Wednesday night D&D/AD&D group starting at Lake Geneva Games

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    BTW Ken, in case you are reading this -- do you plan on resuming your normal DM'ing on the 30th?
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    Yes, I'm ready to roll this Wednesday! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!
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    Awesome. Welcome back. Sounds like everyone had a great time -- ditto Janet and I. BTW have you considered opening an anonymous Facebook account? I've set up a private page (members only) for the Wednesday D&D game that has some decent activity. Looks like most of our players are members.

    Looking fwd to seeing you Wednesday.
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    Well, I am going to put Foxman out to pasture and roll a new cleric for tomorrow. Now that i'm back being comfortable with D & D again, I want to play what is my favorite class!
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    How will you survive without your 3/2 attacks? ;)
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    ah ha! For you do not know how patient of a person i can be with a cleric! But when i get high level, Darin the Fun, will be a powerful force to be reckoned with! "All good things come to those who wait!"
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    @Jeffery St Clair -- I PM'd you Ram's wish list, and posted on Facebook info on the Golden Monkey Award.
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    Got 'em - thanks. I'm working on a recap of last night's session since Jeff wasn't there.
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    Wednesday night’s session recap, by your memory-impaired, friendly neighborhood DM:

    Nova – 6th level Loopy Elven Thief
    Ranthor – 3rd level Dwarven Panzer
    Ram – 5th level Sneaky Half-Orc Thief
    Rayn – 5th level Deadly Human Magic-User
    Kreshov – 4th level Non-Deadly Human Cleric
    Sir Ryan – 5th level Uptight Human Paladin
    Telegar – 4th level Human Sherman
    Trinity – 5th level Human M1 Abrams

    The party returned to Lester to rest and recuperate, while keeping their eyes and ears open for further adventuring opportunities. They soon learned of a number of leads, and decided to help the nearby farming village of Daapa, under attack by an unknown monster.

    As they traveled, they passed a small cemetery where ten ghoulish shapes approached with malicious intent. Kreshov and Sir Ryan combined to Turn nine of the creatures, but as the remaining creature neared the party, a most foul stench nauseated most of the party members. Ranthor bravely attacked, but took a claw for his troubles and crumpled, paralyzed, to the ground. Other party members moved in quickly, and soon the ghast was finished. Soon the air cleared, and dragging the dwarf along until he could again move under his own power, the party resumed their journey to Daapa.

    As they arrived and asked around, they learned that nobody had actually seen an attacking creature, but people and livestock had been disappearing for a couple of days before the party arrived. The party found signs of struggles around the outer perimeter of the village, but no blood at all.

    The group decided to lure the creature out with a goat as bait, with the cleric posing as a shepherd nearby, while some waited up in a tree or invisibly nearby. Others hid closer to town. Their strategy paid off some hours later, as an hour or two before dawn, three big cats came sprinting for the easy meal. The party noticed something, possibly tentacles, emerging from the shoulders of the cats. Thinking displacer beasts, the visible members of the party formed up for a frontal assault. However, as the creatures closed, they noticed leopard-like bodies with numerous snake bodies and heads attached to the cats. Suddenly, the cats all breathed sweet-smelling cones of gas at the party. Kreshov, Ranthor, and Sir Ryan crashed to the ground, asleep. Rayn fired Magic Missiles, Nova snuck around for a backstab, and the cats clawed and bit at the party while the snake heads bit at the party over and over again. Ram tried to jump on a kamadan from the tree, but wound up doing a belly flop onto the ground instead, much to the amusement of the players.

    As the battle continued, the only way to wake the deeply sleeping characters was to wound them, and once they were nicked with daggers, they awoke to join the fray. Although the party received numerous snake bites from the kamadans, the bites were fortunately non-poisonous, and after a lengthy melee, the party emerged victorious.

    Following the track of the kamadans, the party discovered a lair with three sleeping cubs resting on a quite valuable collection of treasure. Quietly and carefully considering their options, the party decided to capture as many as possible for M. P. Bey, the sage back in Nemrac City. Kreshov cast Snake Charm on many of the kamadans’ snakes. Two of the cubs woke up immediately and were quickly put down by Telengar and Ranthor. The third cub, too young to breathe sleep gas, was soon trussed up and ready for the trip to the city. The party happily scooped up the treasure, to be split up later.

