What are you running this year?

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  1. Jonathan McGough

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    hey guys,

    Probably the wrong thread and this may have been answered somewhere else so I really apologize, but in terms of 5e D&D games run at GaryCon...How many of them are Adventurers league only? Are there games were we can just play with a non AL character? Sorry Im a first time Convention attendee haha.
  2. JediSoth

    JediSoth Troubadour

    All the Adventurer's League game are in their own area and will be listed as such. You should be able to find plenty of non-AL 5E games being run. Just select RPG when searching for the events (i.e. NOT Adventurer's League). It doesn't look like you can narrow it down by system using the online system, but Game System does show up if you pull the CSV event listing.
  3. mordrin

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  4. stahlnee

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    On TTE, select GaryCon XII
    Under Attendee select Event Schedule
    Change All Event Types to RPG (note: first listed event is under the incorrect category as it is an Adventure League event)

    To get around this incorrect listing, type in the Search box 5e. This will get you all the 5e RPG that are not Adventure League events. This is based on events being categorized correctly. Keep in mind that towards the results you may have none 5e events as the TTE search is not a perfect search.

    Below the results is a number of items you can select to show in the results. One of these is Game System.

    You can also use the following url to get the listing

    Keep in mind that the Event Schedule will be update through the month as a minimum. Last year events were added all the through each badge registration and after Silver Badge registration.

    The csv file you can open lags from what is shown in the Event Schedule. The csv files is updated daily around 6pm central time and captures changes up until some time during the previous 24 hours.
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  5. JediSoth

    JediSoth Troubadour

    @Jonathan McGough A quick filtering of the CSV shows 99 D&D 5E events that aren't Adventurer's League as of Jan 10, 2020. This does not count any games that might have been assigned the wrong system. So, you should be able to find something. :D
  6. stahlnee

    stahlnee Spellbinder

    58 of the 5e games start with GHR which are an organized play thing. May have to use same character and build it up through each game.
  7. Handy Haversack

    Handy Haversack Chevalier

    Running two games using the AS&SH system:

    HYPERBOREA: The Meal of Oshregaal: Thu., 12-4
    Most have heard of Oshregaal, the chaos sorcerer. He lives in an opulent mansion in the wall of a great cavern. And he created the armies of tusk people that threaten pretty much everything. But no one knows why **you** have been invited to dine with him, an invitation on a sheet of living blood that has forced you into a secret mission you barely understand. Hopefully the food will be good?

    Try your wits against the Meal of Oshregaal! In the three times I have run this, one player has made it out alive. But you can do better! Backgrounds? Power feats? Magic items? Levels? Hit points? Who needs 'em! All you need is a strong stomach and an absolute ton of brains*!

    First-level pregens provided. Extras available!

    *Brains not for eating ... unless ...!

    HYPERBOREA: Bone Effigy Crucible of the Urgent Chimera: Sun., 12-4
    A chimera has been terrorizing the wooded valleys of the Narthex Mountains, robbing battered and wounded adventurers of their items of power. Of course, you had to learn this the hard way. And that magical spear really tied the party together.

    But now it's payback time. Armed with what you have left, you've set off for the extinct volcano caldera where the monster makes its home. It messed with the wrong bunch of pathologically violent itinerant psychopaths. Er, adventurers. We'll see who's wounded and terrified this time, chimera.

    You'll get that magic spear back, if it hasn't sold it or something already. Some burgers, some beers, a few laughs. Your troubles are over. After all, it's Hyperborea. Am I wrong?

    A Hyperborean adventure for extremely angry 3rd-level characters. Pregens. provided.
  8. Ancalagon

    Ancalagon Level 0 Character

    The Skull of Tamoachan: Thursday, 12-4 and Sunday, 11-3

    A day’s walk from the ruins of Tamoachan, your party found the valley in which was an unexplored temple of Mictlantecuhtli, Lord of Mictlán, the Land of the Dead. The natives spoke of priceless treasures of gold and gems within the temple. They also fear the valley, considering it damned and a place of certain death. Can your team reach the temple, gain entry, explore and return alive?

    The Skull of Tamoachan is an AD&D 1st Edition adventure set in the World of Greyhawk. Pre-gen characters from the Players Handbook and Oriental Adventures of 5th to 7th level will be provided. Players should, at a minimum, bring dice, a pencil, a Players Handbook, and their wits!
  9. sir jon

    sir jon Spellbinder

    The GaryCon Open Tournament is looking for YOU! If you are versed in AD&D 1e, like running for 8 players, and don't mind 8am games, I could use your able bodied help. The GC Open has been running since year IV, with all-original module adventures created for said game. You'll receive additional credit towards hours and a copy of said adventure, and likely other support.

    Interested parties message me here or find me on the book of faces.

  10. sniderman

    sniderman Chevalier

    Running several Mutant Crawl Classics games!

