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    Quick update: I've been out for the last 36 hours or so to handle my non-Gary-Con life. Just because I've been gone and not communicating doesn't mean the team hasn't been hard at work behind the scenes. I'll be catching up and posting updates tonight.

    -Registration is still frozen while we work out the events. We are aiming to resume registration some time this weekend. Again, you will have 24 hours notice, at least.

    -Many of your are noticing cleanup happening in your account view. If you have any questions about what happened or if you've already been in communication with us and we did something we didn't tell you we were going to do, feel free to use that open direct communication channel and let us know.

    -There are about 50 remaining issues (of over 200 original reported) to be sorted out. This week was slow because staff has day jobs, but we're jamming the accelerator over the next couple hours to bring you resolution.

    -I owe many of you personal responses. They are coming!
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    Thanks Mate! :D

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