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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Eddie, Mar 27, 2016.

  1. Eddie

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    1) Preparation Time at the table. At least 5 minutes would be good, but closer to 15. GM's should bear this in mind when pacing their games, so they finish up to 15 minutes before the start of the next event at that table.
    2) How to Find Alternate Players. If fewer people than expected show up, and the GM wants to add a few more players he should know where to look. There should be a rallying point where people can wait to be called, where they can otherwise sit down and take a break. Those players would ideally be there in the first half hour into an hour, if the events start on the hour. After setting up my table, and giving my players their materials, while they are reading and picking spells I could take a walk over there and invite people.
    3) Miniature, Tiles, and Props. It would be terrific if we could stop by an area and look through some boxes with donated miniatures and tiles people didn't need anymore. Battle mats, miniatures, tiles and other props all the way up to dice towers would help us make our events as much fun as they can be. GM's could take responsibility for them, and not only bring them back after their events but file them back properly if you have a filing system for them.
    4) A Thread for their Events. If you sign up for someone's event, you can post in their thread here and talk with them. The GM can share more information about the event, and you can let them know if you won't be able to make it to the game after all.
  2. Jarlaxle

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    Nice ideas...
  3. osarious

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    Not sure how practical number 3 would be. Who would be responsible for inventorying, monitoring, storage, etc.?
  4. Eddie

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    The staff would have to make those decisions. Even just a couple boxes of unused stuff could go a long way at this convention. Most GM's have a lot of stuff they bring to the table already, and just for the few tables during each time slot where someone doesn't have any it could be cool.
  5. stahlnee

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    Anything imposing an additional burden on GMs is not a good thing.

    GMs should factor in that people may schedule games back to back and another event may be scheduled right after theirs end.
  6. Eddie

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    The staff can trust the GM to bring the materials back at their convenience. It's not like people aren't already given prep time, but if a GM is very busy, he can bring the materials back later.
  7. sir jon

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    You're expecting too much of the staff, IMHO.
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  8. Eddie

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    I am very trusting. But I am just talking about it here, and would not ask the staff to do that myself.

    I used to have a large container of dozens of small file drawers, about the size of a cabinet, all made of cardboard. Each drawer has a label, and they could say things like "Metal fantasy miniatures," "metal sci-fi miniatures," "dungeon tiles", etc.

    If someone borrows something, they are responsible for its safe return. But it was just an idea. I'm sorry if I am talking out of turn, or taking up too much attention on these boards right now.
  9. You're not talking out of turn or taking up too much time, but you are very, very naive.

    NOBODY is going to put anything "for anybody to use" that they want back, period. I'd do it with my own personal group of players, but not even at a small con.

    The first day that the Wedge food co-op was open back in the 70s in Minneapolis, they didn't have clerks or cash registers, they just had a cigar box with money in it for people to make change for themselves. After all, it was members-only and we're all neighbors, right?

    At the end of the day, after an entire busy day of sales, the box had half the money they started with.

    Your idea simply isn't even vaguely practical.
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  10. You've never painted miniatures or made terrain. I can tell.

    You've also never had anything you spent hours making get destroyed.
  11. sir jon

    sir jon Spellbinder

    Well, I don't know how practical it all is, but feel free to explore it. I mean, the con does have the massive games library get used every year and it is pretty well kept, I think. But the staff has little to do with it other than making space for it.
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  12. PBurke

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    It's good to brainstorm and throw ideas out there, but I'm pretty skeptical too. The staff definitely doesn't have the time to do this. Now if you or someone else wants to volunteer to organize this on your own, that might be nice, HOWEVER, I would only bring along paper/ cardboard minis that 1.) you printed out cheaply and that 2.) you wouldn't mind if they were never returned.
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