PRE-CON PARTY & Gaming @ Frank's

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by extsr, Mar 2, 2014.

  1. extsr

    extsr Chevalier

    And once again:

    Do you need directions?

    Email me at ExTSR (at) AOL (dotcom).

  2. extsr

    extsr Chevalier

    Easter Egg #1

    Got Dragon magazine #43?
    Within is a horrible picture of me holding a huge award cup.

    Find that cup at the party and you get a free d20.
    Maybe it'll bring you luck (especially if you roll it on Gary's desk, which is also here).
  3. stahlnee

    stahlnee Spellbinder

    The +1 with me will be picking up a rental wreck at MKE at 4.30pm on Wednesday March 27, 2014.

    We will head to the resort to check in before making the short drive to Frank's house. I estimate that we will leave the resort around 6pm-ish and can handle one or two other bodies.

    Best Regards,
  4. mordrin

    mordrin Spellbinder Staff Member

    The address from the realty link is correct, right?
  5. stahlnee

    stahlnee Spellbinder

    There are details you might desire that can not be found via just the address.
  6. mordrin

    mordrin Spellbinder Staff Member

    Secret handsigns for the guards at the security gate?

    A map of where the pit traps are?

    A diagram of which glyph not to touch?
  7. stahlnee

    stahlnee Spellbinder

    Nice tries. Seriously though, there is information conveyed from Frank that is of interest to all drivers.
  8. extsr

    extsr Chevalier

    Drivers' Update

    Now that we have some numbers & expected attendance, I've sent a Parking Update to everyone who asked for directions. (Check your email pls.) Generally: If you have an SUV or other 4wd vehicle, please park along the back fence. If you don't, park along the driveway or in the front yard.

    The weather has stayed cold, so the ground is rock-hard, and yard parking should thus be no problem. :)
    Free overflow parking downtown (1000 yards away) is available, and we'll try to have volunteers shuttle folks if that's needed. But come to the house first.

    NOTE: If you don't see someone helping with parking onsite, pull into the driveway and honk once. We'll be with you shortly.

    General Notes:

    This event is a private gathering, legally speaking. It has no official connection to GaryCon, its staff, etc.
    The venue is a private home. Please be excellent to one another, and be good guests.
    Families and children will be present. No alcohol is being served (tho you can bring your own), and no drugs are acceptable except Tobacco, which is confined to marked areas.
    Debbie (Mrs. Mentzer) and I are doing this entirely on our own -- no caterers, no staff; vast amounts of home-made food & snacks. Try to help make the party a good one: volunteers for food distribution, trash collection, etc. will be greatly appreciated.
    Photography is certainly permitted. Feel free to post pictures online.
    We'll have some games handy but not a huge amount. Feel free to bring some.
    Guitars will be handy, if you'd like to noodle or jam.

    See you in two days!

  9. General Lopez

    General Lopez Level 0 Character

    The plan is for the family and I to arrive around 4:00 and stay a couple hours.
  10. kvezner

    kvezner Level 0 Character

    It'll just be me coming, no +1.

    Plan to attend 3:30-9ish

    I'll be coming straight from work, so I won't be stopping at the con site first. But I can take up to four people back to the con site with me.

    I'll email for directions.

    Thank you for doing this!

  11. pickin_grinnin

    pickin_grinnin Level 0 Character

    I would like to attend!

  12. schoolmaster

    schoolmaster Level 0 Character

    I can drive in on my own. I won't be staying at the hotel this year (Damn gallbladder!). I will stop by the hotel and pick up my badge around 1 or 2 ish and leaving for the party afterward, so If anyone needs a ride from the hotel I can fig three more in my car. I'll stay as late as I can, but I do have an 8 am game the very next morning. PM me if you need a ride on a first come first serve basis.
  13. extsr

    extsr Chevalier

    2 pm, everything AOK; ready for early arrivals. :)

    Here we go...
  14. mordrin

    mordrin Spellbinder Staff Member

    I'm leaving soon. Expect to be at the Lodge around 5 (+/- 15 min). I'll do a quick tour for riders, but easiest to catch me if you're in the front foyer area. 2, maybe 3 spots available.
  15. kersus

    kersus Footpad

    Hanging out in the lobby looking for a ride. I'm the handsome guy in the blue shirt.

    Actually, if I could get directions to the free parking lot within walking distance, we could drive out.

    My post time shows an hour ahead because I live East of the timezone change.

    Edit 3: snagging a meal at the resort first :)
  16. blusfn3

    blusfn3 Level 0 Character

    We're at Frank's now and there is parking available. Come on out!
  17. caddy1071

    caddy1071 Level 0 Character

    Hey all! We're here in the food area or bar - minivan with room for about 4 if folks need a ride two burley guys (maroon shirt and "if it's not dwarven it's crap" t-shirt) and smaller guy in black with a beard. (Jim, Cory and Steve) we'll be around here for a bit - find us or post here :) )

  18. blusfn3

    blusfn3 Level 0 Character

    A HUGE thank you to Frank and his awesome wife, Debbie! Lots of fantastic food, good people and games. Thanks for opening your home to us and we'll see you at GaryCon VI!
  19. kersus

    kersus Footpad

    Thank you caddy1071 for helping us find our way to a rollicking good time! Thank you Frank for your hospitality. You have a wonderful home and your generosity is humbling. It was a distinct delight to meet your wife Debbie!

  20. Seth Warfield

    Seth Warfield Level 0 Character

    It was nice to meet all of you and I look forward to gaming with you at the Con

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