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  1. sir jon

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    Trying something new this year...


    In 2147, the Metal Wars ended with the machine-first Bio Dread Empire winning. Resistance fighters continued to eke out a small living while trying to maintain their humanity and keep others safe from the enemy. By 2149, the Bio Dread leader, Lord Dread, had nearly completed his conquest of the world… but some still fought.

    It’s now 2150. Lord Dread’s worst nightmare, Captain Jonathan Power and his team of soldiers continue to fight in the name of humankind. Times are tough though, and they need to infiltrate Dreadbase Ten, a manufacturing and munitions facility containing weapons and tech desperately needed for themselves and the continuing Resistance. Can it be done in the time allowed before being discovered and backup arrives?

    Players will take the roles of Captain Power, his team and/or their support using simplified Cyberpunk rules. No knowledge of 1980’s television shows is needed to enjoy the scenario. Characters provided.
  2. OttawaTom

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    May this year's Russians have a better strategy than we did. Thanks for running this scenario Mike!
  3. OttawaTom

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    I'm continuing my Gamma World campaign at Gary Con with two additional adventures for the mutant and non-mutant sets.

    House of the Glow - As winter sets in for the Blakburnz tribe, envoys from the strange faceless men to the North have arrived seeking brave warriors. Known friends of the tribe (who also control the water supply) need brave warriors to find strange wonders of the Ancients that can only be found from far, far away. In a land only known to the village elders as the House of the Glow.

    This is the mutant-heavy scenario for and uses Gamma World 2nd edition rules.

    Against the Serf Lord - In the depths of a frigid winter, disaster has struck the village of Kemvil. Grey skinned mutants have emerged from an ancient metal tunnel. The last team of scouts who explored it have not returned (they’re presumed dead). Kemvil and its vital trade route are in enemy hands. The Council of Elders think a direct assault is impossible, but they propose an equally impossible task. The mutant army’s home base is deep in the Taboo lands to the South, in and among dangerous mutations and hard radiation. With the fate of so many on their hands can these brave pure strain humans survive where their fellows haven’t?

    This is the second scenario run using the Gamma World 2nd Ed. rule set. This is meant to be the Pure Strain Human heavy scenario.

    And for a change, I got an idea for a Metamorphosis Alpha adventure too.

    Downfall - Insectoid mutants have attacked your village of Low Water and have killed a great number of your tribe. There is not a warrior that hasn’t lost a child or mate to these strange creatures. The surviving warriors have tracked the creatures to their hidden mountain lair, and in your moment of vengeance have fallen prey to a cunning trap. Now trapped deep inside this strange dark metal world, death is swiftly coming to find you but the vengeance you seek may be closer to hand. A 1E Metamorphosis Alpha scenario for 8 people, characters will be provided.
  4. fmillard

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    Putting the finishing touches on the game board for Savage League of Extraordinary Women - "Black Oak Drive"
    For Women Only - On Saturday, 2pm-6pm ... Should be exciting!

  5. gizmomathboy

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    Are those plaster castings? Awesome if they are. LowTek FTW.
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  6. Buttmonkey

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    Damn it all. I always forget about the value of props when I put together my Gary Con adventures. Maybe I can still work something in...
  7. fmillard

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    No plaster, I'm very low tech ... houses are paper mache and the landforms are from a deconstructed diorama my daughter made for school last year.

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