Wednesday night D&D/AD&D group starting at Lake Geneva Games

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    If you find it please tell me!
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    R.I.P. Lothar. You will be missed. :(
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    Wha?! I miss one night and he goes and gets himself kilt?! :roll: ;)

    {now, where is scroll of resurrection...I know it's here somewhere...}
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    Indeed. Lothar has gone to that mighty alehaus in the sky. Details forthcoming. I will say it was a combination of several factors, mostly his own brashness, that caused it. ;)

    No sweat. I've got sumthin' brewin' fer next week. Hehehe...

    -Otto von G.
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    2011-08-03 (part 1 of 3)

    Sir Ryan von Krause Human Paladin 3rd
    Nordis Malec Half-Elf Magic-User 3rd
    Seppo Human Monk 2nd
    Lothar Ironwulf Human Fighter 2nd
    Ram, the Lonely Half-Orc Thief 2nd
    Gorax Dwarf Fighter 2nd
    Rayn Elf Magic-User 1st
    Men-Ma’at-Re Half-Elf Cleric 1st (Formerly Noël)
    Xander Human Druid 1st
    Krush Human Fighter 1st
    Kemplton Elf Fighter/Thief 1st/1st
    Ken H. Human DM

    Having defeated Deema, the necromancer, the party returned to town to rest and celebrate. While they were in a local tavern, Sir Ryan felt someone move up close behind him and heard a voice whisper into his ear, “Ya know, if you go to Delmarb, the stars are just beautiful there.” When Sir Ryan turned to see who the speaker was, he had vanished into the crowd. Nordis had the same experience happen to him only moments later in a different part of the tavern. They both relayed what was said to their fellow party members who all mulled it over amongst the group. Sir Ryan said at last, “Well, I think we should follow the suggestion because anyone looking for us would be able to find us easily.” Ram then added with his gravely laugh, “And if no one is there to meet us, we can all go to the local tavern and get drunk!” Sir Ryan frowned disapprovingly at such uncouth behavior.

    A day or so later, standing in the village commons of Delmarb, the party gazed upward at the stars. Magically, only Nordis and Sir Ryan were each able to see a beacon shining up from differing parts of town. Sir Ryan began working his way to where the source of his beacon was and found a strange armory with magical armors for sale to “experienced adventurers” Similarly intrigued, Nordis made his way to where his beacon shone to discover a magical library offering spells for research at a price. Neither one purchased anything but were told that they or their travelling companions were able to shop there whenever they were in town.

    The rest of the party assembled at the tavern in Delmarb and picked up on several rumors concerning possible adventures. A traveler from the north spoke to them about a band of kobolds who had been harassing mining operations near a village in the northwest corner of the realm. Several in the group seemed interested. Another traveler mentioned to Gorax that a road crew was trying to complete a path to a newly discovered mine in the eastern portion of Nemrac that would save much time and effort for the miners there. Gorax lobbied for this option but was ultimately out voted. Gorax grumbled something about kobolds and finished the rest of his pint. Nordis walked up at this point to introduce the four new henchman he had hired as his bodyguards. Sir Ryan glared judgmentally at Nordis and his apparent devaluation of the lives of his hirelings. The next morning, the whole troop set out toward the northwest.

    A couple of easy traveling days by road and the rays of the rising sun illuminated the Western Wall of the valley as it loomed up over the party. Nestled near the cliff’s base was a small village of miners and farmers. The villagers told the party that the kobolds always seemed to come from north and must have some kind of lair in that direction. Pausing only briefly for a meal and so that the spell casters and priests could prepare for the day, the group set out northward along the cliff base searching for a cave.

