Wednesday night D&D/AD&D group starting at Lake Geneva Games

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    Re: Thursday night D&D/AD&D group starting at Lake Geneva Games

    Done. Prob an Elf. Any class needed?
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    Re: Thursday night D&D/AD&D group starting at Lake Geneva Games

    Pick whatever you want - not everybody can make every week, anyway, so play what you want to play. :cool:
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    Re: Thursday night D&D/AD&D group starting at Lake Geneva Games

    Thurin the Half-Elf cleric is ready to go!
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    Here's my synopsis of last week's session for those interested...

    Wednesday, June 29th, 2011
    Sir Ryan von Krauss. Human male Paladin, LG. (Ryan)
    Seppo. Human male Monk, LN. (Jeremy)
    Bagnacatta. Halfling male Thief, CN. (Nicholas)
    Nordis Malec. Half-elf male Magic-User, Good. (Connor)
    Lothar. Human male Fighter, NG. (Jeff)
    Dungeon Master. (Ken)

    Markus, the high druid of Delgrat, had discovered an ancient ruin a days journey to the south of Cabrall. Upon his investigation, he discovered many tracks about the place and returned to Nemrac. He put out word that he was looking for a party of adventurers to clear out the place, as villages in Cabrall had recently had some trouble with invaders from the south. The party was informed that they could keep whatever treasures they find in return for their service to the druid.

    After equiping up in town, the party set off toward the south and arrived uneventfully at the ruin. It was nearly indistinguishable from the overgrowth and rocky surroundings. Brief exploration lead the party to uncover a crumbling stairwell leading down to a solid looking wooden door with a single large brass pull ring in its center. Lothar noted that the tarnish on the brass had been rubbed away through recent usage. Nordis' three bodyguards worked in unison to open the door revealing a long dark hallway. Nordis lit a torch and the party entered. Bagnacatta examined the floor and noted that the ten foot wide passage only had dust and litter along its sides, again an indication of recent usage. The passage lead inward for several steps to a four-way intersection. Torch light showed that the cross passages each went about twenty feet before ending in doors. The party quickly decided to follow Sir Ryan’s suggestion (and Seppo’s second) of proceeding to the right.

    Seppo listened at the door but heard nothing. Again, Nordis’ body guards bashed it open to reveal a largely empty room save for some scattered coins and a rather large (2’ diameter), foul smelling brown pile. Bagnacatta and others approached the pile after gathering the coins. While the thief poked it with his sword, Lothar said, “Its dung!” The thief then licked the stuff from his sword and, following some gagging and choking, agreed. Everyone shook their heads at the thief’s actions and Seppo washed Bagna’s hands and face with wine from his wineskin. Once cleaned up, Sir Ryan lead the party through the door adjacent to the one by which they came into the room.

    Opening the door, the party discovers six orcs sitting about a smoky fire, playing dice and drinking. Both sides drew weapons as Sir Ryan and Lothar charged the orcs who also jumped up to fight. Nordis fired off a quick magic missile instantly slaying one of the orcs, while Seppo and Bagna fired arrows damaging their targets. Flustered, the orcs miss all their attacks on Sir Ryan and Lothar. Sir Ryan and Lothar finish off the foes without injury to themselves. In the room, the party found a large coffer. Bagna examined it but didn’t locate any traps. Sir Ryan shook it lightly and could hear the sound of coins inside. Bagna then picked the simple lock to reveal several dozen coins of various types. The thief attempts to pocket several of the coins for himself, but Sir Ryan, standing directly over him, noticed and called him on it. Bagna grinned and made a quick excuse before putting the treasure into the party’s sack to be divided later. The paladin gave Bagna an admonishing look while Seppo added some of the orcs’ hair to his short queue as a trophy of his martial experience. With no other doors out of this room, the party returned to the feces room and tried the only other exit at the opposite end of the room.

    The door revealed a hallway running back along the room they were just in. Lothar got a bad feeling about the passage and just as he suggested to Bagna and Sir Ryan, who were in the lead, to check for traps, it was too late. Both party members in the front fell into a pit trap with jagged stones at its bottom. Bagna was badly injured while Sir Ryan suffered only minor wounds. As the party discussed how to get the two out of the trap, Nordis repeatedly suggested that they leave the thief. Sir Ryan said his conscience wouldn’t allow it and he instead split a healing draught with Bagna. Seppo gave the thief an entire draught which completely healed Bagna. The paladin and thief were thrown a rope and climbed up while Lothar and Seppo held the line.

