PRE-CON PARTY & Gaming @ Frank's

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  1. extsr

    extsr Chevalier

    PRE-CON PARTY & Gaming

    Date: Wednesday 26 March, Afternoon/Evening
    When: 3 pm until late (9p? Mid? 3a? Who knows?)
    At: Frank Mentzer's house
    Where: Sharon WI, 16.7 miles away
    SIGN UP: Please see below; let me know you're coming.

    Back during the Troll Lord days (Lake Geneva Game Conventions), Gary & Gail hosted a wonderful open house in Lake Geneva. This is an attempt to continue that tradition, still in Walworth County but a little further out.

    Last June we moved into our new/final house. It's not done, but the inside is usable. (Outside gets a lot of work this year.) We'll be socializing and playing boardgames, cardgames, roleplaying, whatever... (I'll dig some boardgames out of my collection in storage). I intend to repeat this next year, with greater parking & capacity, but this one's a bit limited. I think we have room for 6-8 tables of games. Feel free to bring favorite games. Expect to be occasionally photographed.

    Families & kids welcome. We have two small, friendly dogs (lovers not fighters) and a caged parrot who eats fingers & pencils.

    FOOD & BEV: We'll have snacks, asst. non-alcoholic beverages (diet & sugared), and a serve-yourself dinner. Also featuring Debbie's amazing baked goods. Donations encouraged; if you spend most of the day here, consider $5 for all that (including dinner).

    ALCOHOL: Strictly BYO; absolutely no alcohol (not even beer) served/offered on the premises. The local convenience store DOES carry a variety of good local beers, including New Glarus and (Stevens) Point. Please don't distribute (legal issues); no problem if you're of age, bring your own, and don't give it to underagers.

    TOBACCO USE will be confined to certain indoor areas (or outside if you prefer below-zero weather). You might smell it from afar, but not much.

    DRUGS are strongly discouraged. Get real, and/or don't do it here.

    SIGN UP: Due to limited capacity and transportation we ask those interested to comply with the following procedure:

    1. Post in this thread that you want to attend, and whether you're willing to drive (see #3).
    2. I'll acknowledge/approve with a post. If we get to 40 people, it'll be closed at that point.
    3. You will need to CARPOOL to get here. No parking on the street (fairly strict, county road & snow and such); we have a long, wide driveway but there are limits. I can bring one load of up to 8 (van). ANYBODY who's coming should either drive or ride in a carpool.
    3a. Alternative: If you prefer, park (free) in downtown Sharon and someone will come get you, or you can walk (1/2 mile).
    4. Due to carpooling, returns to the con site will be unscheduled and limited. We'll announce departures whenever possible.
    DRIVERS: Please post WHAT TIME (approx.) you expect to leave the con site for this offsite event, so we can coordinate rides.


    US 50 (right outside the con site) West to route 67; turn left.
    Continue following WI 67 until you reach Sharon WI (roughly 16 miles). There is one stop sign (and no traffic light) here.
    Turn left (South) onto County route C and go less than a mile.
    It'll be on the right (West side), atop a gentle rise, with a sign; Yellow, two peaks above a front porch, gravel drive.

    I will email a map & specific addy (for GPS) to each carpool driver.

  2. stahlnee

    stahlnee Spellbinder

    I would like to sign up to attend. I will not have a car and would like to carpool or be picked up in the van.
  3. deogolf

    deogolf Chevalier

    Awesome, Frank!

    May have to crawl out of my cave for this!

    Still trying to forgive the evil groundhog for all this terrible winter weather. ;)
    This just might help a bit!
  4. Zog

    Zog Level 0 Character

    Cool Frank,

    Count me in.

    Daniel Gosz
  5. falcarrion

    falcarrion Level 0 Character

    your kindness is inspirational.
  6. schoolmaster

    schoolmaster Level 0 Character

    I'd love to come! Count me in .
  7. Rex

    Rex Footpad

    Still fighting with work as to being able to not be there at all during the afternoon of that Wednesday, as I had scheduled, but if I can put my foot in the door tentatively for a Yes I would like to Attend and I could shuffle some people carpool wise as well (fairly sure I can Jenga the car full of games down to just the Back of the Car Full of Games.....) Sounds like it would be a way cool time.

  8. WendyKris

    WendyKris Level 0 Character

    I will come to the party. I am trying to talk Chris Clark into car pooling with me. I can drive to Sharon and park downtown. - Wendy Lord
  9. blusfn3

    blusfn3 Level 0 Character

    Frank, my friend Andy and I would love to come! We are driving from the St. Louis area, though and would likely just come straight to your place before going to Lake Geneva. We should have room for a couple people on our way to the hotel after, though! Thanks for the open invitation - we can't wait!

    -Doug Marrs
  10. Bracton

    Bracton Level 0 Character

    Hey Frank, Jeff and I will be there! Can't wait to see the new place.
  11. stahlnee

    stahlnee Spellbinder

    It will be a friend and myself for the list. (2 total) Thank you Frank.
  12. Scott308

    Scott308 Chevalier

    Doug, were you and Andy at Gamehole Con in November? Specifically playing Venger's game Sunday?
  13. draven

    draven Level 0 Character

    I'd love to attend and bring Fat Dragon Games (Tom Tullis) with me. I plan on being in Lake Geneva around 2:00 p.m. local time. I drive a Wrangler, would be happy to drive, and can take two or three more with me.
  14. blusfn3

    blusfn3 Level 0 Character

    We were there! I can't say that I remember exactly what we played on Sunday (it sucks getting old) but that does sound familiar. I assume you were there too?
  15. Scott308

    Scott308 Chevalier

    Yup. I figured it must have been you guys. I remember talking to someone in a Cardinals jersey, which made sense when I found out you were from St. Louis.
  16. blusfn3

    blusfn3 Level 0 Character

    That would've been me!
  17. DJCheshireCat

    DJCheshireCat Level 0 Character

    RSVP'ing for Jason Azze and Bryan Skowera. We will likely be hitting the hotel first and then driving out to the party around 3:00 PM, but if our flights run late, will be driving straight out from the airport.
  18. Rjoln

    Rjoln Level 0 Character

    If you are in town early you may want to stop into BREADLOAF Books and see Harold Johnson. The address is 727 Geneva Street in Lake Geneva
  19. Mirth

    Mirth Level 0 Character

    I would love to be included in this get-together! Thank you for your hospitality, Frank.
    I am driving in on Wed, could stop and pick others up from the hotel; besides me, I can hold three others comfortably in the Jeep.
    I am a vendor, and so will be pulling a trailer. Consequently I can drop others, then park downtown and walk to Frank's.
    This is all assuming that I am in under the 40 person limit.

    Paul Burdick AKA Mirth
  20. Traxion

    Traxion Footpad

    Please put me down as a a likely.

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