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  1. mordrin

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    Greetings All,

    I appreciate how upsetting it is to everyone that we aren’t gathering in person due to the coronavirus and government actions limiting travel and assembly. We are providing virtual gaming as a way to fulfill our commitment to provide a gaming experience as Gary Con. If you have a badge please go to to sign up and host or play games. I understand that not everyone is able to play virtually and some may not wish to. I am working this weekend, I’m a full time Army National Guard Soldier, so I have limited time available. The staff and I will look at the option to refund, full or partial based on the financial situation, those that are unable to participate in the VTT. All that participate and keep their badge will receive a discount code for a portion of the GC XIII badge. Thank you all again for your patience

  2. Handy Haversack

    Handy Haversack Chevalier

    Hey, pals,

    I am afraid that my tech set-up just won't let me participate in VTT con in any meaningful way. Hangouts crashes my machine with anything more than a few people, and Roll20 and the like are nonstarters. @Melf or @mordrin , the link in the e-mail from Luke through TTE for the Google form would not resolve for me. Could you (or anyone ?) provide that again?

    Enjoy the virtual! The real is pretty depressing these days!

  3. mordrin

    mordrin Spellbinder Staff Member

    Yeah, that link doesn't work for me, either.
  4. mordrin

    mordrin Spellbinder Staff Member

  5. Handy Haversack

    Handy Haversack Chevalier

    Thanks, Mordin!

    So, I am pasting in here the response I put in the one section of that form that allowed it. That was a VERY in-your-face series of questions that did not allow for easy communication among friends or any kind of nuanced response. I hope that it's OK to try to deepen the conversation a little:

    Why can't I particpate in VGS?

    "My tech set-up just isn't up to the task. Google Hangouts crashes my browser with more than two participants without fail, and Roll20 and the like similarly.

    To be clear: I am NOT asking for a refund!

    I am happy to get my swag in the mail. If you can offer early access to Gold for next year, that's great. If you can offer a discount or partial credit, even better!

    Please understand that I am filling this out because you asked us to in your update if we cannot participate in VGC!

    I do NOT want to cause hardship!

    My GCXII swag would be great if it's possible to get that. Some help securing a Gold for next year would be awesome IF POSSIBLE.

    Guys, I am trying to use this form to communicate, not make demands. I appreciate all you have done. I just want to note SOMEPLACE official that with all goodwill, it's not possible for me to participate in VGC.

    Be well and be kind.


    I hope that's clear and that it's clear I'm not getting up in your grill over money. That form is the ONLY avenue you gave for response other than VGC participation. I know you have caught some real attitude from some crumb bums on the forum, and I can only imagine that Facebook is a nightmare (since that's what it's for). BUt the questions on that form were really assuming bad intentions. I am trying to be clear that that is not how I am approaching this. Hope it worked.

    EDIT: @mordrin @Melf
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  6. stahlnee

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    The form did not give me an option that I want. Prefer badge swag and gm shirt/cup be sent, if possible, even if I need to pay for S&H along with no refund and no discount for next year.
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  7. Vort

    Vort Level 0 Character

    My impression is the form is only for those who want refunds. Sounds like after Virtual Gary Con is over they're going to sort out the rest. A few clips:
    I too am happy to not get a refund in order to support GC going forward and instead get a credit towards next year and carryover of the gold badge, and I'm willing to pay S&H for the swag. To save on int'l S&H it would be nice to pick out a few items of swag to be shipped (t-shirt, modules, booklets, easy to ship stuff) then share the remainder with GC volunteers or donate somehow, but that all might not be feasible to coordinate.
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  8. Vort

    Vort Level 0 Character

    Another clip (bold mine for emphasis):
  9. Handy Haversack

    Handy Haversack Chevalier

    All due respect, Vort, and thanks for the effort, but I am not sure quoting older info from other platforms actually gets at what I (an Stahlnee) are talking about. This is the information we have to go on, from the e-mail from Luke via TTE:

    "If you can't participate in Gary Con XII for whatever reason, let us know. We maintain that we are providing four days of access to Gary Con and great events via the VTT. However if you can't participate, we want to make you feel fulfilled. Please fill out the form located at the end of the paragraph to request a refund or credit for GC XIII. If we can honor your request without bankrupting the company, we will consider it. It may take us up to 60 days to review and complete all actions, so bear with us."

    I am trying to do what was asked of me. I am also trying to respond a little more fully and with more nuance than that form allows and to let Luke and others know what I mean.

    Form filled out as asked.
    Conversation continued here.

    Much understanding that communication is hard right now. I'm patient. I'm just trying to be clear, also.

    Be kind and be safe.
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  10. stahlnee

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    The form reads like a one stop shop with everything whether it applies to a person or not. It asks for TTE name and badge number. And there is no clear indication what happens if you don't fill it out.
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  11. Vort

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    I agree with you both, @Handy Haversack and @stahlnee, the form and the email are a little vague in that regard, especially the "request a refund or credit" bit which implies asking for a credit. My feeling, though, based on previous intent, is that the form was created to address those who were adamant about getting a refund immediately. Hopefully we'll get clarification as time goes on.

    Too much chaos in too little time ... kind of like a DCC funnel. :)
  12. Poindexter

    Poindexter Chevalier

    so now i wonder if we all need to fill it out. i don't want to swamp them with too many...i did not fill it out yet.
  13. JediSoth

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    Perhaps there should be a central place listing all the hashtags in use for Virtual Gary Con, as well as all the virtual gather places. There have been so many announcement in various e-mails, social media posts, etc., that I'm having trouble finding all that information.
  14. Zarathon

    Zarathon Administrator Staff Member

    Just as a reminder, if anyone is looking for help, there are folks on the Officially Unofficial GaryCon Discord server waiting to help anyone out with any issues:
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  15. Vort

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    Thanks @Melf, @mordrin, and everyone who made it happen, it was much appreciated! VGC was fantastic and made the most of a bad situation; it set the precedent for other upcoming Cons and showed them how it can be done. Good luck getting through the aftermath and with planning for next year!
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