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Discussion in 'RPG Discussion' started by Raic, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. Raic

    Raic Level 0 Character

    Hello all –

    After perusing the forum and taking a gander at the push pin map, I noticed a fair amount of gamers reside in my general vicinity. Given that, I thought I would toss out an invite to any and all to meet up to discuss forming a group and starting a campaign.

    Where – http://www.games-plus.com/

    Games Plus is located in Mount Prospect, IL and has a very nice gaming room.

    When – Sunday March 4, 2012, noon to 6p (updated by Totan)

    While waiting to see if this thread does indeed generate enough interest to start a campaign, I posit that a good way to pass the time is to toss out one gaming system that you are particularly fond of and a bit of gaming background. For those that are geographically challenged to attend any campaign that may be run at Games Plus, you are more than welcome to post details about yourself as formatted below if you wish.

    Regarding myself -

    Years Gaming: About 30 or so
    Introductory System: AD&D
    First Convention: GENCON – U of Wisc – Parkside
    Favorite System: I.C.E. – Rolemaster – Character Law, Arms Law, Claw Law, Spell Law and Campaign Law

    Well that is about it for now.

    Cheers and happy RPing!

  2. Turiciano

    Turiciano Level 0 Character

    I loved Merp, which was stripped down ICE. Have a ton of MERP modules. I can play at games plus once a month.
  3. Raic

    Raic Level 0 Character

    Yeah, the modules are exceptional. I ran a campaign for about 10 years in the Northern / Southern Mirkwood Region. Lately, at another RPing forum with the input of members there, I have been developing a world from scratch to run a campaign in. I have been dabbling with Photoshop to create the map and city plans you see below. I am wide open to participating in a Middle-Earth RP or in an original world setting.

    Hmmmm, there does not seem to be a spoiler command available at this BBC. Oh well, the images will just have to be loud and proud then –

    World Map


    Places of Interest



    Sweetwater Port


    Blackfall Point

  4. silas

    silas Chevalier

    I have gamed at Games Plus many times, and a lot of the guys in my gaming group live in that area. I live in Naperville, but might be willing to get involved with a meetup/gaming campaign, etc.

    I'll talk to the others ...
  5. mordrin

    mordrin Spellbinder Staff Member

    GP is a great place to game and I'll be living near it soon.

    Now's not really a good time for a new campaign for me, but perhaps sometime down the line, if you get something started.
  6. mark

    mark Spellbinder

    I'm five blocks down the street from Games Plus, run a weekly game there, play in regular store wargame campaigns, and visit there at other times of the week too.

    Ten years ago we started the EN World Chicago Gameday which we do three times a year at Game Plus, the next will be the Saturday before Gary Con and I plan to run the two games I will run at Gary Con in the two slots at the gameday as well. I will likely run them for my weekly group first as a trial run too.

    Years Gaming: About 40 or so
    Introductory System: I was a wargamer (minis and board) and boardgamer before (O)D&D came out in 1974 and was added to my tabletop gaming
    First Convention: GENCON – 1976 Gen Con in Lake Geneva
    Favorite System: I'm working on my own Griffins & Grottos Medieval Fantasy Wargame and Roleplaying System but I play dozens of others
  7. Raic

    Raic Level 0 Character

    I was not sure what to expect when I posted this invite, but I am very pleased with the response. Obviously there is enough interest to arrange a gathering.

    Turiciano, once a month to start sounds about right to me.

    Silas, thanks for spreading the word. The more the merrier as far as I am concerned as it provides a larger pool of RPers to draw from so that each session has solid attendance.

    Mordin, you are welcome to jump in when your schedule allows. Thanks for stopping by to express interest.

    Mark, given your long and diverse history with gaming, I dub you, Veteran of a Thousand Psychic Wars.

    As far as my plans for GaryCon – since this will by my first time attending, I was planning on registering for a couple events – “the Sunday session of Griffins and Grottos has now made it to my list” – and then spend the rest of the time taking in the scene and most likely staking a claim to some table space and setting up an impromptu session Saturday night. Not sure what time or where, but once I get that figured out,
    I will post a sign inviting one and all to pull up a chair and join in.

    As far as gathering at Games Plus – it seems to me that the Saturday before GaryCon is as good a time as any. There seems to be a good chance that Mark will be there pre-running his game for GaryCon. That would be on March 17th if my calendar calculations are correct. So if anyone is interested, feel free to swing by. I will be there around Noon unless a better time is determined in this thread. I will try to get the lay of the land in advance and perhaps even reserve a table if there is one available, or if you have openings available Mark, perhaps some of us can swing by your table if you are in attendance.

    As far as gaming system – I am open to just about anything. Over the years, like many of you I am sure, I have switched from system to system as my fancies took me at that particular moment. I do however, really want to flesh out the world I have been collaborating on at the other RPing site that I am a member of. So if time were spent RPing in the world above that would be fantastic.

