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Discussion in 'RPG Discussion' started by sir jon, May 3, 2009.

  1. sir jon

    sir jon Spellbinder

    In the one regular game I'm in, I am currently playing a Lawful Neutral fighter with a decidedly strange interest in pole arm combat. He's also heavily into law and structure. Makes for a fun time while playing in a group of mostly chaotics.

    Of course, this game is a first/second edition hybrid, a continuation of events started in 1996. While I've run the game and its successors since, I am now being allowed to play in my own version of a bent Greyhawk timeline.

    What are you playing?
  2. ScottyG

    ScottyG Chevalier

    My main PC is Talivar, a human magic-user. He's about one encounter away from reaching 10th level, but he's currently DM-less.
    Talivar is a Greyhawk character. Wild Coast native. Currely resides in the City of Greyhawk with his henchmen. Neutral good, not overly religious, but he does pray to Pelor occasionally. He failed a save recently vs. blue dragon breath and lost most of his better magic items. His primary motivation, at the moment, is acquiring magic items.
  3. Druvas

    Druvas Spellbinder

    That second picture doesn't look like it's magic items that he is interested in acquiring!
  4. ScottyG

    ScottyG Chevalier

    Yeah, looks like a little too much Howard on the brain. We’ll chalk it up to being under the influence of a strength spell. Besides, he wants the magic items to get the chicks.
    “First you get the magic items, then you get the power, then you get the woman.”
  5. falconer

    falconer Level 0 Character

    I have just started running a Castle Zagyg campaign. Rules are per the Basic Game Book (Holmes); after 3rd level graduating to Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (pre-Unearthed Arcana). No Thief player-characters. World is per The World of Greyhawk (1980/1883)
  6. Druvas

    Druvas Spellbinder

    I am currently in two games (FTF):

    Temple of Elemental Evil, using Castles and Crusades system. While this is working fairly well, I am lobbying to go to 1st. edition rules. We have already scrapped the stat. checks for thieves in favor of the 1st. edition charts. I am playing a 2nd level Elven Wizard and a 2nd level Halfling Thief. We only have 3 players at the moment so we are running two characters each. It seems prudent because we are not a very smart party... We started in Castle Zagyg before being decimated and retreated for greener pastures!

    X1- The Isle of Dread, set off of the coast of the Amedio Jungle. We are using the Rules Compendium and World of Greyhawk. This is the game my Neutral-Evil Baklunish Magic User from Ket is in. He's 4th level and has a penchant for necromantic ways (although not specifically a Necromancer). Mainly, he just likes dead people, in addition to making people dead. He's hoping to learn something from the cult on the Isle...
  7. ScottyG

    ScottyG Chevalier

    The campaign I was DMing stalled recently when the main regulars had some adjsutments to their schedules, work, etc.
    I'll probably be starting a new campaign soon based in the East Mark and expanding out from there.
  8. sir jon

    sir jon Spellbinder

    The game we're in currently is being run by one of the players and is attached to the game I've run in the World of Greyhawk for the last 14 years. The history is a bit different but the majority is familiar. Currently, the group of characters I ran are scattered as they attempt to build a fortress while others do some of their own personal business while this adventure is being run.

    The character I am now playing is assisting in the location of one of the earlier group's friends as well as a mythical well of magic. We're in the Celadon Forest, presently.

  9. shalaban

    shalaban Chevalier

    Well while I am hard at work on my next Mythus campaign (Which will feature The Kingdom of Rome.) we decided to get a 1st ed. Gamma World campaign going. :mrgreen: [​IMG][​IMG]

    We have started with and went through GW2 Famine at Far-Go.