    The villagers expressed their gratitude to the party, who then journeyed back to Nemrac City, terrorizing numerous townsfolk with their kamadan cub along the way. As the session ended for the evening, the party ended up resting in the city after receiving a generous finder’s fee from Bey the sage.
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    Ken, love the title cards! Thanks for posting the recap, always fun to look back. Great game this week, can't wait to see what happens next.
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    Wednesday night’s session recap, again by your memory-impaired, friendly neighborhood DM:

    Darin the Fun – 1st level Elven Cleric
    Krogdor – 3rd level Human Panzer
    Ram – 6th level Sneaky Half-Orc… Spy?
    Ranthor – 3rd level Dwarven Panzer
    Rayn – 5th level Deadly Human Magic-User
    Telegar – 4th level Human Sherman
    Trinity – 5th level Human M1 Abrams

    When we last left our heroes, the stalwart band was taking some time off to recuperate and spend some of their hard-earned cash. Some party members stayed in the city to relax, or in the case of the paladin, to polish his two-handed sword. (And tithe.)

    As the remainder of the party once again headed north, hearing rumors of a band of brigands, Ram gleefully danced in the streets knowing that the paladin wouldn’t be there to look over his shoulder the entire time. They journeyed to Ennien, to learn of the whereabouts of the brigands, and learned of a valuable treasure that had been stolen, the Horn of Valor. The party learned of the reward for the return of the Horn, and also for putting a stop to the end of Belgor and his brigand gang. Along the way they met a young cleric named Darin the Fun, whom Trinity took quite a shine to right away (if she wants to share the details, she can – you had to be there).

    Anyway, the party headed out after dark, and soon found the lair of the brigands with four guards outside. One cunning plan, a blindingly bright Light spell from Darin, and some Invisibility later, and the guards were dead, and the way into the lair lay open. Telegar remained outside with his “Skype Cloth” (see below), ready to warn the others in case any other brigands returned during the night. Using his Ring of Invisibility, Ram scouted ahead, locating a storeroom, and light coming from a chamber nearby. The party advanced, hearing a card game in progress. As Ram tried to peer into the chamber, Ranthor and Krogdor, fed up with sneaking, stormed in to take on the brigands within. Soon everybody was attacking the brigands, even Ram, who back-stabbed the one brigand who was trying to go for help. And then, in an oddly uncharacteristic move, Ram bound the wounds of one of the dying victims, asking Darin to cast Cure Light Wounds, saving his life. “For questioning,” he explained.

    Meanwhile, as Telegar waited outside, communicating with Rayn from time to time about the group’s progress, something approached his position. Using his own Ring of Invisibility, he remained hidden, as an archer clad in studded leather armor came into view. Telegar quickly realized that this was not one of the brigands and opened a dialogue. The ranger was scouting ahead for his own party of justice-seekers, and Telegar spoke of his own party, ‘most’ of whom were inside at the moment.

    Inside, the party’s captive told them of other brigands around the complex, but just how many, he wasn’t sure. At Ram’s urging, the captive led them through the brigand’s hideout to the chamber of the leader, Belgor. However, before the party could surprise Belgor, the captive brigand shouted a warning and threw himself against the door moments before Krogdor and Ranthor silenced him for good. When the party did barge in, Belgor was already on his guard, wielding an exquisitely-crafted longsword and wearing a darkened suit of chain mail. Outnumbered as he was, Belgor still managed to mark a party member or two before the fighters overwhelmed him. He threw down his sword and surrendered, and though the thought of dispatching him crossed the minds of some of the party, they instead tied him up, taking his keys, one which would unlock the chest at the foot of Belgor’s bed, and one which would open the locked door across Belgor’s chamber. The party opened the chest to find the Horn of Valor inside, as well as quite a treasure haul. When Trinity asked what was through the next door, Belgor put his head down and muttered, “Open the door and find out. Just don’t kill me.”