    MCC RPG: Dead in the Water
    Mindless, water-logged abominations have been coming ashore, attacking fishing villages along the coast of The Rainbow Sea, then dragging their victims off to a watery doom. Your ragtag party of post-apocalyptic Seekers have been tasked with stopping the invasion. Perhaps the answer can be found on the legendary Island of Fire. This is a 0 level MCC RPG funnel adventure. (Released last year at Gary Con!)

    MCC RPG: The Desk in Room 8-10
    A Seeker has returned to the village excitedly describing an Ancient structure her team discovered. She waited outside while the team entered to explore, yet they never returned. The village council has put together your secondary team to investigate, guided by the Seeker who returned. Can you trust her? And does she seem somewhat—shorter? This is a 1st level MCC RPG adventure. (Planned for release at this year's Gary Con!)

    MCC RPG: Plague From Below
    Your village’s Council of Advisors are all near death due to the effects of an unidentified Ancient illness. The last standing chieftain tasks your Seeker team to investigate an Ancient medical compound where the illness is thought to originate and where a cure might be found. But what may have unleashed this disease upon the lands of Terra AD? This is a 2nd level MCC RPG adventure. (Playtesting at this year's Gary Con!)

    And the return of...
    FORSOOTH! Comedy-Fantasy RPG Playtest
    The RPG that asks, "What if Mel Brooks directed The Lord of the Rings?" Start with Ye Olde Medieval Tavern. Add three equal parts of fantasy adventure situations, cliches, and tropes. Mix in one of the most popular RPG game engines of all time. Sprinkle liberally with quests, creatures, and an overwrought GM. Serves 6 unsuspecting players. Help playtest the upcoming FORSOOTH! comedy-fantasy RPG!
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  11. ARCHIE

    ARCHIE Level 0 Character

    One of the few representing the mighty Second Edition!
    Seriously, the four of us should take a picture together.

    Im bringing back Birthright, Baby!
    This year, it's only one Domain Level session, bright and early on Thursday morning.
    And one adventure for blooded scions, set in the world of Cerilia!
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  12. Tim Neppel

    Tim Neppel Level 0 Character

    Greetings! Here's my event list, presuming the PDF uploads! I'll be back with MPTHG this year, but the thing I'm most excited about running is Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon. It's a super rich narratively driven board game with a strong Choose Your Own Adventure feel. I can't get it to the table enough!

    Here's the Shortlist, see the attachment for details

    Thursday at 8-10 am
    Monty Python Fluxx Tournament
    Thursday at 10:00 AM
    SILLINESS (Shadows) OVER CAMELOT: It's only a model!

    Friday at 4-8 pm
    MPTHG—Mounting Pitons to Hold the Grill
    Friday at 8-11 PM
    Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon

    Saturday at 8-11 AM
    Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon
    Saturday at 4-7 PM
    Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon

    Sunday at 1-2 PM
    Bridge of Death Trivia (MPTHG)
    Sunday at 2-3 PM
    MPTHG—Siege of Castle AAARRRGH!

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  13. Zenopus

    Zenopus Level 0 Character

    I'm running two sessions, two different games (for the first time at any con); both are Holmes/OD&D games.

    In Search of the Brazen Head of Zenopus, scheduled for Sat night from 7-11 PM (I ran this twice last year):

    Expedition to Skull Stack Crater, scheduled for Fri morning from 8 AM-12 PM (this is a new one):

  14. Ben Reese

    Ben Reese Level 0 Character

    I'm excited to be running 3 games this coming year:

    Dragons vs Panzers -- Who wins, tanks or dragons? Last year it was closer than you think...


    Dragon Snacking --- What happens when you combine dragons, magic, lightsabers, and stormtroopers? Come find out!

    Something Something Ukraine - TRACTICS! --- We're bringning back the original TRACTICS with some great quality of life updates and a great ongoing year-after-year campaign. Join us in the next story of the campaign in the Eastern Front of WWII.

    Starts Duration Event # Name Room Space Tickets Available
    Thursday at 9:00 AM 4 hours 405 Legends: Panzers vs. Dragons Evergreen 2 EG2-216 2/8
    Friday at 1:00 PM 4 hours 404 Legends: Outpost in the Ukraine Evergreen 2 EG2-216 5/8
    Saturday at 9:00 AM 4 hours 403 Legends: Krunchy with Soft Meat Inside—Dragon Snacking Evergreen 2 EG2-216 6/8
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  15. ARCHIE

    ARCHIE Level 0 Character

    Actually, I really like that idea.... Can anybody help me track down the other three DMs running 2nd Edition AD&D?
    Im looking for Jay L. Scott, Tom Cullen, and Marco Lussi
    I want to arrange for the four of us to take a picture at GCXII with our 2nd Edition DMGs
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  16. rickwins

    rickwins Level 0 Character

    I am running myself ragged based on my current dm schedule
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  17. stahlnee

    stahlnee Spellbinder

    There are still seats available in Nuclear War on Thur at 10am. Start GaryCon by dropping one on someone else.
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