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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by gizmomathboy, Feb 9, 2020.

  1. jim skach

    jim skach Troubadour

    Yeah...what Gizmo said. I've gone over this math quote a few times. I think the total last I checked was something like 253 Gold, 31 Platinum, 12 Diamond, and 1 Electrum...whatever the fuck that is....

    Though I'm not sure about when some of the others register: Guests of Honor (50), Guest Artists (12), Industry Notable (24), etc.

    ETA: Standard (aka "Silver") are up to like 1550 or something
  2. Handy Haversack

    Handy Haversack Chevalier

    Arguing over treasure division. Classic.

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  3. gmbarry

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    And hence this ends my participation here...

    OGRE MAGE Footpad

    Just here, or the whole con?

    Asking for about 50 friends.
  5. francisca

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    I had typed what I thought to be a pretty comprehensive, reasonable and well thought out post about various issues surrounding the registration system, including how we arrived where we are with this year's registration system, how it was done for the previous conventions, equality, value of the various levels, expectations, entitlement, etc...

    Then I just deleted it.

    Why? Because people are going to complain, no matter what.

    But I am here to tell you, barring some external circumstances, like say your plumbing blowing up while you are away (true story, happened to me one year), you can go and have a great time, no matter what events you get. But for what you can control, if you go and don't have a good time at this convention, it's on you.
  6. jim skach

    jim skach Troubadour even came back from Indiana after going home to address the issues - that was crazy.

    First year (I think it was) at the grand I spent in the room with 103 fever and food poisoning. Every couple of hours, even though my family was there, Dave Temperado, a guy I met for the first time at GaryCon I, would come and check on me.

    Let. Go.
  7. sir jon

    sir jon Spellbinder

    sorry, not sorry. It's funny!
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  8. Muddy

    Muddy Level 0 Character

    So... thoughts on the new process from someone who has only attended once last year, (gold badge), is a nobody in the world of gaming, and is coming back for more this year (silver badge).

    I think it is great that the organizers are willing to consider the issues raised by the old system and try something new. Both problems (under subscribed special events and silver badges having little chance at same) I think are legitimate concerns. I couldn't imagine what it would be like to run an empty or half full table because my session was designated a special event, especially given that it is something determined by the organizers rather than the session host. There is also something sketchy about the strong division between badge levels and the exclusion of some simply because they can't afford a better badge. So the organizers, who already have a huge task in front of them, deserve a lot of appreciation and much thanks for being willing to not only consider but actually implement an alternative system to try and steer things in a better direction, regardless of whether it is better or worse than the previous. Changes can always be undone or modified, once there is some feedback after this year's con.

    A couple of thoughts for the future -
    - Increasing the number of most desired events seems to be the best solution. Someone above mentioned something about swag bags. Maybe some of that money could be put toward incentivizing more sessions (donation to a charity of the celebs choice?)
    - If some really think $$ should give them access to whatever game they want, auction those tickets off. That would be a lot better than being the first to push the submit button at a certain time. Maybe a creative way could be found for silver badges to have a chance at them, too - have a raffle with one chance to win one early registered seat for every consecutive year you've been at the con, or something like that.
    - my main concern about the current system is friends gaming together. In my case the range of games I'm interested in is pretty limited (essentially OD&D) and I come with an old gaming friend I probably will see only at the con this year. We want to play together, I hope that happens, and it will be pretty disappointing if can't because of the new system / fact that I have a silver badge this year / scarcity of games.

    Anyway, I mainly wanted to express appreciation for your willingness to tinker with the system with the goal to improve things when you certainly could have saved yourself some trouble and said "let's leave well enough alone".
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  9. Buttmonkey

    Buttmonkey Troubadour

    I did a suicide registration like this once and had a great time. People get way too worked up assuming the events they are most interested in will be significantly more fun than other events they could get into. There are a TON of fantastic events out there just waiting for you to drop by. In earlier years when it was easier to get into games run by VIPs, people tended to freak the hell out online when they couldn't into a specific dream event. In my experience, a random GM is just as likely to run a good event as a VIP. To put it another way, some of the VIPs don't run very good events (at least, according to my personal preferences).

    Let go and enjoy the con. It will all work out splendidly.

    That said, if there is only one event being run using the game system you want to play, I feel your pain more when you can't get it, but I still say you're probably going to have a great time playing in a different event in the same time slot.
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  10. Handy Haversack

    Handy Haversack Chevalier

    Three of my friends and I registered today and had no trouble getting into the games we wanted with one another. So we'll see what happens when Our Silver Pals get their shot, but so far so good, I guess.

    The idea of an auction for popular events just favors the wealthy. We're supposed to eat the rich, last I checked, not let them buy seats at Talanian's table (though they are likely to get eaten there ...)
  11. Jarlaxle

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    No, being a prick is really not funny.
  12. Ancalagon

    Ancalagon Level 0 Character

    This year I'm a gold badge holder so my registration was today. I'm happy to report that I was able to snag a seat in every event on my list which included coordination with friends so we could game together.

    I know at least one person was prohibited from getting a ticket today as it was for one of the sessions I'm running. My particular event has 5 slots with 4 signed up and 1 waiting for a ticket. For those who signed up, and to the person who is waiting, thank you for your interest in my event! To the person waiting, I hope it works out so you can sling dice at my table.

    How about you? Did your registration today go as you wanted?
    Are you waiting for ticket(s) to any event(s)? Do you know someone who is?
  13. jim skach

    jim skach Troubadour

    I have two gold badges, or rather I have one and my daughter has one.

    neither of us registered today.

    you’re welcome.

    i talked to her about it this evening.

    “oh well, I’ll take a look tomorrow and if all else fails I’ll just walk up”

    She’s 17. She’s been going to GaryCon since GC II. She understands the Zen.
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  14. mrmanowar

    mrmanowar Level 0 Character

    Nice! I'll see you and "H" in the future. I bought silver this year. While I don't use terms like "zen" I look forward to sharing a beer with you in the future. I can buy the first round. I remember when you were sick. Also, "C." must be getting close to being of age to imbibe (having gamed with both in the past) I'll buy him/her a soda. I've got some games picked out, but I'm carrying a "let's see what I can get into vibe" as the 22nd approaches. Honestly lots of games here. It's just merely a question of what ones we get into.
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  15. jim skach

    jim skach Troubadour

    Connor will not likely attend. He is 19 now and is off doing his own thing (mostly working). Haley will definitely be there. By then she will be 18 and so officially an adult.

    I, as usual, plan on being in the bar on Wed night drinking the unofficial official beer of GaryCon.
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  16. gizmomathboy

    gizmomathboy Spellbinder

    Skach, are you officially an adult yet (again?)? ;-)
  17. jim skach

    jim skach Troubadour

    Negative. I am a meat popsicle.
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  18. francisca

    francisca Troubadour

    And thank you for signing up for one of my games! Looking forward to it!
  19. Melf

    Melf Administrator Staff Member

    Hmmm another good idea Skach. Black market seats in the highly desired games......
  20. Melf

    Melf Administrator Staff Member

    Yes we need to hear from you guys. I want to see a seat released at each level to the max extent possible. We can work on that for GC XIII.

    The idea that Gold are getting a bad deal is not supported by facts. The swag bag is a great benefit ($50 conservative value), choice of cup ($10-20) and T-shirt ($20) all total $80-90 value right there. Plus early registration. So if you are complaining about the gold badge- don't buy one. I guarantee you they will sell out in an hour regardless. Sorry but I do not see how that can be called a bad deal. Its the most unbalanced in price versus value if you ask me.


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