Moebius Maximus: Running on the Strip

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by gizmomathboy, Nov 6, 2015.

  1. gizmomathboy

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    Ok, ladies and gentlemen it looks like I'll be submitting/running a moebius track event.

    Since this will be the curviest straightaway in the multiverse I'm going gonzo with it to make the race "interesting". One lap is 75 squares long and I'm thinking of only running 2 "laps".

    There will be Deathrace 2000 like events/effects (mostly cribbing from the remakes: Death Race, Death Race 2, Death Race 3) where you can get weapons, obstacles appearing, etc.

    The latest wrinkles came from my crazy coworker: Crazy Space Clowns and Moebius Strippers.

    The Space Clown will do things like throw balloons filled with: napalm, adrenaline, acid, etc. Even open up a singularity on the track.

    The Strippers will mostly distract the drivers I think.

    So, I'm open to any and all crazy ideas to make this gonzo and fun.

    I'll be submitting this to run Sunday from like noon to 4pm (I'll be submitting/running the figure-8 track, Wreckus Maximus, that morning).

    Once again, I blame grodog for this wonderfully crazy idea


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  2. gizmomathboy

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    Crazy ideas generated so far:

    Heisenberg's Hound: If this canine crosses your path then do the following: 1, your team speed is now the team to your left; 2, your position is now switched with the team to your right.

    Schroedinger's Black Cat: a couple possibilities, 1: something happens, we just don't know what it is; 2, you roll and see if something unlucky happens, and how unlucky. For example, your chariot picks up 2 rockets. SBC crosses your path. You make roll roll, the possibilities are: 1, nothing happens; 2, your rockets fire going off in square X; 3, your rockets fire but the explosive bolts fail to ignite, you add Y to your speed and at the end of your turn they explode

    Gravity Well: chariots within X spaces are move A squares closer, within Y moved B, and within Z moved C. If outside of Z then not affected. The gravity well and be 2d (only affecting the side it's on, or 3d in which case it also has the same effect on the other "side" of the track.

    Worm Hole: Like the Gravity Well but 2 open up. If the attraction causes you to be moved into the hole you pop outside the other Hole

    Quantum Tunnel: Moves you to the other "side" of the track

    I'll have to probably include a note that the game will be at least PG13 in rating and probably an R because of the juvenile delinquent adult humor like:

    Moebius Strippers:
    Ron "Elephant Trunk" Jones - he's so excited by the races he blocks all traffic from crossing his position on the track

    Strippers have a variety of accoutrement - Laser pasties, power poles, stiletto heels of doom, etc.

    Choda Boy

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  3. Jarlaxle

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    you are a sick puppy.............
  4. gizmomathboy

    gizmomathboy Spellbinder

    Doing what I can to make this particular event weird and fun. :)
  5. stahlnee

    stahlnee Spellbinder

    You da man!
  6. gizmomathboy

    gizmomathboy Spellbinder

    Ok, today at lunch came up with some more ideas with the aid of francisca.
    • caltrops
      • does damage to a random horse
    • net
      • can shoot at driver (or horses if going the wrong way)
      • have one that stretches across the track
    • mines
      • does damage to horse, cart, or driver
    • blocks
      • 1 block high you can attempt to drive over like a wreck
      • 2+ blocks high act like a wall. You run into it and flip
    • geyser of hellfire
      • rather self-evident about the carnage this might do
    • tesseract block
      • run into and get trapped inside for 1 turn, on exit determine if you exit correctly or the wrong way
    • gremlins
      • jump onto your chariot and mess with things. You can attempt to whip them off, if you still have a whip
    • ramps
      • no real effect unless you are going to fast and can achieve escape velocity from the track.
      • Did I mention that there is a possibility that you can fly off the track? :)
    • rockets
    • javelins
    I think I will also have different versions/levels of the Moebius Strippers: PG-13, R, and NC-17. Depending on the crowd of racers and the time of day. Maybe run an off-grid race: Moebius Maximus: After Midnight
  7. stahlnee

    stahlnee Spellbinder

    This event is listed as "...on the strip". I see no hint of the typically wildlife one sees "...on the strip". Come on, where are the drive-bys, dealers, and girls?

    I will suggest you have certain sections of the track have walls that narrow down at random intervals and a gator pit followed by a spiked section of track just past these areas and to the middle of the track. Think of it as the tracking having a mind of its own and getting hungry.

    Consider advanced weaponery for the drivers. Like laser, shotguns, etc. You could call it alien technology.

    You could always park some New Glarius near by to distract the participants.
  8. gizmomathboy

    gizmomathboy Spellbinder

    Finally, some suggestions.

    And they are great.

    Hey, the Moebius Strippers are part of the Strip Wildlife :)

    Definitely liking the idea of having a pg/pg-13/R/NC17 options available. I totally forgot about the Crazy Space Clowns so I have "safer" content for that part of the Strip. Hmmm, I wonder if the racers wouldn't mind me buying them a round during the race? Sort of an intermission.