    At the end of the hall was another door which Nordis commanded his guards to open but Sir Ryan stopped them saying, “Why do we always need to bash the doors?” Nordis didn’t answer and Sir Ryan opened it himself without trouble. The revealed room was roughly 20’ square and in the opposite corner from where the door had opened, the party could see a very large pile of glowing coins, gems, and weapons. Before anyone could say or do anything, Bagna ran over to the pile claiming it as he ran. Suddenly, as he seemed to reach the mound, Bagna and the pile vanished with a thud sound. The rest of the party entered the room cautiously and found the thief lying unresponsive at the bottom of a deep pit where the treasure illusion had been. This time there was much discussion about the fate of the thief who was seen to be breathing and seemingly unconscious. Nordis said he could finish the thief off for the party but Sir Ryan stopped him but was torn as to what else to do. Seppo asked Lothar what he thought. Lothar suggested leaving the unconscious thief in the pit as he would probably be safe down there but Sir Ryan didn’t like that answer either. He decided to pull Bagna up and place him on the party’s Llama outside and it was done.

    Returning to the dungeon, the party entered a room at the other end of the pit trap hall and startled an ogre who was holding a large sack. The ogre rushed at the party, missing the paladin. Lothar landed a couple solid hits while Seppo maneuvered behind the ogre. Sir Ryan and Nordis’ guards were not as lucky and missed their attacks. As the ogre hit Lothar, damaging him severely, Seppo landed an attack from behind with his two daggers killing the ogre. The party examined the room. Seppo looked in the sack and found several hundred gold coins after adding some of the ogre’s hair to his queue; and Nordis discovered a secret door in a corner of the room opposite the door where the PCs entered.

    The secret door lead to a short passage with a spiral stair going down as well as another door. The party decided to try the other door before descending to the lower level.

    Opening the second door, the party entered a long room with litter all over the floor. Looking up Lothar saw a worm like creature with numerous tentacles around its mouth crawling toward them along the ceiling. “Carrion crawler!” he shouted to the party. It dropped down and got the initiative paralyzing the paladin and one of Nordis’ bodyguards with its flurry of tentacle attacks. Nordis quickly cast sleep on it and it dropped. Lothar finished off the creature while Seppo and Nordis looked around the room finding bones, rags, and some scattered coins in the remains of the crawler’s victims. Then the party waited for Sir Ryan and the bodyguard’s paralysis to wear off before continuing.

    <Thus ended the night’s session>
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    Re: Thursday night D&D/AD&D group starting at Lake Geneva Games

    Thanks for the write-up!! :cool:
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    Re: Thursday night D&D/AD&D group starting at Lake Geneva Games

    I love the write-up! One small edit - Markus is the High Druid, whom you met in Delgrat (his home town, of sorts).

    And actually, I'm glad you couldn't write up the first couple of weeks, since GaryCon goers just might wind up signing up to play in the same adventure next March!
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    Thanks for the info. :)
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    Nine players in tonight's game, plus me as DM. What an absolutely great time. Great rolls, horrible rolls, death and mayhem, all in the span of three and a half hours. Jason got some great pictures, and when they're online I'll try to Yoink! some over here. And Jeff should be posting another write-up in a day or two.

    Next week Ryan will be running Dragon Age, since for the next two weeks, my Astronomy class meets from 3:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. so we can use the local observatory. I'm not sure who's running what in two weeks, but after that, it's back to AD&D if that's the consensus.
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    Re: Thursday night D&D/AD&D group starting at Lake Geneva Games

    Thanks, Ken!

    Had a fun time last night. It's been entirely too long!
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    Re: Thursday night D&D/AD&D group starting at Lake Geneva Games

    I forgot to mention: We were actually missing a player (the monk character). I though it was funny - number of M:tG players in the gaming room = 4. AD&D players and DM = 10. Yeah, we took over! :cool:

    Also, thanks to Jason for running out and getting some frozen pizzas. Smart idea to be able to cook pizzas in the back of the store. I know they're bad for me, but now I know what's for dinner on Wednesday nights! :mrgreen:
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    Re: Thursday night D&D/AD&D group starting at Lake Geneva Games

    Great game Ken - EVEN THOUGH I DIED! Thanks for running this.

