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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by kersus, Dec 20, 2012.

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    Hey, so I procrastinated due to various reasons and I see the hotel is sold out. I'm looking for recommendations on convenient locations nearby to stay for GaryCon. Due to an injury I'm not 100% I'll be up and walking by the time of the Con but I hope so and am thinking I should plan on it.
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    We have numerous hotels in the area, not sure which ones Garycon is set up with for discounts though. My suggestion would be the Americinn Hotel here in Elkhorn. Located only five miles, about an eight minute drive from Garycon. Just off of Highway 43 makes it easy to find even with GPS. :D Here's a link if anyone is interested: ... 7348778573

    We drive past it everyday on our way to Garycon which would make it no problem to stop by to give someone a lift, for a nominal fee of two Spotcows, of course. ;)
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    The Lodge has a waiting list. I recommend getting onto it for 2 reasons. First is that they will coordinate lodging for you at the French Country Inn nearby at the Gary Con rate and second, if anyone cancels a room reservation at the Loadge they will go down their list to get you inot the open room. Finding a hotel in Lake Geneva won't be a problem, its the convenience of staying on site if at all possible- particularly if you care to have a beer or two in the evenings when you game. I strongly caution everyone to not drink and drive ever and especially in Lake Geneva. If you choose to make a reservation on your own elsewhere, the Comfort Suites on East Main is good and it is walking distance from Ernie's house. He has gaming going on at his house in the evenings during Gary Con as well.

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    Here is another idea for those seeking a spot to stay during the convention. See if you can rent a villa. Lake Geneva has many vacation villas owned by families who do not use them at this time of the year and therefore like to rent them out. The DGS is doing just that, as we found a villa actually on the Lodge grounds. It's often no more expensive then a room in a hotel and it will have a kitchene, living room, bedroom (1 or more) and likely nice surrounding scenery.

    Type "rent villa in lake Geneva" in your browser and see what comes up. ;)

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