    That is it for now. Comments, suggestions, feedback, etc….. etc…. etc…. is welcome.


  8. red wizard

    red wizard Troubadour

    Hi Raic, count me in for March 17th. I live in Schaumburg, but I work right up the road a bit in Mt Prospect. I can probably get off work that night around 7PM. I've actually been considering starting up a game there myself once a month on Saturday nights after 7PM, perhaps MERP or 5th Ed. Call of Cthulhu.

    Years Gaming: 31
    Introductory System: 1st Edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons
    First Convention: SHOWME CON, Warrensburg Mo. 1989 (So small no one remembers it)
    Favorite System: Call of Cthulhu/Amber DRPG (Also working on two projects of my own, a Cold War era spy game,Checkpoint Charlie and a pulpy investigation game set in the gaslight era entitled, Penny Dreadful )
  9. Raic

    Raic Level 0 Character

    I stopped by Games Plus today to see what space is available on March 17th. Unfortunately the room is booked full that day for a special event. The week before, March 10th, it is booked as well for the Games Plus bi-annual auction. If you have old gaming material you wish to sell, the auction may be the thing for you. Anyways, I digress. It seems March is a very active month for RPing, Miniatures and Auctions and what not.

    However, I was able to reserve a table from 12 PM to 6 PM on Saturday March 3rd though. If anyone is interested in stopping by to discuss forming a once monthly gaming group as well get some RPing in that day, please feel free to stop by. I will be there and have a sign posted at my assigned table.

    Hi Red Wizard, thanks for showing interest. After speaking to Games Plus staff, it seems they close at 8 PM on Saturday Nights. That does not leave much time for a regular Saturday night session. On the March 3rd I am more than happy to stay around until you get off work if you want to stop by and say hey. Perhaps we can come up with a more convenient day and time for you to participate if a campaign gets off the ground.

    That is about it for now.


  10. mark

    mark Spellbinder

    The EN World Chicago Gameday XXXI (there have been three a year for ten years now) will be running that day, March 17th, 2012, with slots from 9:30am to 2:30 pm and 3:30 pm to (roughly) 8:30 pm, so I will only be free to carouse during the hour break from 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm, and usually I use that time to pick up from the first slot, grab a quick bite, and set up for the second slot so I might be spreading myself to thin ("Sort of stretched, like... butter scraped over too much bread" ;) ). Still, there are usually a couple of free tables. You might want to volunteer to run a game in one of the slots for anyone here who can make it that day, perhaps the second slot being a bit more forgiving to non-regulars of the event. I am, of course, happy to have people just sign up for one or both of my games that day but be warned that it is a first coem first served sign up. I'll post a link here when the GMing volunteer thread gets going on EN World and again when the player sign up thread goes live a couple/few weeks before the actual event.

    Alternately, they are quiet in Sunday at Games Plus and, now that football season is nearly over, we could stake a claim to a table that day for a more relaxed meet up and greet up, if you don't mind switching the day?

    Oh, and thanks for the title but you've misspelled "Psychotic." :D
  11. Raic

    Raic Level 0 Character

    Thanks for the background on the EN World Chicago Gameday event. When I learned of it yesterday, I definitely put it down on my list to check out.

    As far as the day and time that I reserved the table, I want to keep that for now – Saturday, March 3rd from 12 pm to 6 pm. Other days and times can be added if a regular group comes together.

    Given that I planned on meeting about once a month, I can swing an occasional Sunday. Before anything can be set in stone though, I think I should get input from the others that showed interest to see what day of the week and time works best for them. Feel free to post preferences below.

    In addition, I was planning on setting up a soft schedule for a regular session at the March 3rd meet and at subsequent meet ups as they are scheduled and as new gamers join. I figured to start it will be a rather fluid thing until over time a more concrete monthly time can be locked in.
  12. Turiciano

    Turiciano Level 0 Character

    Why don't we meet up and plan on running the campaign you have worked up? What system do you want to run? Role master? I really like Pathfinder! But I loved the d100.... But I am also having a ton of fun with this Dark Dungeons clone of the Rules Cyclopedia. Who am I kidding. You name the system, and your house rules, and I will start rolling up victims, I mean characters. :eek:
  13. red wizard

    red wizard Troubadour

    Thanks Raic, yep, Saturdays are always kind of hard for me due to my work schedule. Sundays really work better for face to face games.

    If you and Mark would like to meet up one Sunday a month though, we could definitely try out some games. Maybe we can talk Silas into joining us as well, (sadly Maker is geographically challenged these days and can't get to Games Plus so easily anymore ;) ). We could dust off some of our cherished "dead games", as well as try our hand at our own pet projects such as Mark's, Griffins and Grottos, my own, Checkpoint Charlie and Penny Dreadful or Silas' Cthulhu by Strobelight variant.
  14. Raic

    Raic Level 0 Character

    Sounds good everyone – Sundays it is then. I will swing by Games Plus and change the table reservation to Sunday March 4th from 12 pm to 6 pm and post a confirmation on this thread when completed.

