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Discussion in 'RPG Discussion' started by Totan, Jul 7, 2010.

  1. Totan

    Totan Spellbinder

    Well, obviously it is a work in progress and will need to evolve to be most useful and make sense. Right now I'd say that RPG light is anything that doesn't have several RPGs at any given time so that an RPGer has some choice. I have no minimum on Con duration. I will look up that one day and add it soon.

    My current thought on pin colors (I'm open for other pin color suggestions):
    Green (RPG) - Robust RPGing
    Yellow (RPG) - RPG content not confirmed - placement on the RPG or Other map might be arbitrary
    Yellow (Other) - RPG & War Game light - lots of other gaming activities though
    Red (Other) - Robust War Gaming

    Although I have started filling in the Other map, I probably won't (or at least don't really wish to) flesh it out. Anyone that wants to take on that task should PM me with your email address - preferably tied to a Google/Gmail account, as I believe that is required to edit the map.
  2. grodog

    grodog Troubadour

    Nice map, Totan: I pimped it on FB just now.

    I've attended teh CQ in the Bay Area back when I lived there, and it was good: not superb like DunDraCon, or merely excellent like KublaCon, but definitely good.
  3. Totan

    Totan Spellbinder

    Thanks and thanks.

    So in your opinion, are they worthy of RPG map yellow status or should they stay on the Other games map as red or yellow? If someone with fairly mainstream RPG tastes attends for the RPG only would they stay busy and happy?

    (I'm probably just being a dufous, but...) What's FB?

    On a separate note if anyone wants to tackle and take responsibility for an International (non-USA) version that I can merge with mine, let me know. If keeping this up is not a big hassle, I may slowly expand it myself.
  4. mark

    mark Spellbinder

    I'll add more to this thread each time I run across an event and don't see it on your map.
  5. Totan

    Totan Spellbinder

    Cool, Mark.
    My (new) current thought on pin colors (still open for pin color scheme suggestions):
    Green (RPG) - Robust RPGing
    Yellow (RPG) - RPG content not confirmed - placement on the RPG or Other map might be arbitrary
    Red (Other) - Robust War Gaming
    Dark Blue (Other) - RPG & War Game light - lots of other gaming activities though

    Some day perhaps I will make and upload custom pins, like d20s for RPGs, tanks for war games, etc.
    Oh, if you use the map and like it - consider rating it high in Google - it might help with the search ranking or something.
  6. francisca

    francisca Troubadour

    works just fine for me.

    and up above, I'm guessing FB means "FaceBook".
  7. mark

    mark Spellbinder

  8. Totan

    Totan Spellbinder

    There's only 4 RPGs on the schedule so far, so I'll have to keep tabs on it.
  9. mark

    mark Spellbinder

    I think they just announced the dates. We'll see.
  10. mark

    mark Spellbinder

  11. Totan

    Totan Spellbinder

    Seems like more Board games than RPG, so I made it yellow. Thanks.
  12. Totan

    Totan Spellbinder

    Added YoreCon and TotalCon based on posting elsewhere in the Forum.
  13. Druvas

    Druvas Spellbinder

    I quickly skimmed this and didn't see Con on the Cobb. It's in Hudson, OH from October 14-17 2010. I'm pleased to say that I am road tripping from VA to this one. It promises to be zanny goodness, if the bio's of the staff are any indication... http://www.cononthecob.com/
  14. Totan

    Totan Spellbinder

    That looks like an interesting con - added. Keep the unknown (to me) cons coming...
  15. bloodymage

    bloodymage Chevalier

    Here's one in Tuscon that looks promising: http://rincongames.com/index.php

    And one in Tempe that stresses art but offers gaming as well: http://leprecon.org/lep37/

    And the cons in Phoenix: http://www.darkcon.org/ and Random Con (canceled until further notice - money problems) http://www.westernsfa.org/RandomCon/

    There was a PhoenixCon games, but it was last held in 2008 and I can't find anything current.

    I avoid Phoenix as much as possible ever since my stay at the VA hospital. but I'll need to go there to fly out for GCIII.

    Leprecon is in May, so I have time to register for that one. RinCon looks to be an outstanding convention, but I'll have to wait until next year.
  16. smokin

    smokin Chevalier

    THE Kcgamefair hosts many forms of rpgs at the KCGAMEDAY. Kaskoid was among the special guests last time. Shauncon has been absorbed into this. The RPGKC is another google you might try for more info. Usually the weekend before thanksgiving in Kansas City, so everyone has plenty of time to make arrangements for next time. kcgamefair.com
  17. Totan

    Totan Spellbinder

    I must have missed Bloodymage's post before, but have updated the map for the last two posts. Dark Con seemed odd - lots of stuff on booze and dancing, not much on gaming, I didn't add it. I also could find much on some of the cons. If after looking at the updated map you think I missed something worthwhile give me some better link to research.
  18. mordrin

    mordrin Spellbinder Staff Member

    Totan - here's another source you can mine.

    It's clearly very old (GameFest!!), but many are still in operation, I'm sure.
  19. Totan

    Totan Spellbinder

    I tried researching "gamefest" but everything I found was either video games or board games only (GF South and Atlanta GF). Am I missing something? If so please post a link or something. I did not see any convention section at Gamefest.com.
  20. smokin

    smokin Chevalier

    Wait, Wait just a second, hold it, scroll back up, dont be so fast to dismiss the booze and dancing, didnt you see the lassies on the homepage.........oh, this imust be the wrong kind of roleplaying.....

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