    Note to self: Have next character buy a Great Helm to help ward off big rocks falling on head between pointy ears. Or maybe just check for traps next time...;P
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    2011-07-06 part 1 of 3(?)

    NOTE: I took some creative liberty with the adventure log as there were so many PCs, it was had for me to keep up with the writing and still play. (Corrections may follow.)

    Sir Ryan von Krauss, human paladin 2nd
    Bagna Catta, halfling thief 1st
    Nordis Malec, human m-u 2nd
    Lothar Ironwulf, human fighter 1st
    Landros, elven ftr./m-u 1st
    Thurin, half elf cleric 1st
    Buck, half elf ranger 1st
    Gorax, dwarf fighter 1st
    Xandor Tinks, human druid 1st

    Bagna, having been left unconscious on the party's llama outside the dungeon, is awoken by a passing party of adventurers whose cleric healed him. They ask for information concerning the dungeon and Bagna tells them that his party has cleared most of the top level. Some of the adventurers: Landros, Thurin, Buck, and Gorax decide to follow Bagna and join his adventuring party.

    After meeting back up with the remainder of the party, who were waiting for the carrion crawler paralysis to wear off, there is discussion as to whether or not to go down the spiral stair or continue on the same level of the dungeon. Thurin suggests finishing the current level to reduce the possibility of something coming up from behind. Nodding and agreement murmured through the rest of the group.

    Continuing on through another exit of the Crawler room, Sir Ryan discovers a hallway which curved around and rejoined the northern branch of the four-way intersection we initially explored. Entering the hallway, Bagna was sent forward to check for traps. He found a pit trap about halfway along. He then jammed the pit's mechanism using his thief’s tools allowing the rest of the party to cross safely to the door. Through the door, the party checks the other door opposite.

    Behind the door was a room whose floor was covered by glittering coins. The whole party stood cautiously at the door, leery of such an unguarded treasure. Gorax tired of waiting first and moved in to pick up coins. When nothing happened to him, the rest of the party joined in. As the party finished clearing the room, Sir Ryan noticed on his map that there was an anomaly next to this room. The party all searched for secret doors but found none.

    Wanting to finish the first level, the party returned over the jammed pit to the crawler room. Trying the last exit at the opposite end of the room, they discovered a long room with some dark green slime around the door and leading off in a trail across to another door. Nordis examined the ceiling, suspicious of more crawlers but saw nothing up or moving in the room. Inside the slime and scattered about the room, are more random coins. Bagna poked the slime with his sword and sniffed it. It smelled acrid. Several party members groaned and warned Bagna not to taste it. He smiled and shrugged then tasted it. Everyone stared at him. Bagna considered the flavor before saying it tasted salty, exhibiting no other ill effects. Gorax again begins to collect the coins from the floor. Once the party moved across the room and had finished gathering the loot, Sir Ryan opened the door at which the green trail ended.

    Seven goblin archers, prepared for the party, opened fire on the party as they stood in the doorway. Several arrows hit Lothar, who drops. Other arrows also drop two of Nordis' body guards. Thurin cast a healing spell on Lothar as the rest of the party charge in to engage the archers. The goblins proved formidable foes and while no one else got seriously hurt, it took several rounds to defeat them. After the battle, Sir Ryan used his lay on hands to heal Lothar further. Several party members notice that the green goo from earlier was goblin blood. Meanwhile, Bagna offered to 'ease the passing' of Kug, one of Nordis' body guards. Thurin considers using his last healing spell on Kug versus saving it for another party member later. As Thurin considers this, Nordis is striping Kug's equipment off his body to give to other PCs. Sir Ryan told Bagna not to touch Kug and that the party should take him to a healer in town. While the party talked, Kug died.