    As midday approached, Kemplton spotted a figure standing on a crag a few hundred yards ahead of the party. He said that it seemed to be a kobold judging by its size and humanoid shape. With extra caution and letting the thieves take the lead, the group moved up. Upon closer observation the party found that the lone figure actually was one of six kobold guards at the partially concealed entrance of a cave. They moved out only every so often to check the road below for travelers before returning to the more comfortable near-darkness of the cave mouth. Sir Ryan made a motion to go speak with them or confront them directly, but Ram cautioned against such overt tactics. Xander offered to entangle the guards but the party decided against that as well since the guards could still call out. Rayn offered to sneak up and cast Sleep on them and everyone agreed. Creeping through the brush to within a few dozen feet of the cave mouth, Rayn cast her spell and all the guards collapsed without sounding the alarm. As Rayn turned to go back to the party she found Ram had followed up behind her and then moved past. Spider-like, Ram moved noiselessly to the side of the cave entrance and cast a quick glance in, checking for other kobolds but couldn’t see any. Satisfied, he waved the rest of the party up. Nordis ordered his hirelings to drag the enchanted guards away into the brush where Gorax and Krush were waiting to dispatch them (the kobolds not the hirelings). Then the party proceeded into the broad, grinning, low opening of the cave.

    The initial chamber had three natural cracks or passages running into the cliff spaced along its interior wall. After the thieves listened and looked down each tunnel and could see and hear nothing, the party quickly chose to explore them from left to right. The natural tunnel was wide enough for the party to move two abreast, but the elves and humans had to stoop down due to the low ceiling. Sir Ryan and Gorax took the front rank with Lothar and Men-Ma’at-Re in the second and Ram taking the rear to watch for ambush from behind. Forgetting the lessons of their past, the party failed to notice the trip wire that Gorax and Sir Ryan missed by chance, but Lothar triggered. He and Men-Ma’at-Re were dropped into a pit which wounded Lothar and knocked the cleric out. Gorax and Sir Ryan tossed down a rope which Lothar tied to the cleric and they were both hauled up. While the remainder of the party worked their way carefully around the pit, Seppo administered one of his healing draughts to Men-Ma’at-Re and he was almost fully restored. Waiting for the others to get across, Gorax discovered a crude plank and box. He thought for a moment and then looked back to see a similar box on the opposite side. Just as the last party members made it over, he realized it was a bridge used by the kobolds to avoid the pit. He started to tell the others of his find but Seppo hushed the dwarf. A moment later the yapping sound of many kobolds could be heard echoing up from the darkened tunnel ahead of them. With a glance and nod to each other, fighters jumped back into position: Gorax and Sir Ryan in front, Lothar falling in behind as backup, ready to meet the coming assault.
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    2011-08-03 Part 2 of 3

    Sir Ryan tossed the torch in front of the party as the kobolds swarmed toward them. Sir Ryan dropped the entire front rank of foes with a swing of his two-handed sword. Gorax then wounded the two that immediately replaced those Sir Ryan had killed. The enemies’ attacks proved in vain at not a single hit was scored on the party’s front line in plate mail. When only three kobolds remained, they turned and fled back toward the right hand branch of a y-intersection. Nordis pushed forward and cast Sleep to prevent the enemy from escaping.

    After finishing of the sleeping kobolds, the party examined both passages out of the intersection. Far down the left-hand tunnel, the party could make out a dim flicker of light such as might be made by a campfire. The right-hand tunnel was completely dark and noiseless. Sir Ryan and Ram both suggested the party follow the left-hand tunnel while Gorax wanted to find out where the kobolds were fleeing by examining the right-hand tunnel. the rest of the party joined in debating both options until Gorax simply started heading down the right-hand passage. Discussion ended, the rest of the group followed suit.

    Sir Ryan reminded the thieves to check for traps, and Lothar grunted in agreement. No traps were found, by searching or by accident, and the party emerged into a large chamber where four kobolds stood facing the party holding three giant weasels on rope leashes. The kobolds shouted something and released their pets just as the group entered. Lothar badly wounded one weasel with his magic broad sword and Sir Ryan slammed a weasel as well with his two-handed sword. Nordis’ four hirelings managed to kill one of the wounded weasels and wound the third before it turned and killed one of them. The four kobolds began trying to sneak out of the chamber by one of the two other exits but Ram had snuck along the wall and was waiting for them with a backstab. His attack slew its victim and thus startled, the three other kobolds ran for the other tunnel opposite the melee. Gorax paused to see what the commotion was with the fleeing kobolds and in this moment one of the weasels savagely bit his torso and shook the dwarf violently. Sir Ryan and Men-Ma’at-Re both attacked Gorax’s weasel killing it. Lothar slew the last weasel just as it was about to attack another hireling. With the weasels gone, the other characters turned their attention to the fleeing kobolds. Krush leapt over the dead weasels to attack and slay one of the humanoids. Xander fired his sling and killed another kobold. Kemplton and Rayn both missed with their missile attacks but Nordis’ hirelings managed to drop the last kobold with bow shots.

