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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by brendar, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. brendar

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    I encourage anyone to post here if you are looking for a ride or have one to offer.

    Myself: I broke down last minute and rented a car. I can take one or two passengers (3 will be tight with luggage, but possible if necessary). I'm arriving at MKE on Wednesday 330pm- I have to get right to the Lodge so I can't wait around for long. If this is you, send me a private message and we can work out the details.
  2. blackmote

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    I would be happy to offer a ride to a couple or three folks on Thursday morning from Milwaukee (MKE airport) around the local time of 10-11AM. I am scheduled to arrive at 9:48 on AirTran flight 434 from Atlanta. I'm going to make a bee-line to the Hertz counter and grab a vehicle. I plan to be on the road to the Lodge at Lake Geneva no later than 11AM regardless if there are folks in the car with me or not. This ride is from the airport only. I do not intend to spend half my day driving around southern Wisconsin picking up riders. :p

    PM me for my cell number before 9PM Wednesday night (Mar 21st). I have unlimted text, but do not have a smart phone (in fact my phone is quite dumb). I will not be able to check emails or this forum Thursday morning until I get to my room and fire up my laptop. So if you wish to ride with me from the MKE airport, you need to call or text before 10AM Thursday Mar 22nd.

    I leave on Sunday morning to return to the airport in Milwaukee around 11AM. If anyone wishes for a ride back, same guidelines apply - with of course those who rode in with me having dibs. ;)

    I won't demand assistance with fuel costs, but won't decline a small donation either. :mrgreen:

  3. CKDad

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    I'll be hitting MKE around 9:30 AM Thursday morning on the Southwest flight from Baltimore. I've reserved a car with Dollar and should have room for one, perhaps two people depending on luggage. PM me here if you're in need of a lift!

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