    While Krogdor kept watch outside Belgor’s room, the others opened the locked door. Inside the room, the party found a trio of maltreated women, all of whom refused to make eye contact with the male portion of the group. Trinity and Rayn stepped forward, and carefully assured the women that they were now safe, and led them from their prison. Trinity then took up her maul and, without warning, smashed Belgor’s foot with it, leaving the brigand writhing on the floor, howling in pain. Rayn beamed her approval, and she and Trinity shared a high five. One of the prisoners, emboldened by this, ran over and began stomping the bound villain, over and over. Rayn and Trinity pulled her away, as Trinity urged her to stop, declaring, “He’ll hang! You’ll see! Just wait!” The two adventurers finally calmed the woman before she ended up killing Belgor in her rage. The party decided that getting the women to safety was now a priority over finding the rest of the brigands right away.

    Belgor told the party of some other passages that the party had yet to explore fully, as well as the fact that somewhere nearby eight, or perhaps nine more brigands slept. Some of the party wanted to remain and search for the other brigands while others would take the women and Belgor back to safety, and yet Telegar was still outside, trying to convince his new acquaintance not to summon his own party until theirs had the chance to loot the place.

    It was here that play ended for the night. The next move by the party will have to wait....


    “Skype Cloth” is the party’s nickname for the magical black cloth found inside Valraydaehr, which Bey the sage had already located elsewhere. It allows communication with any others who hold a fragment of the same piece of cloth. For returning such a large supply to Bey from the ancient school, the sage carefully cut one of the cloths apart for the party to use for themselves. Their cloths only allow contact with other party members, and only then when the cloths, about handkerchief-sized, are fully opened by all people involved. The party does not yet know what, if any, other limitations the cloth has, as they have been fairly close together when they’ve used it so far.
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    A funny thing about "Skype Cloth" - when I wrote the Valraydaehr adventure many years ago, there was no such thing as Skype, or Facebook, or Google - and Dogpile was still the search engine of choice for the schools I worked in at the time. As soon as I told the party what the cloth did, it took about two seconds for someone (I forget who) to name it "Skype Cloth." I never woulda thunk it, myself.
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    So am I allowed to learn the Abyssal language? Or is there a list of languages that can be used in OSRIC?
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    This is Ed by the way.
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    Star Frontiers – Episode 1 – Part 1

    Rodrick- Dakeen: Mentalist; Humanrask
    Melissa- Venessa Wulf: Military; Human
    Jeff- Udo Trask: Planetolagist; Human
    Chris- Dranchal: Healer; Dralasite - - Chris- Mickey: Healer; Dralasite
    Damian- Davin Deveron: Military; Human
    Nate- Carmine: Military; Yazirian - - Nate- unkown: Biosocial; Yazirian
    Rebecca- Scarii: Biosocial; Vrusk
    Anna- Ivy Spry: Technician/Demolitions; Human
    Nick- Ka'an'eroth: Military; Yazirians

    We find our heroes idling their time on a planet (name undisclosed). They are unknowingly pulled together when they each see a poster, which has been placed all around the main city. The poster reads, “Help Wanted: Search and rescue; All skills required. 300 credit reward for completion of mission. Report to nearest Star Law Station for further instruction and transport.”

    Star Law is the officially reigning authority in this particular solar system.

    As they each in turn enter the station, they are greeted by the Commander, Nevlon.
    “Greetings. I assume you are all here about the posters, yes?” The group nods their heads, glancing at one another curiously. “Excellent. Quite an interesting problem we have. Two days ago we picked up a distress beacon transmitting from a nearby planet. It registered as a cargo ship that has been making shipments in this sector. We need a group to go down to the planet, locate the beacon, rescue any of the surviving crew members you can find, and discover why the ship went down in the first place. The maintenance records state the ship was in prime working condition before its departure.
    You will be paid 300 credits each if the mission is completed. Do to the current political situation between the nearby planets of the crash area, we can only give you 20 hours to complete the objectives stated, or you will be left behind. We will guarantee safe journey there, but once on the planet, you are on your own. You will be provided a Laser Pistol and some Energy Packs as soon as you've landed.”
    Again the party nods, showing their approval.
    “Everyone's agreed then? You'll do it?”
    “Agreed!” They say, almost in unison.

    It is a six hour flight to the planet via the ship, Star Runner, and the small party is given time to introduce themselves and gain a little information about their specialties.

    As they near the planet, they can clearly see a group of trees that seems barren and crushed, and before they land, they've already decided that is the direction they will take.