    We are now going through GW1 Legion of Gold. I plan on making ‘The Albuquerque Starport’ & ‘Cavern of the Sub-Train’ mini adventures apart of GW1. :cool:

    BTW GW1 lists Luke Gygax in the main design credits and we were wondering exactly what parts you designed. :?: Could you tell us? :)

    Also I and my friend have decided to run a 2ed ed. Boot Hill game for the other Players so we have been running test games to get my friend up to speed with the rules. ;) So occasionally we have been running Boot Hill scenarios applying the different levels of complexities as set forth by the rules.[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Both games have been a blast! :lol:

    I have also been running these games with an eye towards converting them to DJMGRPG which I think will be easy to do. I have already converted Star*Drive to DJMGRPG. :idea:
  10. geekpreacher

    geekpreacher Spellbinder

    I'm actually not playing in a fantasy game currently. Strangely enough for the first time in my RPG life, I'm playing in a Supers campaign. We're using the Mutants & Masterminds ruleset in a fairly gritty setting.
  11. francisca

    francisca Troubadour

    I'm playing AD&D. I ran a Greyhawk campaign for a few years, but ran out of time and motivation to keep it up. One of the players took over the DM screen and picked up where I left off.
  12. Druvas

    Druvas Spellbinder

    Sad news to report. The party in my C&C game just experienced a TPK, handed down by one Lareth the Beautiful and his trusty Lieutenant. The only survivor was a NPC fighter that we hired as a meat shield. Turns out, he used us as his meat shields! Oh well, we are switching to 1st edition and trying again.
  13. sir jon

    sir jon Spellbinder

    I loved playing the old systems of Gamma World and Star Frontiers, with GW being a particular favorite. Of course, I haven't played it in 20-odd years, so I'm not sure how it might hold up for me. Still, the premise is pretty cool.
  14. shalaban

    shalaban Chevalier

    Get you a good GM and it would hold up for you as if you just opened the box and seen it for the first time. :shock:

    All of those post apocalyptic movies and books from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s are just sitting in the back of our collective subconscious ready to be mined for ideas by competent GM’s! :mrgreen:

    My Players are digging it! :)
  15. Druvas

    Druvas Spellbinder

    Alright, we rebooted out TOEE campaign with 1st edition rules (by and large). We switched tactics and created a mostly Neutral group and hired NPC's as well as a few meat shields. So we didn't have to start completely from scratch we were given 2200 XP. All equipment was based on average starting money. We had some really good stat rolls (using 3d6, reroll 1's, place in any order; or 4d6, take best 3 but all rolls go in order), both fighters having 18/27 and 18/21 strength. We have:

    Human Fighter 2nd level LN (my PC) wields a two-handed sword
    1/2 Elf MU/Cleric (worships Zagyg... hee hee) 1/1 level CN (my PC) armed with a flail
    Dwarven Cleric 2nd level NG uses a mace
    Human MU 2nd level N likes to throw daggers...
    1/2 Orc fighter 2nd level CN has a nice reach with his glaive
    Halfling Thief 2nd level NE stabby stabby's with a shortsword

    We hired out from the Inn of the Welcome Wench 3 NPC's and 4 0-level merceneries:

    Human Magic User
    Human Fighter
    Human Thief?

    Our first encounter, while trying to skirt the edges of the Moathouse to find alternative entry, was against 6 giant frogs. We took some minor damage and lost one meat-shield. That really shook up the other 3 mercs but they stuck with us. We abandoned the swamp and crossed the bridge into the courtyard.

    ***I should point out that this expedition occured 3 months after our previous attempt with a different party, so the encounters were changed accordingly.***

    Entering the tower to the left, we were beset by a number of baby giant spiders. No one was hurt and we quickly exited the room rather than deal with them. We headed to the double doors that lead to the interior and about halfway across the courtyard, a flurry of arrows came at us from behind a large pile of rubble to the right.

    We shifted that direction and charged to close the gap in an attempt to nullify the missle fire. Nearly a dozen goblins charged us under cover of arrows. Our Human MU cast sleep on the archers and we engaged the charging goblins in melee. After 2 rounds of combat we began taking missle fire from behind. We discovered nearly a dozen Gnolls had come out of the Moathouse wearing cloaks with a strange "flaming eye" symbol. All but 2 charged us, the others firing arrows.

