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    Well ... I was playing in the game Luke was running @ GC1 ('fact, my pic over there is us formulating our strategery), and while ToH is nothing short of legendary, AND while I actually OWNED the adventure WAAAAY back when ('80's), I never ran it, and I never played in it. Playing in that game was the first time I'd played any pre-3.5 D&D since around '96 (and I think I was playing 2e even THEN).
    In all honesty, the pictures - the artwork - is etched in my mind such that they can immediately take me back to those days, but I can honestly say that the only "one-up" I had was an extreme paranoia for no other reason than this was THE TOMB OF FREAKIN' HORRORS, MAN!! It's a great testament that you can send a shudder up a player's spine through reputation alone.
    Having grown up with that and other heinous things like the various Grimtooth's Traps books as well, and ... yeah - I was pretty much squinting my way along, just waiting to be crushed under the boot.

    Not to mention the fact that when I'd corresponded w/Luke telling him I was having a hard time deciding which pre-gen to play, his response came down to, "Doesn't really matter man, you're gonna die anyway." :cool:

    AS I RECALL though too, we were doing pretty well, overall. There was a cryptic message I think we started interpreting pretty well...
    (hell, I've even got the pdf - got it so I could get at the pre-gen characters before the con - and STILL haven't looked at anything but the pics since. Luke was gonna continue at some point perhaps ... )
    But they ended up kicking us out of the Legion hall so they could close, well before we'd gotten all that much into it. Roughly three-quarters of a second later is when Dale started bragging that we'd survived the Tomb of Horrors. And to pile it on: WITHOUT A SINGLE DEATH.
    That Dale ... he so crazy!

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    Well, I for one own many of the classics but "back in the day" did not own them or run them because I was a kid and couldn't afford them. Many of them I have to day because I remember seeing them on the shelf when I was a kid or I saw an ad in Dragon Magazine for the adventure. So, personally, I've heard "gaming stories" about a lot of these classics but have not played or run through many of them.

    For example, I'd love to go through Castle Amber. I've heard great stories about it but have never played through it.

    Just some thoughts.....

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