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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Reidzilla, Feb 26, 2018.

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    I wanted to say that I am very happy that there will be a GM lounge this year!

    My only concern is the accessibility to that lounge. I looked over the maps and had a pleasant discussion with the on-site staff. The only way to access the lower level without asking the staff for assistance is by stairs. Due to an unpleasant ice folly earlier this year, one of my knees is not up to taking the stairs. Has some discussion with the staff taken place for extra assistance to be available for those GMing folks that cannot handle stairs well? Having to wait at the front desk to ask for assistance each trip could take quite a while and might be problematic for getting back to the main floor. :)

    I'm sorry if this seems ungrateful but I just thought it might be good to bring this up in time to get some extra assistance in place.

  2. mwisconsin

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    Prior resident of that room, here. Yes, it's ADA-difficult to get to that floor. There is a service elevator that the resort allows anyone to use. You enter and exit through the kitchen(?) area near the stairs. @Tink333 knows -- she's had to use it a number of times.
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    Thank you for responding!

    Might I suggest working up an official guide to where/how to use those facilities and email it out to the attendees, please? :)
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  4. Tink333

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    Yes, accessibility is via the kitchen elevator, and due to OSHA requirements, you Must request a member of staff accompany you.

    Last year, the only trouble I encountered was with one of the desk staff refusing to accompany me. It was not something she thought she need bother herself with. Management was not happy with her for taking that attitude.

    My understanding is we ask either the attendant at the concierge stand, or if that station is unattended, we are to ask front desk staff.
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    @mwisconsin, @Melf, I agree that ADA details such as this and access to the Forum areas should be written up and posted on the Gary Con site as well as an accompanyment to the map.

    I'm happy to assist in this effort and draft some text for next year (if it's too late for inclusion this year) and interface with Caroline if that's who is ultimately the point of contact.

    There are ADA nuances with the site designated as a historical landmark that can take one by surprise. Con management have always been responsive and helpful when I have had concerns and/or suggestions.
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  6. Melf

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    Thanks Maria that would be awesome! It’s too late to include something in the vent guide or have signage made, but we can put it out on the website and social media. And that would be a big help. I can’t think of a better person to draft up the instructions. Shoot them over to [email protected] and we can get itit moving.

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  7. Tink333

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    Thanks, Luke!
    Is there someone at the venue I can talk with to make sure I get the details right? There are a couple items I'd want to double check before sending something over.

    Feel free to PM here or Facebook if that's easier.
  8. Melf

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    Thanks Maria. Information received and transmitted to all! See you in a few days.
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