The world might soon lose another gamer

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussion' started by LumpyCheeseman, Aug 31, 2009.

  1. FelixZ

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    Best of luck to your son man. May he roll a 20 on his save.
  2. geekpreacher

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    Hope all goes well. Blessings to your family and especially your son.

  3. LumpyCheeseman

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    My day just got worse. She just called again from the hospital. He is being admitted today for pain management. He can no longer feel his legs, and the doctor says the tumors have progressed fast enough that he might not be here next month. I'm heading up there tomorrow night to see him.
  4. LumpyCheeseman

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    Off work, freshly showered, clean clothes. Heading out in a few to go see him. I'll post a couple pics upon returning home tonight.
  5. FelixZ

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    Best of luck man.
  6. LumpyCheeseman

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    He's getting worse. He cannot even more his own legs anymore. He is in constant pain in his neck, back, and sides because he has to stay on his back because of the med lines and the NG feed tube. He was cranky the entire time I was there, and what hurts is that after people going in and out all fucking day to visit him (I'd like to know how that many people were able to come in when it is supposed to be a very short list due to infections) he pretty much ignored me the entire time and referred to his stepdad as his "real dad" when wanted "dad" to get him something and wouldnt let me do it. I hurt in so many ways right now it's redicoulous.

    I wasn't able to get a picture of him and me together, maybe when I go back on Sunday. But here is a couple pictures of him, and one of him and my ma.

    The last pic is of him all tuckered out right before I left the hospital.

    Also, it seems my BlackBerry is horrible with indoor pictures.

  7. geekpreacher

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    Thoughts and prayers headed your way, my friend.
  8. the keeper

    the keeper Spellbinder

    All God's blessing be with you & your son.

    The Keeper
  9. ghul

    ghul Chevalier

    I'm so sorry your family is going through this.
  10. forgemeister

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    Just looking at all of the tubes and bandages...

    That is one tough kid, Lumpy.

    May God watch over you bud.
  11. craigck

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    I myself had testicular cancer when I turned 18. I survived. Some do, and some don't, but who is the judge of the living and the dead. It is no matter, because it is out of our hands. The only thing we can do is to keep living. Living for those who have passed and for those who are yet to come. Life never stands still and we can't either! This community loves and cares for all of its members, and your son is one of those members. I think I can speak for all members of this forum, when I say that Your Son is in all of our thoughts and prayers! Your presence as a father does mean something to him! It means the WORLD to him! I can remember laying in bed waiting to go into surgury surrounded by my family, and there were only two people who held my attention the most, my mother and my father! They comforted me, and I was an 18 year old young man! I could only imagine being 5 and having my parents there by my side. It would help me feel stronger and help me feel safe and secure. The love you have for your son, and his love for you, is an amazing healing tool! Stay strong! Our support for you is unwavering! It appears that we are all in someway connected to someone who has passed away from cancer! This connection will only make the human desire to beat this disease stronger! You mean something and so does your son! Never lose heart, for it is the one thing that holds this world together. It is the source of our compassion and our love! It is where we feel the strongest pains, and the biggest pleasures! And at this moment my heart is strong for you and your son, in your time of need. We are all here if you need something!

    Take Care,
  12. thorkhammer

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    Whoa, words escape me at the moment. Except to say that I feel very blessed, and lucky perhaps.

    Lumpy, no one knows what you're going through unless they've gone through or are going through it themselves. So while we hope our well wishes have some benefit, you should probably find a therapy group comprised of folks in your situation. Their understanding might help you more than all of us can.

    Good luck to you, however. For if your son does pass over, I am sure he will find peace. You, on the other hand, must find strength, and purpose, to continue on. I think he would want that.
  13. the keeper

    the keeper Spellbinder

    For those that didn't know, Lumpy's son passed away about a week after the above pictures were taken. We saw Lumpy last week & he is doing as well as can be expected. It will be a tough road but I know he will make it through this. Speaking for Lumpy, I just what to thank all for your thoughts & prayers.

    The Keeper
  14. Druvas

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    Oh, Good Lord, I just saw this. I haven't any words to say. I cannot imagine... Jesus. I'm so sorry... :cry:

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