    After landing, the Star Runner crew passes out the Pistols and Energy Packs,making sure the adventurers understand the time limit they have. Before they take off, the captain, Meshra, hands the group a small black box-like device. “This will help you track the beacon. Good luck.” And with that they were left alone.

    Venessa, Dranchal, Davin, and Scarii, each notice the downed trees they had seen from the ship. The locator box points in that direction (due south) so the group heads directly for it. As they approach, even from this distance they can see the tree tops seem to be burnt, and crisp, yet from the ship they could see the ground remained green and damp. “Something must have come in. And hot, too,” Davin states.
    The locator box continues to point south and the group keeps moving. Dakeen notices a strange cloud-like formation over the trees a little ways ahead. They assumed it to be smoke. Shortly, they enter a cleared area. The locator points south, then north. Confused Venessa says, “It should be right here.” The entire group looks up. There, hanging tightly from a giant, old tree, swings a parachute, with a small black box firmly attached to it. “Aha!” Shouts Ivy, as she needlessly points towards it.

    The group splits up to explore, and search the area. Udo searches for any tracks in the are but does not find anything. Carmine, feeling rather daring and sure of himself, decides to climb the tree and retrieve the parachute and box himself. After making it about 17ft up, he loses his grip on a branch and falls flat on his back, receiving 10 points of painful damage. Laughing, Dakeen says, “Smooth, man.”
    Carmine grumbles as he brushes off the dust and leaves, his pride hurt more than anything.
    “Here's an idea, lets chop the blasted thing down!” Dranchal cries with an enthusiastic grin.
    “Yeah, I'm all for that one,” Venessa agrees.
    “Hey, how bout one of you give me one of your axes. I bet I can do it by myself!” Dakeen says.
    Venessa hands Dakeen her ax and lets him have a go. He fails miserably. Now its Carmine's turn to laugh.
    “Nice,” Venessa glares, taking her ax back. “Comon Dranchal, we got this.”
    Together the two have no problem making progress on the ancient tree. However, delighted on the headway they were making, the two were too focused to notice as the billowing cloud they had seen before slowly descended on them. Pinkish-Green tentacles laced their way through the branches quietly reaching the unsuspecting choppers. Venessa and Dranchal are grabbed by the slimy appendages and held fast as the creature unleashes a powerful sting, inflecting 3 points of damage to each of the fighters. It seems to have had a greater effect on Venessa, though, as she suddenly slumps into a pile, still entangled by the creatures arms.
    Seeing the horrific events, Davin races towards the scene, in a daring attempt to save the poor, stunned Venessa. Just as he reaches her and almost has her in his arms, the creature swiftly grasps him and holds him fast. Again, it releases its deadly sting, and Davin's body is overcome by the massive amount of voltage, and he, too, goes numb and falls to the ground.
    Dakeen and Udo look at the full creature and notice it looks quite similar to a jellyfish...accept much larger and floating in the air, of course. They also see four or more of the same creature in the nearby distance, though they seem much less interested and moving in the opposite direction; almost floating with the wind it appears.
    Quickly snapping back to the matter at hand, the determined men reach for their Laser Pistols and release an array of wild shots, adrenaline filling their systems. Sadly only one hit for only 3 damage to the enormous creature.
    Dranchal, still within the monsters grasp, attempts to chop away at the tentacles that surround him. However, this angers the creature and it promptly delivers a massive jolt through the small blobs ax, stinging him for 10 damage and throwing him entirely clear of the area.
    Carmine and Scarii grasp their Pistols as well, and take aim. Carmine misses as the creature sways its massive body back and forth, distracting the marksman with his disabled friends. Scarii, however, undaunted by the creatures attempt to draw away her attention, stays focused on her target and hits two well-aimed shots causing the jellyfish 18 more damage. A clear pink liquid seeps from the wound.
    Ivy, who seems entirely taken back by the entire situation, slowly raises her pistol to make an unsteady shot causing only 9 damage.
    The jellyfish charges for another sting and it jolts the body’s of its trapped victims. It appears to be attempting to digest the small party in its grasp.
    Dakeen, still apparently boggled by the current events, misses two more shots as Udo, standing firmly by his side, hits with two more shots, doing 7 damage total. Ivy, following their example, takes aim again, and misses twice. Carmine, also misses twice (Lord only knows why they were all so distracted).
    Scarii, though confident on her skill, misses two shots.
    The creature again releases another sting, causing Dranchal to cry out in pain.
    Carmine misses twice more, but Scarii seems to have regained her skill and hits one shot for 8 damage.
    Concerned about the four other creatures he had seen earlier, Udo takes another look at the sky and is relieved to see the jellyfish at quite a distance from their current location. Letting a small sigh of relief escape his lips, he takes aim again, and hits the creature again, for 4 damage. Dakeen.....well, he misses again.
    Seeing how little the Pistols seem to be effecting the gigantic creature, Ivy decides to try a new tactic. Running to the opposite side of the tree from her friends, she removes some “kaboomite” from her pack. She successfully sets a charge to 100g of it and throws it onto the jellyfish's sticky exterior. Hitting her target, the explosion causes the creature 75 points of damage and creates a gaping hole in the middle of the beasts large body.
    Another charge moves down the long tentacles, though less powerful than before. The monster was weakening. In her excitement to see the jellyfish dying, Scarii misses two shots, but Udo, hits for a strong 23 damage. Dakeen, FINALLY hitting his target, completely destroys the remaining life-force of the beast and it falls from the sky with a “splat!”

