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    Hey everyone! We (anna and i) have had a great time! Looking forward to more! And Wednesday cannot come soon enough!
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    Glad you could join us! See you both on Wednesday. :cool:

    Ken (your friendly neighborhood DM)
  3. 2011-09-14 Adventure Log [part 1]

    Sir Ryan von Krause..............Human Paladin, 4th
    Gorax......................................Dwarf Fighter, 4th
    Otto von Grunwald................Human Ranger, 3rd
    Xander Tinks.........................Human Druid, 3rd
    Crynton Dragon-Eye..............Human Magic-user, 2nd
    Petrach Stonefist....................Human Cleric of Ulaa, 1st
    Foxman..................................Half-elf Thief, 1st
    Trinity....................................Human Fighter, 1st
    Nova.......................................Elf Thief, 1st
    Ken H. ...................................Human DM

    Super short synopsis of last week's session (I wasn't there): Went south to explore a ruined keep for Marcus. Encountered giant locusts, giant rats, monkeys with poisoned tails (and intoxicating, fruity, blue poo) and a room full of ghouls.

    The party members that explored the ruin, camped outside of its walls for the night; recovering after barely escaping the ghouls by barring the door to their room. As the sun rose over the eastern cliff, several other party members approached the camp. Otto, along with Petrach, Trinity and Nova stepped out from the brush and were warmly greeted by Gorax, Sir Ryan, Crynton and Xander. Together, the group ate breakfast then broke camp before heading back to the keep.

    Sir Ryan and Gorax lead the party cautiously through the shattered gates into the weed strewn courtyard of the keep. Entering the keep, they proceeded along its western half toward the room that had contained giant locusts. The group passed by an armory in which Gorax had found only rusty, broken weapons. Opening the door to the locusts, the party could smell dampness and see thick blankets of green moss growing over all the rotted wooden furniture about the room. Spotting one of the three giant insects, Otto took a step or two forward and shot an arrow that killed it instantly. Xander quickly launched a sling stone at another but missed. Gorax and Sir Ryan rushed in to engage the vermin in melee but their jumping targets proved too elusive. The locusts spat some foul-smelling slime all over both fighters who resisted the urge to be sickened. Sensing an opportunity as a locust landed between him and Gorax, Foxman landed a blow stunning it. Gorax wheeled around and chopped the stunned insect as well finishing it off. The last locust jumped over toward the door where the party stood. Otto missed his shot as Nova missed a backstab chance. Trinity, in turn, landed a solid blow with her sword as Gorax stepped up to finish it off as well. Having killed all three locusts, the party searched the room finding nothing while Sir Ryan and Gorax wiped the acrid spittle off of their armor.

    This encounter had cleared the western side of the keep so the adventurers made their way around to the eastern half. Proceeding down the long hallway around the keep, they came to a door. Nova paused to check it for traps but found none. Getting the green light from the thief, Gorax applied his metal shod boot to the door but it only opened a crack before stopping as if by an obstruction. Gorax and Foxman began pushing together on it while Sir Ryan turned his concentration on the room beyond. The door still didn't budge and the paladin detected no evil beyond it. Out of frustration, Gorax kicked it again cracking one of the hinges. Hopeful, he took out his hammer and began pounding on them to take the door off. After about five minutes of pounding, the noise attracted a half-dozen or so stinger monkeys. Seeing the party, the monkeys screeched and attacked.

    The monkeys first sprang upon Nova, stinging her with a narcotic-type poison. The party responded with a flurry of attacks resulting in Foxman and Gorax each killing one of the strange primates as Sir Ryan wounded two more. The monkey on Nova’s back continued clawing her shoulders and neck before Foxman slew it. Xander and Sir Ryan finished off the other two before any further damage was taken by the party. Xander then cast a Neutralize Poison on Nova which counteracted the debilitating narcotic effect.

