What games are you running for Gary Con XI?

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  1. Buttmonkey

    Buttmonkey Troubadour

    My game times haven't been finalized by the organizers, but here's what I have submitted pending scheduling:

    Thursday at 10:00 a.m. - Cheat Your Own Adventure

    Friday at 2:00 p.m. - White Plume Mountain using Dungeon World

    Saturday at 10:00 a.m. - Pod-Caverns of the Sinister Shroom using Dungeon World

    Sunday at 10:00 a.m. - Cheat Your Own Adventure
  2. dndgeek

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    What's Cheat Your Own Adventure all about?
  3. Buttmonkey

    Buttmonkey Troubadour

    It's a game that allows the players to create and play through a choose your own adventure story at the game table. The rules (http://mcleanfamilyonline.co.uk/CYOA.pdf) are incredibly simple. One player starts as the narrator (narrator #1) and makes up the first few paragraphs of a story. The other players then give options for the narrator in classic Choose Your Own Adventure style (e.g., to stab the troll, turn to page 62; to confuse the troll by dancing a jig, turn to page 17; to curl up in the fetal position and hope the troll loses interest, turn to page 33). The narrator picks one of the options and the person who created that option becomes the narrator (narrator #2). The new narrator (#2) rolls 2d6 to find out if the choice was good or if the character dies and narrates accordingly. If the character dies, the previous narrator (narrator #1) picks another option and it is automatically successful (narration passes to whoever came up with the second choice (narrator #3)). If the character did not die, the other players come up with new options for narrator #2 to choose from and the story continues. The story ends after the 12th decision point is completed. The rules do a much better job of explaining the system. The rules really only take up half a page in a large font.

    The game is extremely simple for newbies to grasp. It is also very kid-friendly. The tone of the game depends entirely on what the players want. It can G-rated or R-rated or anything in between. The players can pick any genre they want. I've done fantasy and space opera in the past.

    I've never played Cheat Your Own Adventure face to face. I had a lot of fun with it in a Play by Post a year ago.

    The rules have the benefit of being free. I usually print off a bunch of copies (it's only 1 double-sided sheet of paper) and bring them to cons to give away to people who have never heard of the game.

    I put the CYOA games down for 2 hour time slots. I am sure we'll be able to play through multiple adventures in that time frame.
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  4. Ancalagon

    Ancalagon Level 0 Character

    This time I'm running Castles & Crusades in HârnWorld: Zoanthropic Benediction.

    Session 1 is Thursday from 10 AM to 3 PM (that's right, five hours!)
    Session 2 is Friday from 7 PM to midnight (or later depending on how things go and if no one else has the table scheduled)

    The adventure will accommodate five players. Pre-gens will be provided. I requested age range of players is 18+ (adult) and that they possess some experience in the specific rules of the game.

    My event description is as follows: Winter has come to Hârn. Snow blankets the land as ice forms along the banks of the river Anoth which separates the southern reaches of fractious kingdom of Orbaal and the tribal lands of Nuthela. The once plentiful game has grown scarce, fish avoid hooks and nets, and the people of your village go hungry. A fortnight ago, at the behest of the Tuathaich, the venerable priestess of your village, your hunting party set out to find food sufficient to hold at bay the threat of starvation for kith and kin. However, as you return to your village, you can see things are not as they were when you departed….
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  5. stahlnee

    stahlnee Spellbinder

    Thurs 10am-12pm - Legends: Nuclear War <https://tabletop.events/conventions/gary-con-xi/schedule/740>
    Thurs 1-5pm - co-DM with Elise Gygax - A Pirate Walks Into a Tavern ... <https://tabletop.events/conventions/gary-con-xi/schedule/379>

    Fri 8am-12pm - Legends: Warrior of Mars! <https://tabletop.events/conventions/gary-con-xi/schedule/997>
    Fri 1-5pm - co-DM with Heidi Gygax - Duck Ripley in Her Service <https://tabletop.events/conventions/gary-con-xi/schedule/251>

    Sun 8-10am - Legends: Avalon Hill Naval War <https://tabletop.events/conventions/gary-con-xi/schedule/29>
    Sun 2-4pm - Legends: Nuclear War <https://tabletop.events/conventions/gary-con-xi/schedule/699>

    Another game of interest being co-dm by Heidi Gygax and Duck
    Sat 9am-1pm - For A Worthy Cause <https://tabletop.events/conventions/gary-con-xi/schedule/418>
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  6. Scott M.

