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    Hi folks!

    It's Larry from GameWick Games. First GaryCon for me!

    Just want to let you know that Black Blade Publishing will be stocking my WEGS Old Skool product line in their booth. If you are interested/curious, please swing by their booth and check it out. Also, if you want to see a WEGS game in action, I'm running three events per day (Keep on the Borderlands and Descent into the Depths). Just look for the black/grey checkered battlemat covered with poker chips. You'll also spy a holy grail in the midst.

    The full WEGS line is two rulebooks and two decks of skill cards.

    WEGS Old Skool core rulebook: an intro to the Wickedly Errant Game System and its sword/sorcery setting.
    WEGS is a 2d6/2d10 percent system for all-out dungeon crawl fun.

    Old Skool Skill Deck: all the basic skills/spells in deck form; think Basic D&D.

    The Ultimate Dungeon Party Deck: six advanced heroes; think AD&D classes.

    Dice Rule: advanced rule book on how to make the system do what you need it to.

    Black Blade will also have a few copies of my zombie card game: Pittsburgh 68, A Game of Shuffling Horror.
    We might be running some ad hoc late night games of this, too (in the bar area).

    Here's an image of our basic character sheet to give you an idea about what WEGS is all about, and also an illustration for our Ultimate Dungeon Party.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Can't wait to start rolling in Lake Geneva!
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    Blake Blade is most certainly a table to spend money on!
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    I gots them all (WEGS)

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