    Gorax completed breaking the door hinges and the door fell awkwardly inward followed by a loud clanging sound as if a metal pole had been dropped to the stone floor. Stepping into the room, several party members indeed discovered a long metal pole had been propped against the door from the inside and had fallen once the door was broken. The skeletal remains of three people in armor were seen in the flickering torch light. As Gorax approached the remains to examine them, the bodies rose up and began to attack. Sir Ryan and Petrach both turned the undead monsters who were picked off one by one as they clawed at the back wall of the room. The room turned out to be another armory but with better weapons this time. Crynton discovered two scrolls, each containing a single magic-user spell, on one of the corpses. Petrach noticed nothing unusual about the ceiling or floor as the three demi-humans in the group searched for secret doors but found none.
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    Great Time tonight! Just watch out for the Crazy Cat Lady of Hill Giants!
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    While we're waiting on part II of Jeff's synopsis, I'll add that I had a blast running last night's game. It's a playtest for an as-yet unpublished adventure, though, so there will be no spoilers posted for this week or next. After that, I get back to killing everyone with my own creations.... :D
  6. The long anticipated [part 2 of 3] ;)

    The party moved from the second armory toward a stairway leading up to the second level of the keep. At the top of the stairs, the party discovered a dining hall in great disarray. The floor was scattered with bones, broken furniture and the tattered remains of adventuring gear left broken and useless. Across from the group sat a large mud and wood “hive” swarming with a dozen or more of the stinger monkeys. Without hesitation, Otto shot two arrows and pinned two of the bizarre primates to the side of the hive killing them instantly. Right behind the ranger’s arrows leapt Sir Ryan, Foxman and Petrach as Crynton cast a Magic Missile and Xander loosed a sling stone wounding two more. The trio of skirmishers wounded another two monkeys. The poisonous primates launched themselves off of their crude mound, landing amongst the party. Their venomous tails pierced Otto and Petrach but the cleric managed to resist the narcotic effect. A brutal melee ensued resulting in Crynton and Trinity getting poisoned as well. Nova seemed to attract the monkeys attacks for some reason and was nearly killed by a series of vicious claw wounds. Fortunately, Petrach was able to jump to her aid with a Cure Light Wounds spell that stabilized her. Sir Ryan and Foxman valiantly defended their wounded and poisoned companions, slowly whittling away at the monkeys’ numbers until only a few remained. Crynton managed to slay one with his quarter staff and Petrach killed one as well with his mace. Nova and Otto each slew one leaving only a single monkey on the hive. Sir Ryan cut the creature in two as it bounded in rage from the hive toward Nova.

    As the party collectively breathed a sign of relief after the battle, Xander cast Detect Magic and spotted nothing of interest among the items about the room. Inside the nest, however, he noticed noteworthy non-magical treasure: a fine gold ring, many hundreds of coins of various types, several suits of leather armor, a fine pearl necklace, a silvered battle ax, and three silver holy symbols. Nova searched the room for traps once her wounds were tended to but she found none. No secret doors were found either. Leading from the room were a set of double doors and a single door. The single door turned out to be locked and the double doors were not. Nova failed to pick the lock so Petrach kicked the door open revealing a large kitchen filled with rusty pots and pans also in great disarray and covered in the now familiar blue monkey poo. In the midst of the room, lay skeletal human remains dressed in robes and clutching a large tome. Cautiously, Crynton walked over and picked the book from the desiccated hands of the corpse. When he saw that the remains were not going to animate, the magician began examining the spell book he’d collected. Meanwhile, Xander cast a Cure Light Wounds on Petrach as Sir Ryan placed a Lay on Hands on Xander. With no other exits from the kitchen, the party returned to open the double doors.

    These lead out onto the battlements and toward another set of double doors. Approaching them, Nova checked them for trap and discovered a crude alarm mechanism. She attempted to deactivate the trap without success and a loud clanging sound emanated from behind the doors. Hearing a low growl, the party stepped back and readied their weapons. A large bugbear threw open the doors only to be staggered by an arrow from Otto, stunned by a sling stone from Xander and finally cut down by Sir Ryan’s two-handed sword. The party quickly entered the room to confront any remaining foes.
  7. [part 3 of 3]

    Entering the room, the party discovers it to be another shabby kitchen. The party opened one of the two other doors leading from the room to discover an abandoned living quarters now presumably being used by the bugbear. As the group entered, a giant rat on a long chain dashed forward to attack. Almost as quickly as it appeared, the rat was slain by the party’s concerted effort. Nova discovered a treasure chest tucked into a corner of the room. She searched it for traps and found none. It was discovered to contain several hundred silver and gold coins. An ancient bottle of wine and a jet black potion in a flask were uncovered in the bugbear’s bed pile. Sir Ryan tastes the potion and begins to feel a burning pulse through his veins but fortunately hadn’t imbibed enough of the poison to be fatal.

