Universal Horizons offers an 'old school' feel to multigenre

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    Universal Horizons is a skill-based multi-genre tabletop RPG. This game promotes Heroes to travel to other times, places, and dimensions to learn and advance skills. Gameplay is centered around role-playing and heroism. Guides have the ability to adjudicate "on-the-fly" using the Heroes skills as a baseline for success. Out-of-the-box problem solving is encouraged and rewarded!!

    Originally we only played fantasy games, but this new system makes MODERN and FUTURE genres just as exciting and imaginative as FANTASY!!!

    Players advance the same character every time they play, however, new Heroes offer just as much as veterans. We have a number of event offerings and promotions. Come check us out!

    Our game debuts 2014, here at Gary con before ORIGINS and GEN CON. Gary was an inspiration to us all!
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    I wish you guys much success!

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