    Ram and Sir Ryan both suggest returning to the “flickering light” tunnel in case it lead to the main lair because any humanoids from there might be coming to attack after this battle. The party agreed and sped back to the other tunnel from the y-intersection. No signs of approaching kobolds were to be found. Together the group entered this chamber to find a small greasy campfire in its center, surrounded by nearly a dozen haphazardly placed piles of smelly furs and hides. Checking the piles revealed nothing of value or importance so Men-Ma’at-Re set fire to them before the party left the room.

    The party backtracked to the weasel room and then took the left-hand exit out of it since that was the original path the kobolds had tried to follow. It wound around until ultimately ending at a T-intersection. Sir Ryan’s torch sputtered and went out at this point. As he started lighting another, the demi-humans of the party could see a great source of heat radiating from the right fork out of the T. The other way only lead to darkness. Sir Ryan’s new torch blazed to life. Kemplton offered to check out the heat source by himself. Since no one else seemed ready to do it, Kemplton set off quietly holding to one side of the tunnel vanishing out of torch light range.

    Proceeding onward, Kemplton felt the heat continue to build as if he were walking into an oven. Sweat beaded and ran down his whole body as the stick of burnt something permeated the tunnel. Twenty five paces down the passage it opened up into a large room with no other visible exits. The walls all radiated immense heat and in the center was a heap of dying coals. Kemplton judged that maybe as soon as an hour prior, this chamber had been hot enough to melt lead. He turned back and reported to the party. Ram and Krush argued back and forth as to the nature of the fire and who might have put it out. Gorax and Ram decided to go back down and investigate further. Ram, convinced there must be some hidden source of air, searched in vain for a secret passage, vent, or door. Gorax examined the ashes and coals finding them to be a mixture of burnt organic material and bits of cracked stone. Ram lay on the ground listening, and then he crawled about feeling the surfaces getting covered in soot. Gorax asked, “What are you doing?” Ram croaked in reply, “There must be lava or some great heat source under this chamber.” Gorax pondered this and, after checking the stone of the walls and tasting the quality of the air, determined that they were only about level with the ground floor of the valley outside. They returned to the party and Sir Ryan urged the group not to waste any more time on that room stating, “It’s probably just where they burn their trash. Let’s go.”

    Going down the other tunnel from where they stood, the party moved about 20 paces then emerged into a chamber containing over a dozen kobold archers ready and waiting for them. Catching both Gorax and Sir Ryan, the front rank, by surprise, a volley of crude arrows rained down upon the hapless adventurers.
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    [part 3 of 3]

    A shower of black feathered shafts peppered both Gorax and Sir Ryan, both of whom were wounded badly. Gorax fell back and lay bleeding on the stone floor. A second volley was loosed with little success as Sir Ryan had time to react and raise his shield and protect the party. Men-Ma’at-Re rushed to the dwarf’s aid casting Cure Light Wounds upon him. Simultaneously, Lothar and Sir Ryan leapt into the room to hold back the archers as Rayn used her last Sleep spell affecting eight of them. Lothar and Sir Ryan drop two kobolds each and Krush threw a dagger that slew another. Xander, Kemplton and Ram all missed with their missile attacks. The lone kobold standing managed to wake two of its companions. They then attacked Lothar and scored two more hits on him from behind. Sir Ryan swept two of them while Lothar spun around and killed the third. The thieves searched the bodies and collected another handful of coins.

