My 2 DGS Presents Events Cancelled

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by makerofthings, Mar 12, 2020.

  1. makerofthings

    makerofthings Chevalier

    I regret the need to cancel my two events for the upcoming GaryCon convention.

    1956 DGS Presents: Nightmare on Sesame Street
    1955 DGS Presents: KISS-Tastrophe

    I have a concern on contracting the Convid-19 in a large convention atmosphere and can not risk exposure duo to other health issue I am currently experiencing.
  2. silas

    silas Chevalier

    My DGS games also cancelled (also out because of the virus situation)

    Event #926: DGS Presents: The House of a Thousand Cartouches
    Event #1630: Marrying Mr. Darcy
    Event #1827: DGS Presents: Peril at Mykenae
    Event #1631: Seven Sisters
  3. sd8k

    sd8k Level 0 Character

    So sorry to hear!!! This sounded great and I was looking forward to it.

    I have not cancelled my games yet but I do have a backup plan with Discord. Have you give any thought to using Discord or Roll20 as an alternative?
  4. sir jon

    sir jon Spellbinder

    Fucking pandemic.
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  5. Handy Haversack

    Handy Haversack Chevalier

    The other day when the first cancellations were coming in, one of my players from my home group suggested I prep something else to run since some DMs have to cancel -- "Maybe what we played in last weekend!" "You mean the haunted plague tenement? With the disease gargoyle whose voice is made of worms? And all the vomit zombies? Maybe *next* year ..."
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  6. jim skach

    jim skach Troubadour

    I'd play in that this year... :D
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  7. gizmomathboy

    gizmomathboy Spellbinder

    No humor quite like gallows humor :)

    I'm with Skach, I would play in that and see how tf long I could live...or die gloriously.
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  8. sd8k

    sd8k Level 0 Character

    That may not be the best choice of game but I think the idea is right. I will take some time and get other games ready just to bring along to fill in gaps.

    This is a great idea!
  9. Ancalagon

    Ancalagon Level 0 Character

    Vomit zombies. Hell yeah.
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  10. Handy Haversack

    Handy Haversack Chevalier

    "Gloriously" ... sure ... could happen!
  11. gizmomathboy

    gizmomathboy Spellbinder

    Gloriously is more of a sliding scale kinda thing.
  12. francisca

    francisca Troubadour

    Oh hell yeah. I had some in a Greyhawk adventure I wrote, which "projectile" puked black oily stuff (remember the aliens in that) to infect others. Actually, I think it shot out of their nose and eyes, too.
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  13. Ancalagon

    Ancalagon Level 0 Character

    I hope none of the players in my home group sees that nugget of gaming goodness..... ;)

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