Von Deekin's Wings of War at Garycon V

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    AND.......I 'am now registered for Garycon V. AND...... Even before I submit it, I want to let dedicated players know that "Von Deekin's Wings of War" will be back at Garycon V. (As long as my event submissions are accepted by the powers that be. AND......they normally are.)

    I was pleasantly surprised last year at the number of attendees that questioned, some whined, why I was not running "Von Deekin's Wings of War". (Some thought I'd fallen off the planet. Others thought I had gone slightly insane- Got news for the latter, I'VE BEEN MOSTLY INSANE FOR A LONG TIME! AND, YES! I LOVE RUNNING "WINGS OF WAR"! AND YES, I KNOW IT'S CALLED "Wings of Glory" NOW! AND YES, I' AM RUNNING IT AGAIN! AND YES.............something else that I was going to post here but at this moment can't remember because I' am getting older and feebleminded. But when I remember-WATCH OUT!)

    Anyway, my plan is to run multiple "Wings of War" events each day during Garycon V. A...ll events will be in two-hour timeslots. Each morning will be an introduction to "Von Deekin's Wings of War" where new players will be introduced to my ever-changing, always simple, game-play-challenging homerules that make "Wings of War" a greater game to experience & play. Later each day I will present 'willing players' with bigger challenges; recon missions, escort missions, the ever fateful trench-straffing mission, AND, for those who dare, lone-wolf missions. As I have generated my own random tables that cover all the above situations the possibilities are endless. (As is my love for this game.)
    Also, for those that prefer World War II aerial combat, a special scenario; "Von Deekin's The Battle of Britain."................"Heinkel HE-111's are approaching London. Messerschmitt Bf-109's are protecting these fear-generating flying monsters. Can a handfull of brave Hurricanes & Spitfires breakthrough the enemy escorts & down the bombers before they reach their target? You pilot these famous aircraft, you decide........."

    Also, I wanted to put a "shout-out" to two of my favorite "Wings of War" players; Hey Snoopy, A.K.A. Luca Ilario Carbonini & his constant adversary, The Red Baron, A.K.A. Gianfranco Luccini, you both have player slots reserved for any of my "Wings of War" events that I run. You DO NOT have to sign up for any of my events. Just show up and you're in. (Showing up from Italy is payment enough!)

    Can't wait to see everyone at Garycon V!

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