    The only other passage out of the chamber went 20 paces to another T-intersection. Ram suggested that the demi-humans form a sort of scouting party to move ahead of the humans. Everyone nodded and so Ram, Gorax, Men-Ma’at-Re, and Kemplton all move off along the left tunnel leaving the humans and Nordis behind. The twisting, snake-like passage lead the scouts to another burned room, this time much cooler but equally empty. The scouts returned to report. Ram and Sir Ryan again discuss the possibility of a powerful heat source below the chamber as there is no vent for air to fuel such a mighty conflagration. Lothar suggested the possibility of some kind of fire monster moving through the cave system burning things but was dismissed by the others. The party decided not to investigate that room further and the scouts search the other way out of the intersection.

    The scouts discovered three small heat signatures at the end of the passage. Deciding not to go back , the scouting party attacked. They found three kobolds. Gorax slew one but his companions all missed. Gorax and Ram were hit by the enemies’ counter-attack. Hearing the sounds of battle, the rest of the party moved up with their torch. Just as they arrived, Ram and Men-Ma’at-Re killed the remaining humanoids. The thieves gather some coins from the bodies before continuing out of the other exit from the room together.

    A maze of subsequent natural tunnels brought the adventurers to a large, high-ceilinged hall that had been roughed out of the cave. Many crude crates and old benches lined the uneven walls. Kemplton was the first to go in and he examined several of the crates finding them empty. He waved the rest of his companions into the room which was determined to be a meeting hall. Four other exits were found but only one of these showed any signs of activity by looking with infravision.

    Creeping down the tunnel as cautiously as possible, the group came up behind a line of six kobolds looking into the chamber. Suddenly, they hear our armored footsteps and turn with a shout. The guards then ran into the room toward three large cages containing wild boars. The party launched a volley of missile attacks to stop the humanoids from reaching the cages, but all missed. Gorax charged in and with a single swing, dropped two kobolds. Men-Ma'at-Re, Seppo and Lothar all missed their attacks. Sir Ryan in turn dropped another two with Kemplton's bow shot finishing off the kobold who managed to get the cages open just as he fell. Enraged, the boars flew out charging the party with their sharpened tusks. Lothar nearly brought down one with a single swing of his magical broad sword. Sir Ryan also wounds a boar as it passed by him through the group. Seppo saw the last kobold attempting to escape down a passage opposite the melee. He deftly sprang over the empty cages with a flurry of kicks which brought the kobold down. The boar that charged past Sir Ryan slammed into Gorax and landed him bleeding and unconscious on the cave floor. Lothar turned to see Gorax fall only to get savaged by his critically wounded boar. The boar's tusks pierced Lothar's chest killing him instantly. Men-Ma'at-Re rushed over to Gorax as he fell and cast Cure Light Wounds on him. Nordis' hirelings managed to hit a boar twice, wounding it. The party circled around the boars. Seppo flowed like water up to a boar striking it with his fists. Kemplton took aim and shot a boar between its eyes killing it as it charged him. The third boar charged into Nordis' hirelings killing one and knocking another unconscious. Gorax charged Seppo's boar and killed it with his battle ax. As the last boar turned from the hirelings, Seppo landed a spinning kick on it and killed it.

    With the boars all slain, the party stood stunned over Lothar's body. Several members suggested taking his body to be raised but, it was realized that the party didn't have the funds to do that. Ram quietly took a finger off of Lothar's body and stashed it in one of his ragged pockets. The party then discussed what to do with Lothar's possessions and treasure. Sir Ryan insisted that it be divided evenly and then held on to the magical broad sword as no one else in the party was proficient with the weapon. Men-Ma'at-Re vowed that Lothar's body would be properly burried if he couldn't be raised.

    Play ended there for the week.
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    :( {sniff, sniff}
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    Tonight's session set a new attendance record - fourteen players and the DM. It was awesome, and even with that many characters to spread out the damage, the party still lost its beloved monk.