    The party then checked the room for other treasure and secret doors, etc. but found nothing.
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    Re: Thursday night D&D/AD&D group starting at Lake Geneva Games

    Where's the rest of the story?? ;)
  14. Re: Thursday night D&D/AD&D group starting at Lake Geneva Games

    part 2

    Having found nothing in the goblin archer room, the party quickly moved on though the only other exit. They again found a line of archers, this time hobgoblins, waiting for them. Having suffered the slings and arrows of the goblins only a few minutes prior, the party reacted more quickly and only Buck received a wound which was minor. Following Landor and Buck’s return arrows, the rest of the party (except Nordis) charged the hobgoblin squad and made quick work of all but one of them. The last hobgoblin, knowing he was surrounded and not getting out alive, fell on his sword.

    In the rear of this room the party found a large pile of smelly, tattered robes and clothes. Nordis said, “Yea!” and began collecting as much as he could of them in his pack, much to the wonderment of the party. Thurin cast his second healing spell on Gorax who had been wounded in the hobgoblin battle. Once healed, Gorax stepped up to the rag pile and raised his battle ax to strike it just as Nordis dodged out of the way. Gorax’s ax landed with a solid thunk. Sir Ryan moved a few more rags away and found a large wooded chest. The ax blow had damaged the lid, revealing several hundreds of gold pieces with a silver bracelet mixed among them. Nordis cast Detect Magic and could see the bracelet glowing. The rest of the party stood by watching, then Lothar asked Nordis, “Well? Is it magical?” “Yes.” answered Nordis. Gorax asked the magic-user for the bracelet to try it on. Nothing happened. Nordis took it back and tried it on himself realizing it expanded his ability to remember spells and informed the party of this. Several party members made the case that Landor should have it as he needed to be able to cast more combat magic, being a Fighter/M-U, so Nordis agreed and gave it to Landor.

    This was the last room on the first level of the dungeon, so the party returned to the spiral staircase and went down it. It lead to a hewn passage/natural cave tunnel extending past the limit of Nordis’ lantern. The passage ended some way down in a large, roughly circular, empty chamber with five other passages radiating out of it. Sir Ryan offered that they start with the first passage on their left entering the chamber. Everyone quickly agreed and began moving down the first tunnel. Ten steps or so down the tunnel, the party heard a loud growl/roar and a feathered, beaked bear-like creature lumbered out of the darkness ahead to attack Bagna who falls after receiving a claw and bite wound. The fighters all landed substantial hits on it and it fell before doing anymore damage to the party. Thurin and Sir Ryan were both out of healing magic so the party members took turns carrying Bagna’s unconscious body. The passage ended in another large chamber.

    The lair of the owl/bear creature contained two bodies of dead adventurers who were partially eaten. Judging by the bits of equipment on the bodies, they had been a M-U and a cleric. Thurin found a mace and holy symbol on the cleric and a spell book as well as several mundane items on the M-U. While Nordis checked the spell book, Landros investigated the cleric further and found a small bag of gems under the armor on the body. Nordis listed the spells he understood in the book as: Light, Detect Magic, Shocking Grasp, Sleep, Identify, Message, Push, Pyrotechnics, Wizard Lock, ESP, and Darkness 15’r. Buck was chosen to carry the book back to town so the party could sell it once the two M-Us have scribed the spells into their respective spell books. The party then returned to the main chamber and began heading down the next passage of the five.

    Ten or twenty steps down the second passage and the party could see a faint red glowing from far ahead. Thurin and Landros decided to move up and use their infravision. They discovered a large chamber at the end of this tunnel. They also found the glow was caused by four dog-sized fire beetles which immediately came in for the attack. Thurin shouted back to the party, “Beetles!” As the party came up, Thurin was hit on his leg and Nordis cast his magic missile, wounding a fire beetle. Within a round or two of fighting, Xander, Gorax, Sir Ryan and Buck had managed to kill the four beetles. A search of this cavern found another dead adventurer who possessed a “beautiful sword” and a coffer containing eight identical potions. The party decided that Landros should take the presumably magical sword and everyone took a potion from the box. Nordis gave his potion to Kug, who is revived by it. Lothar gave one of the potions to Bagna who is similarly healed. While this was going on, Landros began cutting the light glands from the beetles to use as a light source saving the party’s oil flasks and torches. Then the party returned to the main chamber as this was another dead end.

