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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by brendar, Jan 30, 2016.

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  1. brendar

    brendar Staff Member Staff Member

    REGISTRATION UPDATE Sunday 11:30pm:

    First, we want to thank all of you for your patience and support while we have been dealing with technical issues. We've been hard at work the past 2 days, and here is the latest update: is live again, but the checkout page is disabled. If you attempt to navigate there you will get a 404 error. This is by design, as our e-commerce system still needs repair. Here are the important points:

    The "My Registered Events" portion of your My Account page is accurate.

    The GP/SP balance displayed in your My Account page should be accurate.

    The event catalog is displaying the correct number of available tickets for each event.

    The Recent Orders section of your My Account page still displays all of your registration attempts and may not be accurate. Your My Registered Events portion is the correct representation of your registration status.

    Nearly without exception, your registration request was processed successfully. By successfully we mean "as intended" which means you still may not have got all the event tickets you wanted if the event was already sold out. As usual, there was high demand for certain events.

    If you received a registration confirmation email, it correctly reflects your registration status.

    Check your My Account Page for your Registered Events. If it is accurate, we do not need any more information from you and you will not receive any more communication from us.

    If you are missing events you tried to register for, you will have an opportunity to try again when we re-open registration.

    If you still see an issue with your registration regarding unwanted events in your My Registered Events section, or any issue other than registration that you have not already been contacted about, submit a new contact form at the bottom of our registration page.

    We will reopen registration by enabling checkout once we are confident that we have addressed the small number of remaining order issues.

    Thanks for your patience.

    UPDATE Sunday 1:30pm: The team is working full throttle. We brought in some additional skilled help to speed the process. Rather than working through your accounts one-by-one which would have taken far too long, we spent to morning creating some tools to automate a lot of the tedious work. Again, I want to reiterate that after spending all day deep in the errors, the actual damage done is very limited. We hope to have some form of resolution to you all by the end of the day. Please be patient, check for updates here first, and have confidence that if you have posted, emailed, or otherwise raised an issue to us, we're working on it even if we haven't specifically been able to fix yours yet or respond.

    UPDATE 10:00pm: We have a good data set of your errors by now and are confident in saying that the overwhelming majority of you that are reporting errors actually don't have anything to worry about. While your My Account information may be incorrect and it captured multiple attempted transactions as complete, the real result was that the transaction was processed once and both your account and the events' inventories were affected correctly.

    That being said, the fix for your inaccurate My Account information requires our registration system to be down, and there are many people who haven't yet had a chance to register or who still have points to spend after their first transaction.

    Registration will remain down until at least tomorrow afternoon while we sort out the 90% of you who have no issue from the small number of actual problems that we need to fix before we make registration live again.

    EVERYONE WILL RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION EMAIL, whether system generated or from staff, before we resume. This email will be the reality of your registration situation. Your My Account information will likely remain inaccurate until we implement a fix. Because this requires the registration system to come down, it likely will not be before next weekend. Rely on confirmation emails to determine your events.

    We appreciate your patience and support. Staff will be calling a night very soon to get some much needed rest, but will be back at it again early tomorrow. We remain available to answer your questions and help you understand the situation.

    UPDATE 7:40pm: There are approximately 150 tickets remaining in the queue, with 3 staff working them. Resolution time for each is highly variable. Once your issue is resolved, you will receive an email directly from staff confirming the changes/corrections. Feel free to respond to that email if you still have an issue.

    Registration is down while we sort this out, so you aren't losing any chances to re-register while you wait. Registration will be restored once all the tickets are closed.

    If your issue is one of the three listed below, you are in the queue. If you have a different issue and haven't been contacted about it directly, post it in this thread.

    UPDATE 4:58pm: The information you received in your confirmation email is an accurate reflection of the transaction that occurred. Nearly all of the multiple-registration issues are cosmetic, processed correctly only once, and will be cleaned up eventually as we get to them. If you did not get a confirmation email, fill out the contact form at the bottom of our registration page. That form will go directly to staff for priority consideration. If you didn't get an email AND your GP/SP were spent chances are good that your request went through and the error is simply with routing of the email. But we want to be sure.

