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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by brendar, Jan 30, 2016.

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  1. brendar

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    There were some users that found away around the block on checkout and were able to checkout with quite a haul on premium events. As we were bringing down the system in response to that, some other users were able to quite innocently hit the checkout button as well. We've locked down the e-commerce system while we restore the tickets and address the security issue. New ETA for registration is 3pm EST.
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  2. brendar

    brendar Staff Member Staff Member

    Update 1:20pm EST.

    We've restored everything back to stock that got checked out early, identified our vulnerability and addressed it. If any of you noticed any server performance issues prior to 12pm today, that was our own doing and not a server capability issue. We're on AWS this year and are on an upgraded tier of service for a few hours today to handle peak load (and that hourly rate makes me cry!).

    If you hit checkout, you'll need to restore your cart.

    Diamond and Platinum badge holders should be able to see their selected events in their account, and the GP/SP value should already be deducted from their total.

    Side effect of this morning's problem: Some event ticket totals are going to look weird. For example if a game was listed in the catalog as having 8 of 8 tickets available prior to registration, but 4 people bought tickets during the snafu earlier today, it will now look like 8 of 12 tickets available. There are still only 8 seats at that event, but the record of the earlier transaction will still be there- we we manually made the cancellation, it didn't net the total. That's something that we could clean up with some code changes, but not a priority at the moment. To be clear, the number of seats for events have not been changed. Some of them will just look weird.

    We understand that people make plans around these times. We're frustrated too. We're doing our best to make this fair for everyone.

    We're all systems go at this point and are tracking for 3pm registration. See you then.
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