    After pulling Venessa, Davin, and Dranchal from the dead monsters tentacles, the group revives their stunned bodies.
    Venessa looks around, completely confused by the scene around her. “What was that thing? I've never seen anything like it!”
    Dranchal gives a sarcastic smirk and says, “I don't know, but whatever it was, it was shocking!”
    Venessa rolls her eyes at the blobs dry humor (strange for such a damp creature). Dranchal, seems not to notice Venessa's annoyed gesture, and proceeds to heal her and Davin helping them recover from the large amount of damage they took from the creatures electrical shock.
    Meanwhile, Udo, Dakeen, and Carmine form a group and discuss possibilities.
    “If the wind was able to move those giant jellyfish, then I'm sure it could move a small parachute,” Udo says, looking at the other two. Dakeen immediately agrees.
    “Well then, it's only logical we head against the wind to find the ship.” Carmine looks up as he talks, possibly searching for more monsters. Luckily the sky is clear of all the beasts.

    Scarii searches for any tracks (other than their own of course) that may be around the present area. Perhaps one of the crew came this way after the box? Unfortunately, they have no such luck. The area seems to be free from any sign of recent passage.
    The locator device, now useless, is pocketed and they really only on their own skills. They head in the direction they remember seeing the burnt clearing. They soon come across a stream, and Udo notices a large amount of oil flowing down it. “I suggest we follow this stream,” he says pointing at the evidence. They agree and continue on their way.
    “Is anyone keeping track of time? I mean, I for one don't plan on getting left on this dreadful planet!” Dakeen cries. No one seems to pay him much heed, however.
    Following the stream, they come across some boggy terrain. Several large mounds are located sporadically all around the swamp, most easily large enough to climb onto. They continue on their way, and notice what appears to be a large flock of birds circling their destination.
    Suddenly, as they are cautiously moving through the bog, a mound of what they had previously thought was just dirt and grass, raises up and gigantic tentacles emerge from under the muddy water. Huge eyes appear on its assumed “face” and it gazes over the group. It is massive, terrifying, and extremely angry.

    End Episode 1 – Part 1
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    :p Thanks for posting this SO soon!! Great stuff!! I can't wait to read the rest (not like I wasn't there the first time.. but still)
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    Star Frontiers – Episode 1 – Part 2

    Rodrick- Dakeen: Mentalist; Humanrask
    Melissa- Venessa Wulf: Military; Human
    Jeff- Udo Trask: Planetolagist; Human
    Chris- Dranchal: Healer; Dralasite - - Chris- Mickey: Healer; Dralasite
    Damian- Davin Deveron: Military; Human
    Nate- Carmine: Military; Yazirian - - Nate- unkown: Biosocial; Yazirian
    Rebecca- Scarii: Biosocial; Vrusk
    Anna- Ivy Spry: Technician/Demolitions; Human
    Nick- Ka'an'eroth: Military; Yazirians