    For other technical issues, please continue to post in this thread- other staff are working these issues as well. There are multiple reasons you may not have gotten a confirmation email, one of those reasons may be that your transaction didn't go through. We want to identify those folks first so they can resubmit their requests.


    During today's registration, if you have problems, glitches, errors, or questions, post them here. I'll do my best to triage them to the correct staff member and post responses.

    Known Issues:

    #1) Multiple tickets. If you tried to hit checkout or refresh multiple times, the system attempted to process your checkout multiple times. All of these attempts were captured in your My Account page, even if your coin balance or confirmation email indicates something different. The vast majority of these are display issues and you likely are not, in fact, signed up multiple times or taking up multiple seats for an event. Post in this thread if this is the case for you. Tell us clearly the events you need addressed in your account, the number of tickets you currently have, and the number you want. Screenshots are good. If this is your only issue, and your confirmation email and coin balance jive with what you tried to register for, then you are good to go and it's simply a matter of cleaning up the display. These issues will be addressed last.

    #2) There are a small number of people being charged a very small real money amount when they checkout with their events. This is easy for us to identify in our PayPal and immediately refund. If this happened to you and think you got missed, let us know.

    #3) Email confirmations. Many of you did not get email confirmations for one of a couple of different reasons. If you didn't get one at all, check to make sure you have a transaction history on your 'My Account' screen. If there is nothing there, your order probably didn't go through. If you DO have transaction history, but no email, use the contact form linked at the top of this post. If the transaction history, coin balance, and information in the email confirmation you received do not match, the email confirmation is the accurate representation of the transaction that did occur. If that email isn't what you expected, let us know in this thread. Keep in mind that this might not be an error, as many events did legitimately sell out and you may not have been successful in getting a ticket.

    On a positive note, our server was rock solid. Root cause for 90% of the the 'Internal Server Error' and subsequent messy orders you saw appear to have resulted from a failure in the e-commerce software we are using on the site to process 3198 simultaneous orders. We have a team working through your accounts one-by-one to fix issues and will contact you when complete or if they require more information.
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  2. Cloak n' Dagger

    Cloak n' Dagger Level 0 Character

    My account is showing multiple instances of purchased tickets for the same even.
  3. glamcrist

    glamcrist Footpad

    Ummmm, yeah, when I tried to check out, I got an "Internal Server Error" message. So I tried again with the same result: twice. Then I went to My Account: and I have three tickets for each event I wanted...
  4. SavageGM

    SavageGM Level 0 Character

    i as well and it says 0 coins for 1 item in each
  5. mordrin

    mordrin Spellbinder Staff Member

    When I hit "Place Order" I got "Internal Server Error", so I kept resubmitting until I finally got through.

    However, in my account page...

    Order Date Status Total
    #14817 January 30, 2016 Completed 0 coins for 17 items View
    #13870 January 30, 2016 Completed 0 coins for 17 items View
    #13770 January 30, 2016 Completed 0 coins for 17 items View
    #13696 January 30, 2016 Completed 0 coins for 17 items View
    #13593 January 30, 2016 Completed 0 coins for 17 items View
    #13490 January 30, 2016 Completed 0 coins for 17 items View
    #13378 January 30, 2016 Completed 0 coins for 17 items View
    #13267 January 30, 2016 Completed 0 coins for 17 items View

    I have tons of orders
    (oddly none of them says "44 coins", even though it did correctly charge 44)

    My coin total reflects my order only being charged once.
    But my list of registered games has every game I registered listed ~15 times.
    But since there aren't that many seats, I assume it only gave me 1 actual seat.

    Got 1 email only with full roster of events submitted.
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  6. Lestyan

    Lestyan Guest

    I kept getting internal server errors, so I attempted to check out several times. Apparently it was registering each time, though, and it looks like I am registered for each event multiple times. Please remove the all but the original registration for each event.
  7. stahlnee

    stahlnee Spellbinder

    I have a whole bunch of multiple tickets. Just need one for each event. If I count correctly I have 12 of each ticket except for the pre-reg events.

