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  1. bighara

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    I looks like my event registration didn't go through properly ( I should have wondered at not getting an email, but I was busy with other things at the time). I am registered for NO events now. I had some good ones, too! I was going to be busy in the vendor hall most of the time anyway, but still. :(

    I guess I'll still be able to scrounge some pickup games.
  2. sniderman

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    Ah man, that's awful. There should be plenty to walk up and into, and lots of pick up games as well. It's small consolation though. Is there anything the con staff can do to correct it?

    There's still one opening for my Mutant Future Dead in the Water game on Saturday! (I'll even let you pick your pre-gen first.) And I'm trying to work up a Thundarr Pick-up game one night too if interested.
  3. bighara

    bighara Chevalier

    Some good news!

    Chris from the staff hooked me up with a couple of evening slots where there was space at the tables. I think I'm working the hall during your MF game, we'll see what shakes down for Thundarr.
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