. ;)

    But yes, Jon and Allan are such great guys. I talk with Jon an awful lot, and Allan's NJ roots mean I game with him every year or so!

    Be well!
  5. red wizard

    red wizard Troubadour

    Awesome, gonna get me some copies!:)
  6. rredmond

    rredmond Level 0 Character

    Cool! Let us know how you like them!
  7. kersus

    kersus Footpad

    I'll keep an eye out for them dude. Wish you were here.
  8. rredmond

    rredmond Level 0 Character

    Awesome! Have fun Dwight!!
    Going to assume you flew... not that you'd pass through the Philly area anyway on your way back.
    Anyway, I've been telling folks to go up to Allan and Jon at the booth and say "& Magazine sent me"! :D

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