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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Babushka, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. Babushka

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    I took a minute to throw together a Google Map with few highlights of Lake Geneva. If there is something I missed that you'd like to see added let me know.,-88.461914&spn=0.101627,0.154324&z=13

    I am the owner of Lake Geneva Games (FLGS). If anyone would like an offsite place to play a game or two, we have a comfortable gaming space - behind our hidden door! We'll be running *at least* noon to midnight Thurs - Sunday. Feel free to drop by and play a game.
  2. Druvas

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    Man, I drove around LG last year and never knew there was a Best Buy or Target. How bout' that? I'm looking forward to patronizing your store (I mean that in the purchasing stuff kind of way ;) )
  3. francisca

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    Thank you! My wife will certainly appreciate this, as our whole family is coming, and we're certain to make one trip to Walmart/Target/etc... for something.

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