    While Nova and Sir Ryan searched the room, Foxman realizes the party is directly above the room containing the pack of ghouls. The party discussed how they could break through the flooring and attack from above. It was decided that Gorax would supervise the party as they worked together to remove a flagstone from the floor. This took over two hours of chopping, scraping and picking away at the stone’s edges to create enough of a hold for a level to pry out the stone. Meanwhile, the noise attracted three more bugbears who burst into the room surprising the party. Otto, Trinity and Nova took the first hits and before the party could act, Trinity was hit again and collapsed unconscious. With Otto and Foxman both landing solid blows on the humanoids, Xander was given room to apply a Cure Light Wounds on Trinity who was restored to nearly full health. Trinity jumped to her feet and charged a bugbear with her sword and killed it. Caught off guard by the fury of their targets’ attacks, the two remaining bugbears both missed. Xander then turned to cast Cure Light Wounds on Otto who in turn shot an arrow that slew one of the foes. Trinity made a quick side-step maneuver, flanking the last bugbear and impaled it. Otto then drank a quaff from his healing potion, breathing a sigh of relief.

    Turning back to their work on the stone, Sir Ryan placed the metal rod from the haunted armory into the slot chipped away and said, “On 3. 1, 2, 3!” With a low scraping sound, the party levered the stone up and out of place exposing the black pit which was the ghoul chamber. Hisses and chattering could be heard from the darkness below. Crynton handed Sir Ryan a gem from his inherited Necklace of Missiles, which Sir Ryan then tossed down. A flash of flames filled the hole followed by a “crumph” sound as air rushed in to replace that consumed by the fire. Visual confirmation showed that half of the ghouls had been slain and the other half badly burned. Xander, Foxman and Otto finished the survivors off with missile attacks. Sir Ryan was then lowered into the room followed by the rest of the party. The ghoul’s stash was discovered to contain: a potion, a magical silk shirt, and a pile of gold coins. Sir Ryan tests the potion which turned out to improve his battle prowess, and Xander tried on the shirt and noted it was a Shirt of Protection.

    The party camped in the second level of the keep for the night before heading back to town the next morning.
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    Resuming our own campaign this Wednesday - Melissa, Steve, John, we've missed you guys! See you Wednesday?
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    Can't speak for Steve, but I should be there. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    Just say the word when you want to take a break and I'll step in for a few sessions with da critters!
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    I'm planning on being there! I didn't realize I missed last week's until it was suddenly thursday already. Missed you guys too.
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    Late scratch. I do believe I'm coming down with my daughter's cold and I don't think I will spread it any further than I already have. Next week...sigh.
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    John, rest up and get well. The party will need a cleric next week.... :twisted:
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    Gulp!! :shock:
  14. 2011-10-05 Adventure Log <2 week playtest is over, back to regular campaign>

    Ram the Lonely----------------Half-orc Thief, 5th
    Gorax----------------------------Dwarf Fighter, 4th
    Xander Tinks-------------------Human Druid, 4th
    Sir Ryan von Krause----------Human Paladin, 4th
    Otto von Grűnwald------------Human Ranger, 4th
    Nova-----------------------------Elf Thief, 3rd
    Rayn-----------------------------Human Magic-User, 3rd
    Foxman-------------------------Half-elf Fighter, 3rd
    Trinity---------------------------Human Fighter, 2nd
    Telegar Stonefist--------------Human Fighter, 1st
    Ken H---------------------------Human DM

    The party, gathered at the Blade and Chalice tavern in the village of Delgrat south of Flandel’s Tower, discussed what their next adventure might be. As they sat on the tavern’s porch enjoying the late summer evening, Sir Ryan suggested they try to make it north into the neighboring country where only merchants are allowed. Gorax offered to register himself as a furrier and would sell the hides of creatures the party had slain. There was general agreement to this idea. Then Foxman indicated that he’d like the party to go to Nemrac City and speak with the Sage there about the lost ruin, Valraydaehr. At the mention of Valraydaehr, everyone’s ears perked up and the half-elf continued to tell the party what very little he had heard of the mysterious place. It was determined that the party would head westward to Nemrac City to learn more about this ruin before trying to go north. The next morning, with the sun at their backs, the group set out westward on the road to Nemrac City.