    Our evil DM rolled a series of 20's, and, subsequently, the NPC MU took a critical arrow to the throat and dropped dead. Soon the NPC Fighter was bested by a Gnoll and killed. Another Meat Shield bit it and a third one, wounded badly, fled. We eventually, after the Clerics turned Combat-Medics applied CLW over and over again, managed to take this force out. Most of us were seriously injured, some near death, saved only by the Clerics. After this encounter, we returned to Hommlett to alert the village elders that a fairly substantial group of humanoids had taken residence in the old Moathouse, some wearing strange symbols.

    We had hired the mercs by offering 2GP/week and 10GP per expedition. We even offered to pay out the bonus to next of kin or someone of their designation if something unfortunate happened. The NPCS's were offered one share of treasure after the Mercs were paid. We made a big show of paying our lone surviving Merc 30GP and swapped out his padded, small wooden shield, and shortsword, with Chain, large shield, and longsword, making him a rich, well equiped 0-level human. Hopefully, that will attract more meat shields willing to fight, in spite of the heavy losses. We also asked the village elders to take the threat seriously and help us find some more assistance...

    In hindsight, blindly walking through the courtyard (mainly because we met no resistance there with our previous party - blatantly metagmaing... :oops: ) was a bad idea... We were nearly wiped out again due to carelessness. I want to point out that it was my idea to search the perimeter, but everyone else wanted to waltz through the front door (but I'm not bitter :D )... Oddly enough, after blowing his sleep spell, our Human MU was very effective with thrown daggers, scoring several kills on the Goblins. The glaive wielder and my 2 handed swordsman chopped through Gnolls like a hot knife through butter (when we actually hit - our rolling was mainly terrible). Our DM uses critical hits on a natural 20, which deals max damage. A second d20 roll scoring a hit allows for an additional HD of damage, and a 2nd roll of a 20 will net you double max damage - this is how our NPC MU bit it...). At the end of the day, we lost all but one of our NPC's, all but one of our Mercs, and a whole lot of bluster. We scored very little cash, but made up for it in weapons and armor that we liquidated. More again in a week or two!
  16. grodog

    grodog Troubadour

    We're still playing AD&D---our current campaign started in spring 2006 or so, and we're enjoying it. Playing in the JG Wilderlands, as DM'd by tacojohn, and he's an excellent DM (one of the best I've ever had the pleasure to play under, as a matter of fact). We're talking about picking up another game, to pick up the pieces of a TPK in G3 that another of the guys ran awhile ago; not sure if anything's going to come of that in the near term, but it's a possibility.

    I'll be DMing my version of Castle Greyhawk at the North Texas RPG Con the first weekend in June, which will hopefully be a lot of fun. That'll be the second time I've DM'd this year, since I did so over Christmas vacation back in NJ for some Philly guys from DF (I ran RJK's Bottle City level), so I shouldn't be too rusty, hopefully :eek:
  17. chgowiz

    chgowiz Footpad

    I'm running a homebrew campaign as a solo game with my wife - OeD&D - uses the Swords & Wizardry retroclone, but I keep dipping into the 3 books for inspiration and additional info.

    I'm also running a AD&D game (based on OSRIC - it was all I had at the time, but have since gotten my old collection back via Ebay) which has a post-apocalyptic campaign setting. I run that at Games Plus, trying to start a second group.

    I'd love to find an OeD&D game to play in now and then.
  18. geekpreacher

    geekpreacher Spellbinder

    Right now I've been trying to run/play the new version of Hackmaster known as Hackmaster Basic. If I can just get some of my friends to commit to an actual full session, we'll see how this works out. I'm enjoying it so far but really want to figure out any kinks in the system.

  19. jeffery st. clair

    jeffery st. clair Troubadour

    I'm running/playing AD&D with my group of 20+ years, and playing in Frank Mentzer's Aquaria campaign, also AD&D. I also run an AD&D play-by-post on RPOL. I'm hoping to get to a Mini-Hoopla soon so I can dust off my somewhat pitiful boardgame-fu.
  20. Melf

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