NFL Football - Who is your Team?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussion' started by Dale, Aug 28, 2010.

  1. Dale

    Dale Administrator

    At halftime it is looking good for Green Bay!
  2. extsr

    extsr Chevalier

    Split the diff at 6?

    Gopak. :)

    (Tho I think Gary woulda been rootin' for Iron City)
  3. Melf

    Melf Administrator Staff Member

    Congrats to the Packers. I decided to root for the Packers in the SB. It was a tough decision as a Bears fan, but I couldn't bring myself to root for the Pittsburgh Thieves. I believe Dad would have backed the Packers (grudgingly) as well.

    Next year the Bears will definitely dominate the Packers and the NFC North- no question!
  4. deogolf

    deogolf Chevalier

    Here we go again!! ;)
  5. geekpreacher

    geekpreacher Spellbinder

    The difference was definitely split, eh? Never really been a fan of Pittsburgh so I'm glad to see the Packers bring home the gold, so to speak.
  6. Emperor Xan

    Emperor Xan Troubadour

    I thought that was cheese.
  7. smokin

    smokin Chevalier

    The players want this, the owners want that. The fans just want a brat, a beer and their favorite player to do the 'LamboLeap'. Replacements II ? Local paper today told the story of NFL players playing 'chicken' with the replacements bus from 25 years ago. Stay tuned.

  8. Druvas

    Druvas Spellbinder

    If they strike this year, it will be the straw that breaks the camels back for me. I will abandon the NFL Sunday Ticket on Directv, and NFL football for good. There's plenty of exciting college ball on and it doesn't keep me up late on Sundays and Mondays.
  9. bloodymage

    bloodymage Chevalier

    Figured I'd put in a word. I've always been a die-hard Chargers fan, still am, but like nearly everything else, I can't keep track of it anymore. And since I've moved to Arizona, I'll give lip service to the Cardinals, but I know they need a lot of work.
  10. Rex

    Rex Footpad

    Heh, I just wish Arizona would change that teams name to something that could survive in the desert.

    Packers......the champs. Good to say that again especially to Bears Fans still talking about 1985. ESPECIALLY the Bears fans that weren't ALIVE in 1985, heh.

    Dang. I miss football already. Should run all year.

  11. smokin

    smokin Chevalier

    Solutions to the problem(s) the NFL has?
    Rookie contract salary caps SOUNDS like the one thing the players really want, which would free up money for the veterans. The rookies are actually not in the union until later on and have no obligation to follow a cap as of now. I have no idea why the owners wont agree to this, but now they are losing players to other smaller leagues. Something better happen soon, cause I dont wanna drive to Omaha every other Sunday. :roll:
  12. a flannel shirt

    a flannel shirt Footpad

    Bears are my team.

    But lets hope there is a season this year.
  13. smokin

    smokin Chevalier

    Anybody watch the NFL draft? Unless they fix union negotiations, it was nothing more than a fantasy draft. I have a feeling that they will play the season out because CHEIFS/ARROWHEAD STADIUM just announced parking is going up $5 from 22 TO 27. :|
  14. Hifi

    Hifi Level 0 Character

    Long been away from Virginia Beach, but long standing Skins fan here.

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