    Arriving at Nemrac City, the party passes through its external tanneries, farms, etc. and approach the massive gates leading into the western cliff. Through the entry tunnel, they are greeted by the wondrously large, magically lit cavern of Nemrac City proper. Gradually the group made its way through crowded merchant bazaars, carefully tended parks and gardens lit by magic and tended by druids, and neighborhoods coming at last to the compound of the Sage. A dour young elf greeted the party with a curt, “Do you have an appointment?” To which Sir Ryan answered, “Well, no but…” “You will have to make an appointment then.”, interrupted the elf. “There is an opening,” he added checking a large tome,” next Thursday.” “We were hoping for something sooner.”, said Sir Ryan. “What’s so important then?”, quipped the elf. Foxman interjected, “We are here on business concerning Valraydaehr.” The elf’s eyes widened. “Oh, that’s very different. Come in.”

    As the party sat in a modestly furnished but pleasant sitting room, the elf receptionist pulled out a swatch of shimmering black cloth and gestured over it. A face faded into view and the elf said, “Sir, there are some adventurers here interested in a commission to Valraydaehr.” The figure in the cloth said something and faded away. “The master will be down in a moment to see you.” prompted the elf. A minute later, a door behind the elf’s desk opened and an older man wearing a worn leather apron emerged wiping his hands. “Please, do come in.”, he spoke kindly. The party entered his modest office cramped by stacks of books and odd bits of strange devices half-built or maybe half-taken apart.

    The sage introduced himself as M. P. Bey and proceeded to tell the party the tales concerning the ancient lost school of learning, Valraydaehr. He had been searching for it for many years via scrying devices and even once the ruin was located, his attempts to scry it were blocked by some magics protecting the place. He offered to pay the party handsomely (200gp each up front and 5000gp to split upon their return) if they would investigate it and return all artifacts found for his studies. The party quickly agreed and after some equipping, they set out the next morning north eastward.
  15. [part2]

    The first day of travel eastward brought the party to Delkrag where they spent the night. The next morning, they headed out northeast cross country for the point Bey had indicated as the location of Valraydaehr. About mid-morning, while moving through some tall grass, members of the group spot several bugbears moving parallel. Knowing it would only be a matter of time before the humanoids would detect the adventurers, Otto took quick aim at the nearby enemies and hit one with an arrow to the head. Rayn, and Xander pull out their slings but only the druid hit. Gorax and Nova both decided to hide for an ambush amongst the grass. Ram activated his Ring of Invisibility and moved to flank the humanoids. Foxman, Sir Ryan and Trinity all charged in to attack. Sir Ryan landed a blow with his two-handed sword, Foxman hit twice with his long sword, and Trinity nearly kills her target in one solid hit. The Bugbears turn on the melee fighters and managed to hit Trinity twice but her skillful maneuvering caused these to be glancing blows for minimal damage. Otto had moved up and took a point blank shot at one of the two foes facing Trinity slaying it. Nova leapt out of the bush and connected with her backstab attack on a passing humanoid bringing it to a knee. Xander and Rayn both launched sling attacks and again Xander hit while Rayn missed. As another bugbear passed Gorax’s position, the dwarf jumped up and swung his mighty battle ax but missed. After several further rounds of combat, the party whittled their foes down with melee, missile and magical attacks. Trinity took several other blows and Xander cast a Cure Light Wounds spell on Nova, who was badly wounded, in mid combat. Final kill tally: Ram-2, Otto-3, Sir Ryan-2, Trinity-1, Gorax-1, the last kill went unassigned. After the combat, Sir Ryan used his Lay on Hands on Nova as well. Meanwhile, Ram searched the fallen for items but found only a handful of coins.

    Not long after setting out the next morning, the party could make see the overgrown entrance tunnel in the towering eastern cliff face. The party entered the well-constructed passage cautiously, following it for nearly 30 paces to a massive set of metal bound, wooden, double-doors. All along the archway surrounding the doors was written a message in several different archaic languages. Working together, the party figured out that the inscription read, “Valraydaehr, where our hearts are opened as well as our minds.” Nova found no traps on the door and Sir Ryan detected no evil radiating from the other side. Otto noticed that a large amount of traffic must pass through the doors as the tunnel was clear of dust and debris as well as any specific tracks. Gorax threw open the doors to reveal a large, rectangular entry room.