    Due to the fact the Living Mound is very heavy and the entirety of the surrounding area is swamp, the creature lacks the ability to move quickly at all. Our adventurers quickly notice this and decide to attempt to use this to their advantage, although no one has made any advancement towards the Mound or any attempt to attack it as of yet. An awkward few moments of the group and the mound staring at each other is broken by the loud scream of “Attack!” that sprang from Davin's lips. He raises his pistol and, in his rush, misses his first shot.
    Scarii, although seeing the foolishness of this action, decides to try and assist her comrade. She shoots twice and makes a solid shot into the creature (although it just seems to sink into a layer of mud that envelopes the entire body of the Mound).
    Completely stunned by Davin's sudden outburst, both Venessa and Dakeen miss their shots. Carmine decides to use his sword against the creature after seeing the small effect the Laser Pistols appeared to be doing. However, the Mound sees him approach and swings its tentacles wildly in the path of the racing Yazirian, causing him to lose the speed of his attack and eventually rethink the entire idea.
    Davin, still wild with “mud-lust”, continues to shoot the pile of earth without seeming to aim at all. He did, however, manage to hit one shot for 6 damage as he seemingly regains his composure and concentration.
    Having Carmine within its reach, the monster stretches out an especially long tentacle and swipes it directly towards the trapped swordsman. Carmine sees the coming attack and makes a dive into the murky water just barely escaping the blow.
    Udo misses three shots as he attempts to hit the tentacles surrounding Carmine, hoping to clear a route for his escape.
    The, until now, extremely quiet and wary Ka'an'eroth (don't try to pronounce it you'll hurt yourself) jumps into action, shooting the Mound for 10 damage. A small clump of earth falls off the creature and it seems even more upset than before.
    Ivy, remembering how well the “kaboomite” had worked with the jellyfish monster, decides to give it a try with this creature. She races around to what can be assumed to be the back of the Mound, and grabs 100g of the explosives from her pack. Carefully she starts to place the detonator into the sensitive material, but just as she almost has it, the mound splashes a tentacle into the marshy water causing a wave that throws the young technician back. The detonator is lost in the swamp.
    Dranchal, Davin, Ka'an'eroth, Udo, and Venessa each hit with their Pistols for a total of 63 damage. This time, a much larger chunk of the mound falls into the swamp, throwing the creature temporarily off balanced. It, however, quickly readjusts to the lighter weight and continues its relentless assault, though much slower than before.
    Scarii, with the idea to save poor Carmine, raises her sword and runs towards the mound. She is effortlessly batted away by a swaying tentacle. Following her lead, Dranchal takes his ax in hand and races after her. He sees Scarii get hit by the massive appendage, and forgets to watch his own path. He is also taken out by the swinging tentacles.
    Ivy locates another detonator and this time successfully sets the charge. She throws it at the creature, which unknowingly blocks with an arm, causing it to explode away from its original target and the Mound takes only minimal damage. Venessa, however, is excited to see the technician back in the fight, and with explosives, too. She gives a loud “Whoo!” as the bomb goes off.
    The Living Mound makes an attack at the fallen Dralasite. Dranchal fortunately sees the coming attack and flattens his gelatin-like body under the water and the monster misses completely. Scarii, as well, sees a tentacle flying her way, but her many legs assist her in escaping uninjured.
    However; Carmine, who has been helplessly trapped through the fight, unable to be rescued by his new found friends, has no way to escape the incoming swing. The Mound hits him with amazing force and wraps its strong tentacle around the terrified Yazirian. He screams violently as the creature lifts him high into the air, crushing him as it moves. A giant chasm opens on the very top of the beast and, peering in, Carmine can see that his fate is sealed. With one last helpless look at the horrified group, Carmine is cast into the pit and it closes in around him, muffling his last cries.
    Enraged, the group fires their weapons unceasingly. But in their anger, only a few shots hit for a total of 24 damage. On the other side of the Mound, another large chunk of earth and grass falls off, and the creature is again momentarily off balanced. It quickly rights itself. It takes a swing at Dranchal again, but is outsmarted again by the shape-changing blob, and it misses.
    Thinking the creature would be distracted by all the fighting (and missing) going on in front of it, Dranchal rises from the water and swings his ax at the nearest tentacle. But moving quickly is difficult in this muddy swamp, and Dranchal misses his target by a mile.
    Ka'an'eroth sees the Dralasite struggling and raises his pistol at the creature. With amazing accuracy and determination, he hits the Mound straight on and blasts another pile of earth to fall from the creature causing 38 points of damage. Davin also hits with an awesome shot for 30 damage. The Living Mound has shrunk severely in size and as each piece falls off, tentacles seem to disappear from the fight as well.
    Ka'an'eroth sees that his weapon is empty, and with a fearful glance at the still massive creature, he reloads it as quickly as possible.
    Ivy, still behind the Mound, sets another 100g charge and again tosses it into the air near the creature (trying desperately to avoid hitting any one of her friends). Just as she does so, however, the monstrosity shifts its entire body and she misses just barely, causing some, but not much, damage.
    Dranchal is inspired by his friends' efforts and thinks he may just get out of this one alive after all! He swings his ax violently. It makes slight contact with a nearby tentacle and hacks it for 10 damage.
    At the same time Dakeen takes two shots with his pistol but the Dralasite's courageous and successful efforts excite him and me misses both shots. Venessa is unfazed by Dranchal's hit, and shoots the creature for 14 more damage. The Living Mound is not looking good at all.
    Udo dramatically takes out his second pistol and points both toward the monster. “For Carmine!” he screams as he unloads his clips but only hitting one of the many shots for 10 damage.
    The Mound makes a strange gurgling sound deep in its body. It has had enough of these tiny creatures. Searching for the nearest one, it sees Dranchal fighting heroically for his life at the very foot of the beast. It raises a massive tentacle and hits Dranchal so hard, the blob is flung clear from the group.
    Lying in the water dying from the huge wound of 60 points, he can barely open his eyes to see the income tentacle. Too weak to move or struggle, he is lifted into the air. Just like Carmine. But Dranchal knows whats coming. He seems to accept his approaching death and the group can barely make out a tiny smile on his distorted face as the creature opens the chasm and devours the Dralasite in seconds.
    Scarii is horrified by what she has just witnessed. Within a few moments, two of her new friends had been swallowed up by this heartless creature. Not wanting to be next, she puts all of her many bug legs to use and runs out of there as fast as they can carry her.
    Davin angered by the loss of another friend, shoots the Mound for a massive 29 damage. There is little left of the once awesome creature.
    Dakeen uses his mentalist powers to increase his strength. His muscles ripple and convulse as they begin to grow. He gets taller and his shoulders huge and muscular. He lets out a mighty roar as his transformation completes. He no longer looks like the man he was 10 seconds ago at all.
    Ivy can hear all the commotion and shivered as she watch Dranchal be devoured. This has to end, she thought. Setting a final detonate in one more 100g of the explosives she carries, she sneaks up to the Mound until she is within reach of its muddy body. Praying that her friends can keep the beast occupied for just a few more seconds, she shoves the bomb deep into the mud that is the beast. She pulls her arm out as quickly as possible, and runs as far as she can from it.
    The Mound, however, can feel her touch as she plants the bomb, and begins to turn around to fight the new threat. But it is too late. There is a massive explosion of 45 damage and the Living Mound is no more. Pieces of it splash in the water all around them and Ivy finds herself suddenly covered in mud. “Awesome,” she says sarcastically as she tries to wipe it off.

