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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by brendar, Jan 30, 2016.

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  1. semo

    semo Level 0 Character

    I just want to clarify one point. I did not receive emails stating that games were sold out. Rather, on the screen individual lines displayed over the Recent Orders table stating that specific games were out of stock. The were in a yellow background, if I recall. Happened with the first wiped registration at noon, and the second one at 3pm. Only one the first time, and three the second of the seven games I was trying for were reported. If I knew then what I know now, I would have taken a screen shot. The point, though, is as caddy1071 mentioned... one of the games I was trying for still has slots opened. That seems to indicate that, while I have items in the "Recent Orders" table, I did not get processed at all.
  2. brendar

    brendar Staff Member Staff Member

    That's right, the "Recent Orders" section of your My Account is still totally hosed, and will not reconcile with your "Registered Events" (this is true for most people at the moment).

    In the next update on the OP I'll release a little more detail on the error we encountered and are fixing, but the general idea to our current approach is that we are manually recreating the registration process by using users' time-stamped requests and filling events in the order the system would have done had a user encountered no errors. This will have the effect of changing a surprisingly small number of users' registered events, and mostly in their favor. NOBODY will have anything removed from their account without being contacted by us first to explore options- and this is only a handful of folks. It could have gone the other way, a lot worse, but we must have used Luke's dice on that one.

    Everything is locked down while we sort this out, and give us a chance to get to everyone before you declare a total loss- you might be pleasantly surprised what your event card looks like when we announce we've finished and are ready to re-open the registration function.
  3. sirsnapalot

    sirsnapalot Level 0 Character

    Gotta tell you all, last year I was on the same list as all of you with the failing registration. I got a "sorry you got the shaft but, we'll buy you a beer when we see you". This year I got to be one of the lucky ones and got most of my games, albeit on the 11th submission! I can tell you this.....when I arrived last year with almost nothing on my schedule and feeling like crap because everything was full, the DM's were all too glad to hook me up. I played first edition games for 4 straight days until my eyes were ready to bleed and was never bored for a minute. Yes, it is a shitty thing, but lets all just go and have fun as that's what it is all about. Hands down, its still the best con going.
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  4. the keeper

    the keeper Spellbinder

    Hello there, you wonderful bunch of event fixers,

    Went through my events today & just letting you know that three (3) of my events have the wrong number of "tickets available". Each event should have a maximum of twelve tickets listed. The events that need correcting are:

    March 4th, 2016, "Von Deekin's Star Wars: Armada".

    March 5th, 2016, "Von Deekin's Wings of War".

    March 5th, 2016, "Von Deekin's Star Wars: Armada".

    And, may the Force be with you.........if not, keep a Fokker near.
  5. TravisChaos

    TravisChaos Level 0 Character

    I agree with Cory Welch (Caddy1071)

    This is my first go at this convention, though I frequent Comic Con and several other conventions. Gary Con is the convention I and my brother have most looked forward to. Given the nature of the gathering, I knew it would not be as polished as, say, San Diego Comic Con, where registration and such are concerned.

    That said, the process has been frustrating and unfair, to say the very, very least. After having taken days off of work and my brother having taken days off of university, both of which involved changing our entire month's schedule, we were met with having only received the coins from one of the two badges we purchased. This rendered us both unable to "afford" all of the events we wanted to register for, but by the time we had all of our coins (4 days after initial contact with staff) the events we would most have liked a go at are full up.

    It sounds like several others have encountered issues with having signed up for events only to be told their sign-ups did not process. Think about what that means: People who registered for events with friends got in, when their friends didn't. People registered, and like con-goers do, thought their tasks complete. The lag time between the communication of the need to re-register and their ability to do so adversely selected against them, placing them at a supreme disadvantage.

    People are passionate about the pursuits that Gary Con hosts. These are our heroes, and this is our hobby, our game, and for many, our life (or at least a significant portion thereof).

    I implore the staff and volunteers to seriously consider what this means to the people who are involved. Fix this. Make it right, make it fair, and by the gods, make it better.
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