    <part 3 tomorrow night>
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    part 3

    The third passage was very similar to the previous two except 15 or so steps down, the party failed to notice a trip wire and triggered a rock fall trap. Nordis, Landros and Thurin all took damage from the trap. As the dust settled and the party got the lantern relit, they found that Landros had been killed by a boulder. The group stood stunned for several moments before deciding that they should divide Landros' magic items. Nordis took the bracelet since only he could use it and the sword was given to Lothar. Buck took the rest of Landros' arrows as well as his healing potion. Thurin created a make shift cairn and buried Landros. The tunnel continued to a y-intersection. The left branch took the party to a chamber holding only a large levitating scroll. Nordis walked up and grabbed it. Cautiously, he opened it and read, "Sometimes pulls, never push; Sometimes blue, never sad; Sometimes full, never hungry". Xander said, "It's a riddle." Thurin quickly added, "The Moon." Instantly, a small wooden box appeared in Thurin's hands as the scroll vanished. Thurin slowly opened the box facing away from the party, just in case. When nothing happened, he turned it back around to see four red pills inside. He closed the box just as Bagna was reaching out to grab and swallow one. Thurin told him, "These might be useful later.", and placed the box in his pack. Finding nothing else, the party explored the other branch of the y-intersection.

    This tunnel contained an adventurer's corpse who appeared to have been killed in a rock fall but there was no evidence of another trap here. Buck suggested that the body must have been moved after being killed. Gorax examined the corpse and found a set of thief's tools and a scroll her couldn't comprehend. Nordis took a look at it and saw the titles of several spells: Sleep, Burning Hands, and Web. He placed it in his pack. The tunnel then ended in a large rock fall. The party returned to the main chamber once more.

    The fourth passage wound along for 20 steps or so before the party crossed another trip wire and rock fall trap. This time Sir Ryan, Xander, Thurin, Buck, Gorax, and Bagna all took hits. As the dust settled, Bagna was found to be killed. Thurin made a simple cairn grave for the halfling before the party continued. Quiet and grim, the party entered the chamber at the end of the tunnel and discovered another floating scroll. Nordis read it, "Forward I'm heavy, backward I'm not." The party's thoughts were unsettled from the rapid loss of two members and while Lothar suggested the word 'heavy' as the answer, no one came up with correct one. After several minutes of thought, Xander came up with 'ton' as the answer. He was rewarded with the knowledge that Thurin's pills were powerful healing boluses.

    The final passage lead the party to a chamber with six kobolds standing abreast with unsheathed, glowing daggers. Xander quickly drank a healing potion and Sir Ryan took one of Thurin's red pills before entering the room. Nordis tossed two small missile beads from his necklace of missiles and the resulting explosion killed three kobolds and wounded the other three. Buck then dropped one with a bow shot, and Sir Ryan charged in with the other fighters and killed the other two. Everyone except Thurin took a glowing dagger.

    (Play ended here for the session)
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    Re: Thursday night D&D/AD&D group starting at Lake Geneva Games

    Lothar the Scribe had done well!! :cool: ;)
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    Ack! Didn't make tonight's session because my daughters got head lice. Who the hell gets head lice any more?! :evil:

    Anyway, I came home from work to find the whole house in the laundry and my wife using that comb thingy on my youngest as the other two sat waiting their turn...5 hours later and I'm still doing laundry and she's just finishing combing the oldest's head.

    The bright side is our regular campaign is on a two week hiatus starting this week, the down side is I did want to try Ryan's d6 Dragon Age game. (I loves me some d6)


    UPDATE: We decided to have a professional come out to check everyone over just in case. Good News=She found some we'd missed and got rid of them. Bad News=$300 for just over 2 hours of work. /Sound_of_wallet_hemorrhaging.
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    Re: Thursday night D&D/AD&D group starting at Lake Geneva Games

    I didn't make it either. Rhianna (our oldest) just got braces yesterday, so we decided to take it easy and watch Dr. Who - the three parter featuring the Master at the end of Season 3.
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    Re: Thursday night D&D/AD&D group starting at Lake Geneva Games

    I hope to be able to make it again on the 27th. Sounds like you guys had a ton of fun without me. Perhaps you will have to start giving rations as treasure so Bagna (or his replacement PC) can stop eating all the poop, slimes, and pills!

    - Seppo the Sanctimonious Monk
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    I plan on being there too. Any idea what we'll be playing?

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