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  1. rickwins

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    It is time for Werewolf to move from a pick up late night game to a scheduled late night game. Last year the other late night games had rooms to themselves where Werewolf had lots of players but nowhere to play.

    Which game master wants to lock Werewolf into the schedule and earn game master tee shirt, stadium cup and possibly free silver badge for GaryCon 12?

    I will be signing up to run enough other games to qualify for the rewards already so lets spread the wealth and get some rewards while having a dedicated room for the best late night social game.
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  2. rickwins

    rickwins Level 0 Character

    Since no other game runners have set this up I added it to my schedule, Thursday, Friday, and Sat nights. 9 PM for 6 hours should cover it. Any other game masters feel free to run in my place, but now we will at least have a good space.

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