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Discussion in 'RPG Discussion' started by Raic, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. silas

    silas Chevalier

    OK, March 4th it is :)
  2. Raic

    Raic Level 0 Character

    Hey All,

    We are only about a week away from the RP meet up, so I thought I would swing by for an update. I have been hard at work organizing a campaign and I am happy to report that things are coming together nicely.

    I look forward to seeing you all at Games Plus next week.

  3. mark

    mark Spellbinder

    Thanks for getting this together!

    I might have one more player who isn't a Gary Con guy (though he might become one someday) though he is a regular in games around Games Plus.
  4. Totan

    Totan Spellbinder

    I took the liberty of updating the top post with the date and time.
  5. Raic

    Raic Level 0 Character

    Hey Totan, thanks for the help, I completely missed that.

    Mark, if your friend can joins us that would be great. The more the merrier.
  6. red wizard

    red wizard Troubadour

    I'll try to show up as well :D
  7. mark

    mark Spellbinder

    I noticed that no one had signed out a table for Sunday so I did for the -

    MERP run by Raic

    Where – http://www.games-plus.com/

    Games Plus is located in Mount Prospect, IL

    When – Sunday March 4, 2012, noon to 6pm
  8. coreyhaim8mydog

    coreyhaim8mydog Level 0 Character

    I will be there on Sunday as well. I believe I have an old copy of the MERP rules somewhere.
  9. Raic

    Raic Level 0 Character

    Mark, that is strange because I did sign out a table a month ago and stopped back two weeks ago to confirm and staff did have it written down. Not sure what happened there. In any event, thanks for double checking on that.

    Hi Corey, look forward to seeing you there.
  10. mark

    mark Spellbinder

    Makes me wonder if I misread what was on there or even if they had to redo the calendars because of the Auction next week. Anyway, we're coverdd either way. I'll be in there later today (I'm five blocks down the street) and I'll double check it just to be sure. No worries.
  11. red wizard

    red wizard Troubadour

    Looking forward to playing some MERP!
  12. mark

    mark Spellbinder

  13. mark

    mark Spellbinder

  14. Turiciano

    Turiciano Level 0 Character

    Sick kid today...how did game go?
  15. mark

    mark Spellbinder

  16. red wizard

    red wizard Troubadour

    Excellent! I had a great time yesterday at Games Plus playing MERP. It had been some years since I last had a nice sit-down table top game of Middle Earth Role-Play and Mark--a.k.a. Raic-- was a great gm. We also have some pretty darn good players in the group. I am looking forward to being part of a regular campaign again. I also have to give our gm kudos on his exceptional preparation--I have got to get him to make me some of those great maps he had :)
  17. mark

    mark Spellbinder

    Ditto, indeed. Great fun and the campaign is off to an excellent start . . . if we survive the encounter/cliffhanger we are currently struggling to overcome. :D
  18. Raic

    Raic Level 0 Character

    Sorry you could not make it Turiciano.

    As far as how the first session went, I must echo the sentiments above. I had a great time. It was an excellent group of experienced campaigners. I cannot wait until the next session.

    Speaking of which, I swung by Games Plus this afternoon and reserved a table for the discussed day and time of –

    Sunday, March 18th – Noon to 6 PM

    This time I grabbed the second to last table. I like this one because it allows for a little more elbow room as compared to the area we gamed at yesterday.

    Turciano – if you can make the next session that would be great.

    Mark – thanks for the link, I will definitely check out the site.

    Wizard – keep an eye out for an email from me so we can make map arrangements.

    Thanks all for making the session most enjoyable!!!

  19. Raic

    Raic Level 0 Character

    Hey all,

    I am looking forward to Sunday. I got some good stuff put together for it.


  20. mark

    mark Spellbinder

    Sunday at Noon it is. Count Chris in, as we were just emailing about something else and brought it up.

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