    The room was empty and featureless save for two doorways in the opposite wall and one other door in each of the two side walls. Otto found hints of trails to the two side doors but found no signs of foot traffic through the doors in the opposite wall. The party approached one of the opposite wall doors and as soon as Nova began to check it for traps, a face slowly appeared in the wood and spoke in a matter of fact tone, “Well, that wasn’t very polite. Ever try knocking?” Sir Ryan and Xander both apologized profusely. “I’ve heard it mant times,” answered the door, “Rule 47, please.” The party all looked at eachother in silent confusion. “If you don’t have your handbooks then I can’t allow you students entry.” With that, the face vanished back into the door. The same set of events then occurred at the adjacent door. Frustrated and now determined to locate a student handbook, the party checked out one of the side doors. Passing through the door, the party discovered a square room whose opposite wall was pushed out to form a fifth corner. The two walls in this section of the room each contained a door. Broken furniture and bits of parchment were scattered about the room, but it appeared that trails leading to the two doors had been cleared away. Gorax opened the left-hand door onto a long, wide hallway.

    The hallway continued out of range of Gorax’s bull’s-eye lantern but the party could just make out doors evenly spaced along both sides of the hall. A few steps into the passage, Nova detected an anomaly in the right-hand wall. Quick search revealed a secret door that lead into a triangular shaped office complete with deck and bookshelves which were mostly empty. The most interesting thing the party discovered was a large hanging cloth of the same shimmering material that Bey’s communicator was made of. They placed the few ancient tomes titled “Elven Literature”, wrapped in Sir Ryan’s bedroll, along with the black cloth, into a large sack as it was feared the books would get too damaged in the Bag of Holding. Ram found nothing of note in the desk and Xander cast a detect magic spell and sensed nothing else in the room, but did feel the presence of magic radiating from the wall across the hallway.

    No secret door was found in the hallway where Xander had sensed magic, so the party continued down the hall. The party stopped at the first door on the left-hand side of the hall. Nova bent down to check the door for traps and as she did so, it flew open. Two hobgoblins emerged with several others standing behind them. With a blood-curdling battle cry they jumped at Nova brandishing their weapons. Otto missed them both as Nova rolled out of the way. Rayn cast a Sleep spell into the room and caused five foes in the room to collapse unconscious. Trinity dropped one with her maul. Foxman wounded a hobgoblin. Gorax pushed to the front and cut a foe down with his ax. And Sir Ryan slew the wounded foe as well as the other that was yet unharmed. Ram and Telegarsh then proceeded about the room, finishing off the five sleepers. Sir Ryan then asked Xander if he could still sense the magic. Xander indicated that it was coming through the left-hand wall as they entered this room. A secret door was found to lead into another triangular office almost identical in form and contents to the one discovered earlier.

    Going back into the main hallway, the party investigated a door opposite to the hobgoblin’s door. Inside this room were only some tattered maps too large and fragile to take and piles of broken desks. The next door on the right side opened onto a room filled with what appeared to be refuse, as if this room was used as a trash heap and sometimes toilet for the hall’s inhabitants. In the back of the room, however, the party discovered a desiccated corpse wearing a cloak still in good condition. Telegar moved the cloak aside and found only rotten items on the body. As the cloak was in good repair, Telegar folded it up and placed it in his pack. As the party stood around the body, Nova looked up and noticed a large gap along the top of the wall that would connect this room with the next one along the hallway. She climbed up and couldn’t see much with either her infravision nor Gorax’s lantern; though, when she used the latter, she began hearing a strange slurping sound coming up the wall in the next room. She dropped down quickly as a slimy, silvery shape started slowly oozing through the crack. After a moment, the glistening blob fell to the floor and Sir Ryan stabbed it with his magical glowing dagger. The abomination shivered and spat acidic slime across Sir Ryan’s breast plate as a lightning fast pseudopod lashed out at the paladin and missed. Rayn cast a volley of Magic Missiles at the creature causing it to shudder and Sir Ryan chopped it with his two-handed sword again getting sprayed with acid slime. Otto placed an arrow deep into the blob and it quivered then grew slightly smaller and more solid grey. Inert and lifeless, the blob had become a solid chuck of grey metal. Rayn pointed to Sir Ryan’s armor and gasped as it now had several holes growing in it. Quickly, Sir Ryan scraped the slime off with his magic dagger and deactivated the plate mail brooch.