    In all seriousness, it's a blast to run a game this big. You never have to postpone for lack of players.... I wish someone had taken a picture this week. Ah, well... maybe next week. Can't wait, all. :cool:
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    Dang! I even had the camera with me. Completely forgot about it! D'oh! :shock:
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    This week's game was GREAT! I was so happy I finally got to kill something with my sling.

    Thanks guys for letting me in on the all boys club. You guys are a blast.
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    Glad to have you as part of the group! It's been great to see all players! I can't remember the last time I saw 14 players in a session. What has Ken created?! :eek: :cool:
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    If my wife and I find a sitter, she'll jump in once in a while, too, so hopefully you won't feel like it's an all-boys club every week.

    At home my group has four girls and seven guys, but not everyone can make it to every game. That's wives and daughters, mostly - I find that women enjoy playing just as much, but putting up with the guys... that's a different story. :lol:
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    :lol: I have no problems at all being the only girl, I'm used to it. If your wife can make it out, the more the merrier! (if we can find them seats)

    Everyone has been wonderful helping me learn the rules and setting up my character. I love how we all play off of each other in the game.
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    2011-08-10 Adventure Log [part 1 of 3]

    Rayn Elven Magic-User, 1st
    Xander Human Druid, 1st
    Sir Ryan von Krause Human Paladin, 3rd
    Nordis Malec Half-elf Magic-user, 3rd
    Ram, the Lonely Half-Orc Thief, 2nd
    Men-Ma’at-Re Half-Elf Cleric, 1st
    Kemplton Elf Fighter/Thief, 1st/1st
    Toumas Elf Thief, 1st
    Gorax Dwarf Fighter, 2nd
    C.B. Halfling Thief, 2nd
    Seppo Human Monk, 2nd
    Otto von Grunwald Human Ranger, 1st
    Krush Human Fighter, 1st
    Thurin Half-Elf Cleric, 2nd
    Ken H. Human DM, ?

    Having evenly split up Lothar’s treasures and after Men-Ma’at-Re administered the last rights that would ensure Lothar’s spirit would travel across the sky in Ra’s sun barge, the party now debated what to do next. Only one other exit lead out of the boar chamber so Ram, Gorax and Kemplton advanced down it about forty feet ahead of the remainder of the party as a scout group. Several paces down the tunnel, the dwarf and half-elf spotted a consealed pit trap. Ram, who had not seen it because he was looking down the passage, noticed a light moving toward the scouts and moved his companions to the side. As the torch and its bearer moved closer, it could be seen by the scouts that there were three other figures besides the human holding the torch. Ram croaked out from the shadows next to the pit, “Ho! Have you come to help us with the kobolds?” The human lowered the torch as he quickly began readying his short bow, but another smaller figure held the hunter’s hand. The second figure stepped into the light and could be seen to be C.B. who spoke, “Yes, and I brought help.”

    Once both parties were united, the newcomers turned out to be C.B., Thurin, Toumas, and their local guide turned companion, Otto von Grunwald. The tunnel from the boar chamber lead directly back to the middle of the three main entrance tunnels. C.B.’s group had just entered the caves when noises of the boar battle had drawn them toward the rest of the party. Now the whole group decided to backtrack through the caves to explore the other passages they had not gone down.

    Travelling all the way back to the weasel chamber, the party stepped cautiously along the only exit they hadn’t tried from that room. It wound around for just over twenty paces before opening into a large natural cave filled with stalagmites and stalactites. Those in the front could just make out several kobold faces peeking out from behind the scattered, stone formations. Gorax shouted, “Foes!” and the party attacked. Toumas and Otto dropped a kobold each with their thrown dagger and short bow shot respectively. Seppo leapt off of a stalactite to land a blow on another kobold killing it as well. Thurin and Sir Ryan both charge in as well and together killed three more. Flustered by the sudden onslaught, the kobolds who managed to ready their daggers in time all missed. Thurin and Sir Ryan again slay three more as Seppo spins to kick one creeping up on him and knocks it back into a pointed formation killing it. The last humanoid, having seen all of his tribe mates slain starts to run for it but was taken down by a sling bullet from Rayn.

