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    Yes. I've played both and I've found that I like C&C slightly better because there are a few more options. I've not played a lot of clones so YMMV. Mainly, the one I played was Labyrinth Lord and their retro-clone of Gamma World. It worked fine but I found that the Basic Set was also just as good though the clone had some improvements.

    Right now I'd say that I would use C&C if I was running a game simply because it would be easier to convert my D20 friends to it.
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    Sounds like we have this in common. For me, I came into D&D/AD&D in 1983 and had the same view of Lake Geneva. I'm going because I've some good friends that will be there and I enjoy the opportunity to honor Gary's memory. While I couldn't make it to the funeral, I think this is a way I can honor him.

    Gary had invited me to the Winter Dark Con at GenCon 2007 but I was unable to attend. It was an honor to be asked to come along with the hope of playing in a game he might run. Of course, he passed away before I could game with him so I take GaryCon as an opportunity to have some fun and remember a person who played a tremendous role in my childhood as well as someone who inspired me enough by his life and faith to begin my website.

    For me, it's coming full circle.

    (Plus, I like to have some drinks with the Kenzer folks 'cause they're hilarious and loads of fun.)
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    I've found that a good GM can make any game system enjoyable and a bad GM can screw up your favorite game. As a kid, I played an awesome game of Traveller (original rules) with Frank Krohn (RIP). Traveller was kind of a clunky game, but his ability to tell a good story and keep the action going made the game. In college I played Role Master- which is too rules intense for my taste. However the DM ( a guy named Q) had a rich campaign setting with lots of original races and a great storyline. That is one of my all time favorite gaming groups. So I guess the secret is not the game so much as the group dynamics- or maybe I was just lucky....

    I am not so concerned about remaining loyal to or promoting a particular game. I just like to get together with friends and have fun playing. I am running a Castles and Crusades game currently and I like it because it is basically AD&D, with the benefit of new source material. Nevermind that I haven't used any source material yet- and don't plan on it. Gary Con for me is all about reuniting with old friends and making new ones while having a great time. That is something my Dad taught me how to do and its brought me many hours of happiness.
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    I think that's the heart of the issue, actually. It's also the reason I keep coming back to knowledge of story. The only thing a system does is provide a framework to keep arguments down to a minimum. I still think RPGs should include rudimentary knowledge on some form of storytelling, whether it be literary, cinematic, or stagecraft.
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    Just one quick comment about 4e....the thing that really bugs me is the lack of penalties. None of the Core Races have attribute penalties, just bonuses.

    Ok, something else...all the spells are geared toward combat. The "rituals" as near as I can figure, cover a whole plethora of spells that are quite useful in a non-combat context.

    It makes me realize how much I do miss Gary.

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