  9. stahlnee

    stahlnee Spellbinder

    Your example of wildlife was not female!
  10. gizmomathboy

    gizmomathboy Spellbinder

    Working against stereotype. ;-)

    Gotta be representative of all wildlife.
  11. stahlnee

    stahlnee Spellbinder

    Some spectators that have tickets and are awaiting entry to the infield party pavallion:
    - a psycho gun toting person who targets any chariot that happens to run over a specific square on the track
    - swedish bikini team who will be cheerleaders
    - dueling bango and kin who will provide music
    - headhunters who will escort trouble makers away
    - MC who will provide security and be armed with bats, chains, and knives
    - some people suffering from afluenza who think they deserve anything they want
    - group of underage thugs from Rio that will run up, grab and snatch anything they can get their hands on (a driver falling off his ride will be immediately set upon and mugged)
    - etc.
  12. stahlnee

    stahlnee Spellbinder

    Anything associated with Mad Max
  13. grodog

    grodog Troubadour

    Players should all have standard chariot gear and teams, personal weapons (hand held as well as ranged?; I assume these would all be standard Roman fare---spears, darts, nets, javelins/atlatls, slings, bolas, etc.) rather than vibroswords, gauss shields, needle guns, and cloaking devices?), and 2-5 cheats (more = lesser in potency, fewer = more potent?). I'm thinking Anakin's podrace meets Rollerball meets STUN Runner meets James Bond meets Speed Racer. So, players should be able to attack each other and litter the track with detritus/debris/traps/smoking hulks of their enemies, using stuff like:

    - oil slicks, fiery oil slicks, greek fire
    - smoke screens
    - bombs
    - craters
    - fire missiles at each other (line of sight, heat-seeking, target-locking, MIRVs)
    - drop stuff from above onto players below them on the track (while they're still on the same side of the track)
    - nets: standard, weighted, barbed, poisoned, monofilament fiber
    - chains
    - monsters released onto field: cave bears, Attack of the Clones saber-tooth-tiger arena monster that attacked Amidala, giant scorpions, shoggoths, things that fly so you have to pay attention to overhead as well as on the track, phase spiders (attack from the other side of the board ;) )
    - grape shot
    - tire hubs that turn into buzzsaws and extend outward to wreck adjacent chariots
    - "boosts" that speed you up
    - ramps - can allow you to jump onto another player's chariot/team, to jump ahead of another player (with rockets and/or gravity assists), or to launch completely from one section of track to another and bypassing a significant portion of the board (Rainbow Bridge from Candyland)
    - pits in the track
    - sidelanes (wormholes?) that you can access which might be shortcuts or might take you straight into hell (or a black hole)
    - tar pits/tape room stickyness
    - teleporters (one and two way)
    - gate traps a la Philip Jose Farmer
    - obstacles and monsters phases in an out, perhaps worsening over time as a "Doom Tracker" counts down to zero or somesuch
    - ebola bombs
    - zombies
    - zombie bombs
    - ZAP gun from Marvin the Martian
    - Roborally board hazards: conveyor belts (whether real or space/time currents that tweak your flow/movement), chasms, pushers, lasers, edges (perhaps the edges of the board are like Q1's edges of the levels of the demonweb---if you fall off you drift/move for a little while until you go too far, then you're lost in the maelstrom); perhaps even have the players each program/write out their moves based on the current board configuration/status then see how the board/their immediate environ changes for them each turn (if at all; it should have a good chance to chance, of course: at least 1 in 3-ish)
    - an undead "haunted galleon" charioteer (a lich-like James Caan?) and his team of nightmares enters the field--the Flying Dutchman!

    From a non-Euclidean POV, you can definitely play with all sorts of space/time continuum holes:

    - players fall into wormhole/disappear and reappear 1d3 moves later in the same place, in the same place on the opposite side of the board, in a different place ahead or behind where they were, in a different place significantly ahead/behind where they were, in a different place an entire lap ahead or behind where they were
    - players experience distance distortion positively (teams not winded at all by that turn's exertions) or negatives (teams winded as if moved twice on this turn vs. once)
    - Great Cthulhu slobbers onto the field and carts the team (with or without the driver) off to R'lyeh
    - line of sight isn't what you think it is: works normally, is off by N degrees (45, 90, 135, 180, 225, 270, 315, 360), works fine for half the length of line of sight and then deviates, works fine by is transposed to the opposite side of the board (attacks top instead of bottom face of board, or vice-versa)
    - gravity isn't what you think it is: works normally, works normally but relative to a different face than you're on, works normally for you but you are the gravity attractor so everyone else is relative to you, no gravity (float in space based on current trajectory and speed until gravity reasserts itself); gravity could speed up or slow down you or opponents, depending on relative positions, and will certainly influence the ability to attack each other
    - time isn't what you think it is: you move normally, you move forward in time (effectively teleporting?), (I don't think that backward in time would be manageable in the context of the game play), you repeat time and redo a turn exactly as you did before (Nidus' Curse of Endless Repetition meets RoboRally), you move significantly faster but are twice as winded/exerted as you would normally be for that movement, you age or grow younger, etc.

    Hopefully some of this will be inspirational, as well as useful in game ;)

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  14. Jarlaxle

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    You neef to make one of the "strippers" a tall girl with red star tattoos and a patch on her left eye.
  15. gizmomathboy

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  16. gizmomathboy

    gizmomathboy Spellbinder

    Allan, yes lots of inspiration there. You are one twisted dude. :) I definitely want a Rollerball vibe to it along with all the Death Race movies.

    I might give the drivers a primitive weapon or two at the start. There will be at least 1 "hazard" on the track for each drive. They will get to know what 1 of them is, but not the others (like a rocket power up, block activation, etc.).

    Francisca might be passing along the race characteristics from Cosmic Encounter for ideas as well.

    Going to be interesting to balance the gonzo with the "gotta finish 2 laps in 4 hours" part, and I'm not sure how to define winning other than surviving :)
  17. stahlnee

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    Gonzo is the primary purpose! The race is sport and secondary!
  18. Jarlaxle

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  19. francisca

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    looking forward to play-testing this.
  20. gizmomathboy

    gizmomathboy Spellbinder

    I'm close to having the minis ready. Maybe this week if I am productive tonight.

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