    The thieves all checked the room for secret doors but found none. They did however collect a couple handfuls of copper and silver coins from the corpses. The chamber turned out to be a cul-de-sac, so the party went back choosing to follow the unexplored passages deeper into the cliff. As the party moved along, Thurin moved to the front and reminded the thieves to be thorough in checking for traps. Krush chuckled to Nordis, “You should send your minions ahead to find them for us! You can always hire more later.” His comment earned him a cold gaze from Sir Ryan who responded, “That would be a senseless waste of life and this group will have none of it!” Cynically, Krush muttered back, “They knew what they were getting into when they took the job.” “I cannot condone such actions.” Sir Ryan said sternly, ending the debate.

    Ahead of the party, the scouts stepped along a slowly arcing tunnel which terminated in a sharp right hand turn. Kemplton quickly blocked the other scouts from advancing around the corner after his sharp eyes caught sight of yet another consealed pit. Ram adjusted his shabby leather mask and cursed under his breath as Gorax, with reluctant humility, mumbled a thanks to the elf. Ram called the remainder of the party up and then spotted one of the crude kobold plank bridges laying on the opposite side of the pit. Debate ensued as to how the party would cross to get the plank. Otto spoke up and suggested that one of the rogues simply climb along the wall beside the pit. More debate erupted amongst the group, so Seppo acted. He deftly maneuvered back a few paces before running forward and gracefully vaulting over the trap. The party stood speechlessly looking at the monk who responded, “My master instructed, ‘Action expresses priorities.’” Seppo then began extending the plank back toward the party who crossed it.

    A short way ahead and the party discovered another large chamber, this time filled by an assortment of crude weapons stacked in piles about the floor. The scouts took up position around the exit opposite the party and Thurin posted himself by the party’s entrance to guard against possible ambush. Several party members took crude daggers to augment their supply of throw able weapons. As they did this, Ram suggested destroying the rest of the arms. Otto seconded this idea, so the two of them began hauling loads of the kobold stockpile back to the pit they had just avoided and threw them in it. Meanwhile, the rest of the group examined the chamber. Xander discovered a large glass flask hidden under some oily rags in a corner of the room. He held it up to examine its pale mucus-like contents better as he called out to the others about his find. C.B. took the bottle for a moment and unstoppered it. He sniffed at it and then held it up as if to take a swig of the thick, slimy gray substance inside. Seppo and Xander stopped him quickly saying, “It could be poison for the weapons! Be careful.” Sir Ryan stepped over and was able to identify the flask as containing a healing salve he had seen kobolds use before. C.B. smiled at his three companions and shrugged.
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    [part 2 of 3]

    The scouting party moved on ahead just a few paces before Kemplton again stopped them to avoid a pit trap. Seppo ran up to vault it, but this time he landed awkwardly on the opposite edge. For a brief second it seemed that he might fall backward into the pit but he summoned his inner strength and cast himself forward into a roll then leapt to his feet. As he grabbed the plank bridge to extend it back to the party, the yapping barks of kobolds could be heard coming up from behind the monk. The plank set, Seppo raced cat-like back across. The moment Seppo was on the near side, Rayn pulled the plank toward the party preventing the angry band of humanoids that ran up from crossing. For a moment the kobolds lined the far edge of the pit jumping, yapping and cursing the party. The adventurers wondered how to send the front line fighters across when their foes started hurling crude daggers at them. Only Nordis was hit by this barrage but not badly damaged. Those in the group with missile attacks began attacking the kobolds with slings, bows and thrown daggers while Ram and Men-Ma’at-Re slipped back to the previous pit. The battle continued for several rounds as more and more kobold bodies fell onto the edge of the pit cover. Soon the weight of the dead triggered the trap and the bodies fell into a much deeper pit with a stuttering thud. Thurin decided to go check on Ram and Men-Ma’at-Re. He found them dousing all weapons in the pit with several flasks of oil. Together the three lit rags and threw them down to burn the weapons pile.