    The next room, that had housed the slime creature, contained nothing of note. The second door on the left side of the hall opened onto a lair of nearly a dozen gnolls. Nova jumped aside as Otto instantly dropped two with bow shots. The rest of the party rushed in but in their haste, only Trinity managed to land a blow. Fortunately, the gnolls were caught flat-footed and did not have much luck either. Regaining his bearings, Sir Ryan spun around and cut a gnoll in half. Foxman landed a solid blow on his opponent as well. The gnolls retaliated with hits on Trinity and Telegar. After six full rounds of combat, the gnolls had been defeated with Telegar finishing the last gnoll standing. In the gnoll lair we found a sack holding a couple hundred gold coins.

    The third door on the left side of the hall turned out to be another trash heap room with no items of note. Having cleared the whole hallway, the party returned to the odd shaped room and went through the right-side door and found an identical hallway to the one they had just cleared with one difference, the first “Set” of doors only had one on the right side of the hall. A check of Otto’s map revealed that there could not be a room on the left side as that was where the first office the party had explored was.

    The first door on the right then opened into yet another trash room. Examination found a secret door on the right hand wall, as one entered the room, onto another office identical to the first two.

    At the second door on the right, Nova listened and heard a muttering in a strange language. Sir Ryan detected evil through the door. Nova opened the door from a low position giving Otto a clear shot killing two of the dozen or more kobolds camping in the demolished room. Rayn and Xander both missed their sling attacks. Sir Ryan, Trinity, Telegar and Foxman ran in as the humanoids cried out and went for their weapons. Between all the fighters six more kobolds were slain. Sir Ryan was nicked twice by enemy short swords before Foxman took a Magic Missile from a shaman who was standing toward the back of the room. Rayn returned the favor and killed the wokani with a Magic Missile volley of her own. The kobolds were finished off after another two rounds of combat with no further damage to the party. Rayn discovered a scroll on the kobold wokani that contained: jump, spider climb, and fly. Ram uncovered a coffer of 100gp hidden under some smelly furs.

    Play ended there for the week.
  16. 2011-10-12 Adventure Log [part 1]

    Thurin………………………………………Half-elf Cleric 4th
    Ram the Lonely…………………………….Half-orc Thief 5th
    Otto von Grunwald…………………………Human Ranger 4th
    Telegar Stonehand………………………….Human Fighter 2nd
    Foxman……………………………………..Half-elf Fighter 3rd
    Trinity………………………………………Human Fighter 3rd
    Krogdor…………………………………….Human Fighter 1st
    Kreshov……………………………………..Human Cleric 1st
    Rayn………………………………………...Human Magic-user 4th
    Nova………………………………………..Elf Thief 4th
    Sir Ryan von Krause………………………..Human Paladin 4th
    Toumas the Serpent………………………...Elf Thief 3rd
    Ken H. ……………………………………...Human DM

    The party was leaving one of the hallways of Valraydaehr when they encountered another party coming from the entrance. The other party consisted of Thurin, Toumas and the others who had set out from the sage a day behind the main party. After several rounds of welcoming and introductions, the party returned to the business at hand.