    Coins cost were removed once.

    Cart is empty.

    I would check against an email confirmation. But then again I dont get those for anything from the garycon website.
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  8. Jamie Hale

    Jamie Hale Level 0 Character

    Looks like I had 5 copies of my order go through. Balance seems correct, but I seem to be registered 5 times for each of my events. Hopefully not using up 5 slots!
  9. Poindexter

    Poindexter Chevalier

    Same for me. After receiving the "internal error" message I of course tried to submit again hoping it would go through. looks like it may have gone through multiple times.
  10. LastFighter

    LastFighter Level 0 Character

    Mine seemed to have the same problem, but it did not spend any coins ? I only have 2 email confirmations for a later order I pulled out seperately.
  11. DJCheshireCat

    DJCheshireCat Level 0 Character

    My order doubled itself, and I have received email confirmation that I have two tickets for a VIP event. Whom I can contact to remove the extra ticket and refund the GP?
  12. datagoblin67

    datagoblin67 Level 0 Character

    15241 January 30, 2016 Completed 0 coins for 7 items
    13697 January 30, 2016 Completed 0 coins for 7 items
    13588 January 30, 2016 Completed 0 coins for 7 items
    13323 January 30, 2016 Completed 0 coins for 7 items
    13259 January 30, 2016 Completed 0 coins for 7 items
    13066 January 30, 2016 Completed 0 coins for 7 items
    12705 January 30, 2016 Completed 0 coins for 7 items
    12549 January 30, 2016 Completed 0 coins for 7 items
    12412 January 30, 2016 Completed 0 coins for 7 items
    12323 January 30, 2016 Completed 0 coins for 7 items

    From what I can see in the email sent in response to tickets ordered, no duplicates or errors. My list showed up correctly with QR codes as well.
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  13. glamcrist

    glamcrist Footpad

    Graduation Day – Seventh Crown 5E March 5, 10 AM
    From the Gamehole: Journey into the Abyss, D&D 5e March 5, 4 PM
    6-15: The Overflow Archives (Tier 1-5) March 6, 8 AM

  14. digitalmystic

    digitalmystic Level 0 Character

    I received the "Internal Server Error" message, but it eventually went through. My Account now reflects 6 instances of identical Completed orders for 0 coins, and all of my events are showing 6 times in My Registered Events. My available coins is still full, and there are items in my cart. I haven't received any confirmation email yet.
  15. BIglehart

    BIglehart Level 0 Character

    Same as a lot of the above: no charge for items, and duplicate entries... Actually my TOTAL shows 26 sp used, but the individual orders say 0 cost,,,
  16. Bill Willingham

    Bill Willingham Level 0 Character

    Same for me. I had "internal error" come up about a dozen times and then it finally went through. Now it shows that I have multiple purchases. The correct result should be two tickets each for five events, two on Thursday and one each on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Perhaps you can have someone make sure that is the case, so Mike and I can plan our trip accordingly?

    If you can't confirm it, please tell me that as well, and we'll make whatever contingency plans we need to.

  17. Khasimir

    Khasimir Footpad

    My email confirms for games that I don't have appear in my account summary on the website and I have a game in my account summary that I haven't received a confirmation email for.
  18. Ceronomus

    Ceronomus Level 0 Character

    Same issue as everyone else and I'm hoping to get this fixed so other people can get into the events that I am multi-booked for. What info do I need to give you?

    Although, I have no confirmation email yet.
  19. mark

    mark Spellbinder

    Deleted post
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  20. brendar

    brendar Staff Member Staff Member

    Multiple tickets happening for a lot of folks. Jim Wampler, on our live staff call to deal with registration, is a known serial-button-masher and ended up with seven tickets to a Chainmail event. Post your details so our staff can go through and remove the extra tickets and credit your SP/GP.
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