    By the end of the long battle Gorax, Rayn, Sir Ryan, Nordis, and Toumas had all been hit by kobold knives. Rayn was badly injured and Xander used some of the healing salve on her wounds. Gorax began to tire of the firefight especially as Toumas and Seppo had run out of daggers to throw. The dwarf began to push the plank bridge back across to start a “real fight!” C.B. moved over to join Gorax as Krush left to investigate where Thurin, Ram and Men-Ma’at-Re had gone. Sir Ryan, Rayn, Xander, Seppo and Otto continued to provide cover fire while Gorax and C.B. started to cross the plank. By the time they were across, only two humanoids remained and were chopped down where they stood by the dwarf’s battle ax.

    The time was getting very late so the party decided that since the armory was between to pits that they had the planks for, they would camp there for the night. Thurin and Men-Ma’at-Re applied their healing magic to restore most of the party to full health.

    The next morning, the group continued across the deep pit to find a large torture chamber with several cells containing eight prisoners who looked in ill health dressed in rags. The prisoners cowered away from Ram but Sir Ryan and Men-Ma’at-Re reassured the captives that they had nothing to fear from the party. “We must return these people to safety.” Sir Ryan commanded. They thank the group and reveal that a second jar of salve could be found beneath the torturer’s table where they were tortured and then healed repeatedly. Sir Ryan and Otto use the salve to heal the prisoners who were also given kobold daggers to carry. The adventurers then lead the prisoners out of the cave and the short journey back to the village of Curzani where they were received by much fanfare. The party spent that night in town before setting off early for the caves once more, lest the remaining kobolds regroup.
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    [part 3]

    Returning quickly to the caves, it was decided that the party would take the right most of the three entrance cave tunnels. Ram cautiously looked for a pit as the other two tunnels had contained them. His efforts were well rewarded and the group avoided the last pit. Going twenty or so steps into the tunnel, the party encountered another four way intersection. Ram pulled out his rough hide map and charcoal pencil. Adjusting his leather mask to see better, the figured that the left passage would lead the party back to the large meeting hall with the crates and benches. The other two passages each continued on an estimated forty feet or so and flickering fire light could be seen dimly glowing down each. Listening down each passage, Toumas and C.B. could hear faint echoes of kobolds talking but were unable to make out much of what was being said. However, it seemed that the enemy was unaware of the party’s presence.

    Starting slowly down the right hand tunnel and increasing speed as they went, the party charged into a chamber lit by several lamps and torches. In the room sat eight kobolds who jumped up grabbing their small swords as the party burst upon them. One kobold managed to begin banging a brass gong. Before the party could act, the sound of more kobolds could be heard to the rear. The humanoids in the chamber all missed their attacks as they scurried about. Those from behind harried the party with arrows hitting both Nordis and Sir Ryan. Rayn spun around and cast sleep at the archers behind the party affecting all of them and returning the battle to a “one front” situation. Sir Ryan, Xander, Seppo and Nordis began slaying the slept kobolds as those four had been toward the back of the marching order when the attack started. Men-Ma’at-Re in turn, cast Bless on the party. Toumas charged into the gong chamber wielding two-weapons and attacked the alarm sounder but missed both times. C.B. attacked him too but missed. Gorax and Krush were attacking whoever was closest to them and dropped one each. Otto slew another with a well-placed bow shot. Ram watched the read for more kobolds while Seppo sprang into the gong chamber using martial arts but missing his target. Krush went after the gonging kobold as well but he too missed. Gorax dropped another with his ax as Nordis cast two magic missiles into the fray slaying a kobold and wounding another. Taking careful aim as the gonging kobold ran about, Otto shot an arrow and pinned the tin pan gong to the now dead sentry’s chest. With two humanoids left, Gorax bounded over a low stone formation slaying them both with his ax as they stood back to back facing Seppo, Kemplton, Men-Ma’at-Re, Toumas and Krush.

    The party explored this room and the other lit room, both of which turned out to be barracks rooms containing the guards’ meager possessions. Only a couple handfuls of silver and copper coins. The party had finished all the tunnels and returned to collect on the feast that the villagers of Curzani had promised. At the feast, Sir Ryan gave Lothar’s magical broadsword to Krush and admonished him to “Use it well.” After the celebration ended, the party thanked their hosts who said the group would always be welcomed in the village.

