My First Gary Con of Many to Come!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Lars_Solarin, Mar 19, 2018.

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    GCX was a new Con for my wife and I. We have attended Gamehole Con two years in a row and just heard about Gary Con this past November. We were blown away by the Resort when we first arrived. It has to be one of if not the nicest places I have ever gamed our attended a Con at. My wife volunteered 22 hours and I GMed 16. Even doing all at that we managed to attend many of the special events, play in lots of great games, and meet several gaming luminaries past and present.

    We had a wonderful time. Many of our friends from Gamehole were Gary Con regulars and it was like a family reunion! The sheer number of gaming greats packed into one place is awesome. I was lucky enough to hang out/talk and/or have beverages with Larry Elmore, Mike and Crazy Noe, Frank Mentzer, Tim Kask. I was fortunate enough to have Larry, Margaret Weis, and Tracy Hickman sign all three of my original Dragon Lance novels! They were all very gracious. I met Zeb Cook and he signed my 2nd Ed Players Handbook and we talked about some of the old adventures he published in Dungeon Magazine. I even got to shake hands with and complimented Joe Manganiello on his role playing during his Critical Role appearance.

    All in all Gary Con has taken first place as one of my favorite Cons! Everyone was always gracious, never too busy to speak with you, sign a book or module. Where else can you meet all of gaming's First Family all in one place? The diversity of games is staggering and everyone I met was very friendly and welcoming. We just want to thank everyone that organized the Con, volunteered, ran games and attended for making it a wonderful experience for us!

    My wife and I have already booked our room in the Grand Geneva for next year and I can only ask?

    Is it GaryCon XI yet?
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    (Like you, on checking out - my wife and I made our reservations immediately for the next year. I've never had that happen for a con, or been so sad to leave one. It was a combination of the friendliness of folks, the OSR emphasis, and the resort itself. I know it's going to get even bigger, but it really felt like a good size. I am totally jealous of all the folks you met; I was so busy running around I never got a chance to say hi to the folks I wanted to. What was your secret?)

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