    After the door across from the kobold lair was determined to be trap-free, Sir Ryan opened it and found a defiled chapel filled with broken pews and a cracked altar. In the middle of the room was a “nest” constructed out of debris. As soon as the door was opened, four man-sized scorpion-like creatures crawled out of the nest toward the party with their pinchers and mandibles chattering. A volley of arrows and sling stones caused the strange vermin to pause before the fighters rushed in to attack delivering several heavy blows. Foxman was grappled and bitten by one creature as another grabbed Sir Ryan, biting him viciously. Rayn cast a pair of Magic Missiles at the beast holding Foxman just as Trinity smashed its side with her maul. Sir Ryan awkwardly chopped at his enemy but managed to inflict a large wound on it. While Krogdor reloaded his heavy crossbow, Foxman stabbed the vermin holding him and slew it. Meanwhile the two other creatures went after Telegar and Otto, both of whom deftly avoided the attacks. Otto then hit the creature holding Sir Ryan with another arrow as the thing bit into Sir Ryan’s chest with a sickening crunch. Sir Ryan weakened by the foe’s attacks limply swung his sword and missed as the thing took another large bite out of him causing Sir Ryan to fall unconscious in its grip. Thurin dashed over to cast a Cure Light Wounds on the paladin. Meanwhile, Trinity smashed another with her maul. Taking aim, Otto placed an arrow between the eyes of the creature holding Sir Ryan’s body killing it. As the clerics move in to help Sir Ryan and Foxman, Trinity and others fend off the two remaining wounded insectoids slaying both of them. Once the quartet of beasts were killed and the wounded party members were healed up, the thieves discovered a sack in the nest containing several hundred gold coins. In the broken pulpit, several party members discover a hidden compartment containing four large cones of incense. Telegar then remembers his cloak and handed it to Rayn to identify. She studied it and determined that it contained a weak protective enchantment. Telegar thanked her and put on the cloak.

    The next room investigated was only full of trash and broken glass that appeared to have been some kind of laboratory equipment.
  17. [part 2]

    Following their search pattern, the party went to the next door on the left side of the hallway. Inside the dark room movement could be heard but no living creatures seen with infravision. A moment later several skeletons came staggering forward and Thurin brandished his holy symbol commanding them to “Get back!” Two of the undead turned and fled while their half-dozen companions continued ahead. Trinity was very effective with her maul while the remainder of the party chipped away using edged weapons. In the end, Kreshov, Krogdor and Toumas had all been wounded and Kreshov cast a Cure Light Wounds on Krogdor. The kill counts were: Trinity – 3; Telegar – 2; Ram, Otto, Krogdor, Rayn each 1. A quick search of the room by the party only turned up more broken glassware and lab equipment.

    Having cleared that hallway, the group went to the next hallway and continued their methodical search. The first door on the left revealed two large cyclopskin splattering the walls with brightly colored paint from ceramic jars about the floor. Toumas hit one with a thrown dagger, while Otto placed two arrows into the other killing it instantly. Sir Ryan rushed into the room and with a mighty swing of his two-handed sword, mortally wounded the still standing Cyclops. As it the creature swooned from the paladin’s attack, Nova slipped behind it and delivered the coup de grâce . In the room, hidden in an otherwise empty paint jar, was found 1000 electrum pieces as well as five small magical stones which Kreshov kept.

    At the first right hand door, no evil was detected so it was opened. Beyond was an empty classroom full of broken desks, etc…Foxman examined the wall where he predicted from Otto’s map that another office should be. Indeed, he located another secret door to another office with the similar contents. The party took the cloth and books and moved onward.

    The second left hand door only contained ruined tapestries and slashed paintings.

    The second right hand room smelled of dampness and the bull’s eye lantern revealed a large stagnant pool in one corner of the room. As the party stepped forward to investigate, a large number of small lizard-like creatures emerged from the muck and began spitting foul slime at the party members’ eyes. Right away Foxman, Toumas and Kreshov were blinded by muck while Sir Ryan was clawed by a couple beasts. The party memebers spread out their attacks and slew all the strange creatures in only three rounds of combat. Kill totals were: Otto – 4, Sir Ryan – 3, Trinity – 2, and Thurin, Ram, Krogdor, Nova, Telegar each 1. Wading into the green pool, Nova discovers a small pile of five platinum coins.

    The third right side room opened onto what appeared to be a music room filled with moldy instruments and another pool. Cautiously, the party approached the water which turned out to be empty.

    The third left hand room opened onto two gnolls who were instantly slain by the numerous attacks from the party. A box discovered amongst the junk in the corner of the room contained fifteen darts that radiated a weak magic. Rayn determined that they were Darts of Proficiency. They were divided between the three thieves, who each got three, and Rayn who took the other four. Trinity found a wand with a curious metal sheath on one end. When the sheath was pushed back, the end of the wand radiated an intense beam of light from a continual light enchantment. She chose to keep the “Flashlight”.