    The group then decided to head back south and speak with Marcus, the High Druid of Delgrat, concerning other rumors they had heard. Along the way, Thurin stopped into a local shrine and made the required donation for a healing potion to give to Otto. Otto thanked Thurin and vowed to pay him back but the half-elf wouldn’t hear of it. Once in Delgrat, Ram went to speak with a tanner to see if leather boots could be made of Lizard man skins. The leather worker grimaced but said it could be done. Ram gave a coughing laugh and turned away rubbing his hands in glee.

    At Marcus’ home, the high druid told the party that Nemrac was slowly dying because it could not grow. He let the group know that he’d been sending adventurers southward to explore in hopes of opening new land for settlement. He added that aside from some scattered ruins, only a verbeeg clan lead by the giant, Grag, was known to exist there. Marcus commissioned the party to carry a message to Grag and return with his reply. The village was three or four days travel south of the last village. Sir Ryan said, “I think this is a good mission.” Ram inquired from the corner of Marcus’ office, “How much do we get?” Marcus looked stone faced at the half-orc and said, “200 gold each upon your return with Grag’s reply. I will also give you this bottle of salve to aid your journey now.” He handed a bottle of healing salve to the party.

    Early the next morning after provisioning the day before, the group set forth southward by foot. They headed for the western cliff with plans to follow it south until the verbeeg camp. As the sun set to their right and the gibbous moon hung over the eastern cliff, the party made camp for the night.

    Once camp was broken the next morning and not long after the party had set out, a great thrashing could be heard coming through the thick brush away to the group’s left. Everyone readied their weapons while Ram and Toumas quietly slipped off to flank whatever was approaching.

    Within seconds, a large green troll emerged from the bushes and roared at the group. Rayn cast a Magic Missile as Xander cast Fairy Fire on it. Sir Ryan tried to hit it with a sling stone but missed. Kemplton and Otto hit the creature with arrows from their bows as Gorax hit it as well with a throwing ax. C.B. began lighting a torch. Seppo mustered his inner strength and ran up to melee with the hulking humanoid. Thurin, seeing all of this, circled around to stay close to Sir Ryan.

    Seppo brutally kicked the troll in its knee before dropping into a protective stance at its side. Angered, the troll swatted at Seppo knocking him down. Sensing the monk’s disadvantage, the troll pounced on him and mauled Seppo with his claws before biting a massive piece of his neck and shoulder. With Seppo obviously killed, Sir Ryan moved in to engage the enemy with Thurin behind him but missed his target. Standing back, Rayn and Xander shot sling stones at the troll with minimal effect. Ram, now in position, backstabbed the troll but only managed to graze its torso. Men-Ma’at-Re cast a Last spell in the troll’s eyes before backing away. Kemplton fired a flaming arrow and hit the troll in the arm. Toumas leapt out behind the beast with two flasks of oil in his hands. He threw both but only one hit the troll; the other bouncing off the creature’s rubbery hide. C.B., seeing the oil dousing the troll, ran up and lobbed the lit torch at it but missed as well as the blinded brute wheeled about lashing madly with its fierce claws. Gorax, ducking a claw, swung at the troll but only managed a light wound on its thigh. Otto, having waited for a clear shot, fired an arrow as soon as the dwarf was clear. The feathered shaft penetrated deep into the troll’s brain through its eye.

    With a low groan, the dead troll fell forward with a dust raising thud. C.B. picked up the torch and quickly burned the oil coated corpse before it could regenerate. Sadly wrapping their friend’s body in a shroud, the party made its way back to town where they gave it over for proper burial. Thurin found a note in Seppo’s backpack that stated all of his belongings were to be given to his cousin, Thelonius. In the note, Seppo stated that Thelonius was an adept monk as well but Seppo expressed doubt as to whether Thelonius had finished his training.

    Play ended there for the week.
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