    Udo is enthralled by the remains of the creature. He studies them, trying to see if this creature is native to this strange planet. After careful study, he finds that it is.
    “Wow. I can't believe it killed them. Poor Carmine and Dranchal,” Dakeen says sadly. His body is still ripped with huge muscles and he is still a good 5 inches taller, but he really doesn't seem to notice.
    The discouraged group continues very cautiously through the rest of swamp towards the flock of birds the had seen before. As they get closer, they can see that these are much larger than normal birds. Udo squints his eyes. “Those aren't birds! They're pterodactyls!”
    The entire group looks more closely and comes to the same conclusion.
    “Look at all the bodies on the ground. That's what they're after,” Scarii says matter-of-factly.
    Davin carefully aims his pistol. “Let's see if we can scare 'em off,” he says as he takes a shot. He hits one of the flying beasts, but only for 1 point of damage. Most of the flock is terrified at the sight and sound of the weapon and fly’s off hurriedly in the opposite direction. Six of them stay to fight. They are hungry for fresh meat.
    Udo approaches the bodies, and he can clearly see they've been dead for a couple of days. They appear to have a medikit and a backpack with them. As Udo approaches, the flock swoops in to attack.
    As the group runs in to fight the monsters, two creatures jump out of the woods. It is a Dralasite and a Yazirian!
    “Hullo there!” they cry. “The Star Law thought you guys could use some help!” And the two race to join the fight. The site of these new people catches Dakeen off guard, and he completely misses two shots. Ivy has an idea to set a small charge and wrap it in some meat from her trail rations. Hoping that if she throws it into the air, one of the creatures will swoop in and eat it whole, causing the detonator to trigger and the bomb to go off! Just as she starts to set the charge however, one of the pterodactyls swoops in and bites at her, just barely missing her head. As she jumps away, she fails to set the charge. The new Yazirian shoots a Laser Pistol at one of the darting targets and hits for 10 damage, greatly injuring it.
    The Flock attacks as a group at Scarii, and four of them hit their target causing 7 damage total. The new Dralasite attacks with an ax, jumping wildly to hit them in the air. He of course misses horribly. Davin shoots again, this time causing 5 damage and sends 3 more birds flying off startled. There are only 3 of the flock left. Udo sends an array of shots as the pterodactyls fly to attack Venessa. He hits for 15 damage and the birds miss the woman completely. One of the creatures fly’s straight into the ground and breaks its wing, leaving it helpless. Udo shoots again, and he hits another for 3 more damage. Dakeen hits one of the monsters with his sword as it swoops down for another round of attacks. It takes 35 damage and Dakeen cuts the bird in twain.
    Ivy is being chased by one of the birds and cannot set her charge because of it. Venessa, seeing how successful Dakeen was with his sword, attempts to hit one using her own sword. She, however, didnt get a good enough leap into the air and misses her target. The Dralasite runs toward the fallen bird and uses his ax to cute the beasts head clean off! The entire group works together to kill the last pterodactyl.
    “Thanks for your help. It is much appreciated,” Ka'an'eroth says to the new companions.
    “Not a problem,” the Dralasite says cheerily, “My name's Mickey!”
    The entire group introduces themselves and begins to search around the bodies. Udo looks for a cause of death and discovers large nasty bite marks on each of the body. Though he can see there was no attempt made to eat these people. The medikit is complete and inside the backpack is a complete techkic.
    “Guess they didn’t have time to use these,” Ivy says thoughtfully. The group takes the kits.
    They follow the stream that oil continues to contaminate until the reach the clearing of burnt trees. They can smell charred wood as they approach and suddenly they can see the wreck. Though most of the smoke has gone, there are still little wisps surrounding the battered ship. Udo finds tracks that lead in the direction of the dead bodies and confirms that is defiantly the place. The door is blown open on the ship, but vines appear to have already formed around it. It's going to take some time to get into.

