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    Staying Wednesday and Sunday is the way to go. On Wednesday you get in some pick up games and say hi to people. And on Monday you sleep in.
    Unfortunately I was one of those that lost my room this year, so that's not an option for me. I'll show up Wednesday for badges then go home.
  2. Zarathon

    Zarathon Administrator Staff Member

    I'm staying Tuesday night because I'm volunteering Tuesday and Wednesday. There's probably places in-town for Wednesday night, if you're not looking to drive home. If you're looking to meet some folks, hanging around HQ in the Grand Ballroom might get you put to work.
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  3. diaglo

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    i forgot. wednesday is also when gizmo cuts himself and bleeds all over the convention floor. might want to avoid that.
  4. Scott308

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    What, and miss a time-honored Gary Con tradition?
  5. gizmomathboy

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    I did not bleed all over the con floor...much.
  6. scottmbruner

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    I've never come up Wednesday...but stayed Sunday last year (as a last minute decision) and doing the same again this year. It was just great how mellow it was after the craziness. Sunday might be my favorite day.
  7. sd8k

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    Since you put it out there you must regale us with a ballad or a song form your fallen bard on Wednesday! This is the way :)
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