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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by robertiv, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. robertiv

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    Still haven't heard any response on this despite asking in a few other spots - is there any way to buy more SP?

    Prior to signing up I really had no idea how much each event would 'cost' and ran out of them before registering for Sunday events. Last I checked, there are however an event or two with spots still available that day I'd be interested in, is there a way to purchase them a la carte?

    On a related note, does the Contact Us form on the website work? Been about 10-11 days since I sent my first email regarding this.
  2. the keeper

    the keeper Spellbinder

    To quote Donal (Chris) from another thread, "Unfortunately, there is no exchange rate for GPs and SPs. Since there is a limited number of seats at our VIP events, we have a correspondingly limited number of GPs." I do not believe there is anyother way to purchase the highly coveted GP/SP.

    I will say that Sundays at the con are normally less busy than any other day. Most events have open seats, but I do realize that the previous statement is no guarantee that the event(s) your wanting will be available.
    I do agree with you that there should be some sort of exchange rate for these, but that's up to the "powers that be."
    Maybe next year?
  3. robertiv

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    Hey thanks for the reply, keeper. And yeah, I'd seen that post about not converting GP down to SP. While this would have been good info to have when choosing a badge (as I would have gone for one with more SP), AFAIK the organizers haven't said anything about just buying more SP.

    I see it as win-win: some people still have open slots in their event that I'm sure they'd prefer to fill, I'm willing to pay money to save a spot in those. I can't think of any reason policy-wise why that wouldn't make sense. I get that there'll most likely be open slots left and/or pickup games but it'd be nice to have it worked out beforehand.
  4. sniderman

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  5. robertiv

    robertiv Level 0 Character

    As I keep stating, I'm looking to *purchase more SP*. Already spent my 2GP on Friday's Fury of the Celts so this "Limited Time Offer" wouldn't apply to me.

    I've sent two support emails on this two weeks ago that went unanswered, and a couple forum posts - while I understand that the organizers here are hard-working volunteers and I'm sure quite busy, on the flipside some of us are spending a decent sum to travel to GC from afar and something as basic as a reply to emails would be most excellent! Even if it's a "Hey, got your question, we're working on this."
  6. Donal

    Donal Administrator

    Unfortunately, there is no mechanism to purchase more GP or SP by themselves. Sorry.

    Most attendees that wanted more points purchased a Gold or Platinum package. As you can see from this thread:

    We also were upgrading some badges as well.
  7. robertiv

    robertiv Level 0 Character

    Yes, of course in hindsight I would have purchased a "better" badge than the Early Bird. But at the time of purchase I had no idea how far those SP would go, as it's not exactly an intuitive measurement.

    So you say I can't technically 'purchase' more SP individually but there are badge 'upgrades' available, how do I do this?
  8. tavernace69

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    I sent you a PM several weeks back regarding the badge upgrade offer but haven't heard back. How do we get that done?


    (If you want to go through PM that's ok)
  9. Donal

    Donal Administrator

    Emails sent to robertiv and tavernace69.
  10. robertiv

    robertiv Level 0 Character

    Excellent Donal, sent my payment over this morning. Thanks!

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