    End Episode 1 – Par 2
    Join us on the last Wednesday of every month to become part of our story!
  18. IronJade

    IronJade Level 0 Character

    Sweet write-up. Looking forward to your adding on to the adventure.
  19. Apocalypse 7

    Apocalypse 7 Level 0 Character

    Thanks :) unfortunatly this ones only every three weeks, but im definatly looking forward to writting up our ADnD adventures!
  20. jeffery st. clair

    jeffery st. clair Troubadour

    Many of our players were new to AD&D and RPGs when they started playing. Many of them made it to their very first GaryCon this year. Here are some pictures of us at GaryCon:


    Closing out the Con on Sunday. Unfortunately, Jeff and Steve had already taken off for the evening by the time this picture was taken.


    Waiting on the others to arrive at the table for a Saturday game. Since most of them hadn't pre-registered for any games, I ran one.


    We had to move for the Aliens game, so here we are at a different table. Fun game. Some highlights:

    Getting to play a different character than usual.
    "Davidius Whoppus!"
    "Don't taste the goblin blood."
    "19 Strength??? Stupid half-orc."
    "Why can't my cleric use Trinity's maul?"
    Falling down a pit after falling for the illusionary treasure (you know who you are!).
    Watching the ranger shoot one of his comrades in the back. Oops.
    And only one PC died.

    Chris also ran a great dungeon Sunday evening for us so I could have the chance to play instead of DM. Thanks, Chris!

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