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    What are your thoughts on the D&D cartoon series from back in the day?
    Luke, I know you were pretty young, but do you know how that came about?
    Others' thoughts?
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    Hey James,

    Yes that was a couple years back, but I do have some recollection of that time period. My brother Ernie actually did much of the creative oversight along with my Dad on the cartoon. So he would have more to add than me.

    TSR had grown exponentially and D&D was a revolutionary game with a huge market. My Dad met a screenwriter named James Goldman through his contact at Simon & Shuster books. Goldman's wife was quite business savvy and got TSR to commission a script for like a million dallors! So that was the main effort for the D&D Entertainment Corp- to get a major motion picture produced.

    The office was at 1636 Summitridge Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210. It was a 10 acre mansion built by famous 1920s director King Vidor. It was absolutely beautiful, full of crazy characters and has made it tough for me to achieve a sense of success in my life as an adult :x

    Somehow along the way Marvel Productions got interested in a D&D - which lead to the cartoon and my meeting Stan Lee in his office and getting a signed spidey poster (which i still have in the same tube he gave it to me in. I should frame that!)

    I remember participating in a D&D game show presentation in the living room at the mansion. Someone was pitching the idea to a producer- and I got to be a contestant. Unfortunately it did not get picked up. There was a Universal Studios stage show based on Conan the Barbarian- which was almost called Conan, a Dungeons and Dragons adventure- but due to some mishandling by the agent- it never happened :cry:

    Apparently the D&D movie was almost selected to go to production, but the agent again bungled the job and somehow Krull was selected instead of D&D.

    So there you go Lulu. That's a bit of what I remember about that turbulent time period :geek:

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