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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by fmillard, Jan 17, 2020.

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    Yes, there is a cap already we just haven't hit it. If we go over 3000 we will be looking at ceasing sales of on site badges.

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    Thats a fair point. I sometimes don't realize the relevance to others. But from this point forward we will have some events at Timber and Ski Chalet each year. So that is something to factor into the equation. I don't really want to move so this is our best option.

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    Luke, if you're going to seriously consider this, then might I suggest grouping events into specific locations? For example, if a large number of folks are attending to play in say, D&D Adventure League, right now they're all moved into the Forums because they outgrew the prior rooms. In the future, if AL continues to grow, you could consider moving all of the events into say, the Timber location (assuming the space at that location would suffice). Not only would this ensure that of those events are in a single location, lessening the need for travelling back and forth, but for those attendees who are primarily playing those events, it would also give them more of an incentive to register their rooms at that location, alleviating the stress and mad rush for everyone to shoot for just the Geneva Resort when room reservations open. IDK what sort of criteria the GC staff could come up with for organizing events into different groupings/locations (event type, game system, etc), but it seems like a good way to go about it, instead of events getting sent off to some random locale.

    Personally, if at least 75% of the events I'm interested in are at a single location, that's where I'm going to want to be.
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