    The party then went to the last hallway in hopes of clearing the whole school and finding a way through the pair of enchanted talking doors that had blocked their initial foray.
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    aplus Level 0 Character

    Glad to see the game's still rocking. I've been spending my Wednesday nights teaching my 2-1/2-year-old daughter the intricacies of D&D. She's doing quite well! She knows the difference between a d20 and a d6, and she can read the d6, at long as it's one with pips on it.
  19. 2011-10-26 Adventure Log [part 1]

    Quake………………..Elf Ranger 1st
    Otto von Grunwald….Human Ranger 4th
    Rayn…………………Human Magic-User 4th
    Nova…………………Elf Thief 5th
    Sir Ryan von Krause…Human Paladin 5th
    Krogdor……………...Human Fighter 2nd
    Gorax………………...Dwarf Fighter 4th
    Ranthor………………Dwarf Fighter 2nd
    Trinity………………..Human Fighter 4th
    Foxman………………Halk-Elf Fighter 4th
    Ram the Lonely………Half-Orc Thief 6th
    Xander Tinks…………Human Druid 5th
    Telegar Stonehand……Human Fighter 3rd
    Ken H. ……………….Human DM

    Having completed exploring the lost school of Valraydaehr, the party had returned to the sage in Nemrac City then proceeded into the north on a merchant visa. After crossing the northern border of Nemrac, they entered the country of Newford and proceeded along the well maintained road to Newford’s southernmost town, Lester.

    At the Weeping Dragon Tavern in Lester, the party had learned, from a sole survivor, about a group of well meaning youths who had gone to explore a dark cave system. The survivor told of how his group was attacked by strange creatures and a mysterious darkness that quenched even their brightest light sources. The party agreed to help find the missing companions and return them safely if possible or evidence of their fates if the youths could not be saved.

    The survivor lead the adventurers to the place in the eastern cliff where the cave was located but he would proceed no further. Rayn cast Continual Light on Gorax’s shield in anticipation of the strange darkness inside the cave and then Gorax and Trinity lead the party into the cave mouth. Following a rough passage that wound its way into the cliff some thirty paces, the party was confronted ahead by an opening into a very dark chamber. As soon as they halted, the party could hear strange gibbering in an unknown language. Suddenly, nearly a score of Halfling sized, gray humanoids came running madly out of the chamber headed straight for Gorax. Sir Ryan, who had been concentrating on the chamber, shouted “Evil!”

    Immediately, Ram and Nova activated their Rings of Invisibility while Otto and Rayn fired two arrows and a pair of Magic Missiles respectively. Simultaneously, Trinity charged forward with her maul as Xander cast Fairy Fire on the creatures. Otto’s bow shots kill one of the creatures as Trinity’s maul does the same. The instant the strange bodies hit the cave floor they erupted in blinding flashes of light catching Ram, Telegar and Otto by surprise and blinding them. Five of the humanoids reached Gorax and grabbed at his lit shield with a mad fury; ripping it from the dwarf’s hand, they ran back into the dark chamber. The non-blinded party members gave chase as Trinity pulled out her magical flashlight and tossed it to Ranthor for him to use as a light source since the cave dwellers covered up the shield as quickly as they could. In the chamber, Rayn cast another volley of Magic Missiles, wounding two of the creatures while Nova missed a backstab attempt. Foxman held a pair of cave dwellers at bay as Sir Ryan cut across one fighting Krogdor and killed it. It too fell in a flash that blinded Xander and Foxman. Trinity smashed one facing her and was blinded by the ensuing flash as well. Four creatures remained and all ran after the flashlight which Ranthor was holding and snatched it away. It was quickly extinguished and tossed aside. The only light now came from the Fary Fire glow outlining the humanoids. Ranthor made his way as quickly as he could in the dark to where he’d seen the pile of furs covering Gorax’s shield and managed to uncover it. Immediately, the cave dwellers ran for him but not before Sir Ryan cut two of them down with his two-handed sword. Now familiar with the death flashes, no one was caught off guard. Nova and Rayn killed the last two and both was blinded despite their attempts to avert their eyes. Ranthor, Quake and Sir Ryan gathered all of their blinded companions and waited in the chamber for the blindness to wear off before continuing further.
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    Sorry guys,
    I totally forgot that this Wednesday night is the night of our parent-teacher conferences. Would anybody like to step up and run something while I'm gone?

    Next week - back on schedule.

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