    I want to meet prior to Gary Con because I believe that everyone will be in attendance there since you are regular posters to this forum. This way we can organize a bit and then hopefully gather for a session at Gary Con if our gaming and travel plans allow. Of course if we cannot gather for a session at Gary Con we can always put a soft schedule together on the 4th for future meetings at Games Plus.

    As far as systems and campaigns, I enjoy sitting on either side of the DM Screen so to speak and I am wide open to participating in whatever setting and system a group member is willing to put in the time and effort to run. I figure we can spit time at each session to run campaigns in multiple worlds, using different game systems. For whatever reason, I am partial to D100 systems. I suppose that is because after getting indoctrinated with D&D and AD&D, my group then took up Chaosium Systems such as Runequest and Stormbringer, and eventually ran extensive campaigns using the Rolemaster System.

    With that said, I have been putting a campaign together using said Rolemaster System. At one time I was obsessed with the system and have gobs of materials on hand to support a campaign so why not put them to use.

    Using that system I think I am going to start a Middle Earth Campaign – hey it is a ready-made world with a very rich history and boundless source materials to work with that I believe everyone is familiar with. But beware my fellow campaigners, the setting will encompass all of the geo-political machinations of the timeline and location that I choose as well as be rife with opportunities for both heroic deeds and encounters with evil of a most heinous and insidious nature – bwahahhaahahahahahaaaaaaa

    Anyway that is all I have for now – I will be stopping back to confirm the 4th.

    Cheers All!

  15. mark

    mark Spellbinder

    Yup, Saturday is a toughie and would have been especially so on the 3rd of March this year as that is the last day of the AWP Conference (it's here in Chicago this year).

    Sunday, March 4th, is a momentous day to begin a gaming organization, if we can call organizing some games with a group as such. About ten years ago, Michael Broadstock came up with the germ of an idea that GMs should have a holiday, like Mother's Day and Father's Day, for all they do to get tabletop games together, the countless hours behind the screen and behind the scenes. I suggested a day and a slogan that fit fairly well, and we began heralding "March Fo(u)rth for GM's Day!" (It is the only date that is both a date and a command. :D ) Since then it has grown and now many online gaming retailers celebrate the day with a big sale, though you don't *have* to buy something to give to your GM. Sometimes it is just a good idea to thank them, perhaps bring the cookies or cake that day, etc. Just use that time of the year to show some appreciation for all of the hard work the GM does for the group and the hobby.

    There's a GM's Day Facebook page to "Like" - http://www.facebook.com/GMSDAY

    March 4th has also become momentous for another reason. In 2008, it is the day we lost Gary Gygax. But, there is no finer way in my opinion to honor his memory than to game on the anniversary of the day his passing. I reckon he would have liked that idea.

    So, that is a long way around to saying that I think getting together on March 4th would be a great idea and I'm in! Maybe Red Wizard can bring a couple of those games for this first get together and I'd enjoy a Middle Earth Role-Playing game, though I'm not sure how good a monthly schedule is to regular campaign gaming.

    Don't forget, the Games Plus auction begins that next Wed, and continue on Fri, Sat and Sun (7th, 9th, 10th, 11th). Tons of good deals and fun stuff to gain by going to the auction. Why, my unpainted miniatures collection alone must be worth . . . ;)


    List of current posters in this thread to confirm - Raic (in), Turiciano (in), Mark (in), Red Wizard (?), Turiciano (in), silas (?), mordrin (?), anyone else?
  16. Turiciano

    Turiciano Level 0 Character

    Will see you all on March 4. MERP material in tow. Half Dunedain animist anyone?
  17. Turiciano

    Turiciano Level 0 Character

    No. Wose ranger?
  18. Raic

    Raic Level 0 Character

    Well so far Mark, you have not failed to impress me with your fount of knowledge regarding current gaming events as well as the history of gaming.

    For example, I had no idea that March 4th has been christened DM day.

    The more things unfold the more it seems almost fated that we gather on that day.

    So, as promised above, I just got back from Games Plus and I am here to confirm that a table is reserved for Sunday March 4th from 12 pm to 6 pm.

    I like your line of thinking Turiciano - Animist, Ranger, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy - :?

    Ok, I look forward to meeting everyone that can make it. Now I am off to sign up for some games at Gary Con - :)


  19. silas

    silas Chevalier

    I should be able to do March 3rd, and if I can get a babysitter, I will bring Tory (my wife is a gamer)
  20. Raic

    Raic Level 0 Character

    Sounds good Silas. To confirm, you mention March 3rd in your post. If not a typo, I want to make sure that you know the date has been moved to Sunday March 4th. I hope this does not cause any conflicts with your participation. And yes, it would be great if Tory can attend as well. The more the merrier.

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