    Scott M. Footpad

    Harrison Ford's Theater -- Savage Worlds (THU 7pm)
    You feel like you're in a funhouse of mirrors. Six different versions of yourself stare back at you. That one looks a bit older. That one is wearing a vest. And that one is…carrying a whip? A bit of conversation reveals that many years and millions of miles separate you. But you can see it in their eyes — they’re all you. Six roguishly handsome everymen, exuding confidence yet charmingly fallible.

    Kobayashi Ishimura -- Savage Worlds (FRI 1pm)
    Captain’s Log, USS Kellion, Stardate 22508: Long-range sensors detected a vessel orbiting Aegis VII, an abandoned Federation mining colony. It may be an Earth ship, and erratic power signatures indicate it could be in distress. Admiral Altman at Starfleet Command denied my request for classified information about the system. I've laid in a course. The classic no-win scenario...now with zombies.

    Sharks in the Trailer Park -- Savage Worlds (SUN 12pm)
    Why did your trailer park flood? Why is it full of sharks? 24 colorful pre-generated characters who are everyday trailer park residents. If you die, pick another from the pile and keep on playing. Make it until the end to find out the secrets of Sharks in the Trailer Park!
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  7. Goodmania

    Goodmania Level 0 Character

    Forget Me Not (Sat 2pm)
    Modern Call of Cthulhu
    Investigators start the game not knowing who they are. Slowly their memories return and with it the madness and the horror.

    A Night At the Museum (TBC - Friday 3pm)
    D&D 5e
    The party has been hired to acquire a worthless tribal token from the Hall of Bright Carvings. As they approach the museum at the appointed time to meet with Rottcodd the Museum curator they find the ancient halls darkened and silent. Maybe this wont be a simple fetch quest after all.

    The King in Yellow (TBC - Sun 12pm)
    Classic Call of Cthulhu
    A riff on the Robert W Chambers novella. Investigators are watching a rather boring play at the Arkham Playhouse then in Act 2 all hell breaks loose - quite literally
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  8. scottmbruner

    scottmbruner Level 0 Character

    It's going to be a packed weekend for me! I decided not to run my usual Tomb of Horrors...

    Friday 7pm : Rocky & Bullwinkle RPG
    (3 hours)
    I still have set from 198? and I've never really played it...it comes with hand puppets and was designed by Warren Spector and Zeb Cook.

    Saturday 11am: Running a panel on "Appendix N & The Inspirations Behind D&D's Mythos"
    (90 minutes)
    Don't miss it! I'm really looking forward to this; this is what I study as grad student.

    Saturday 7pm: Legends of Wrestling Tournament: 80s Mayhem!
    (4 hours)
    I run, when I have the time, a solo wrestling federation using Tom Filsinger's Legends of Wrestling card'n'dice game.
    I always thought it'd be fun to do a tournament where players draft wrestlers to see who is the best of the 80s. Should be fun.

    Sunday 8am: Dragonlance 1: Dragons of Despair
    (8 hours)
    Did I bite off more than I can chew? I dunno! Bought this module and wanted to run it. Don't know how far we'll get, but want to experience TSR's shift from sandboxy dungeons to linear narrative design.

    Writing this all out: it's sure an eclectic mix I'm running! Looking forward to it. Hope folks will sign up :)
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    ARCHIE Level 0 Character

    Well, I'm running three Birthright games featuring a historic map of Bohemia and custom made Awnsheghlien.

    Game 389: Thursday (bright and early) at 8am to 1:50. A sinister monster has usurped the crown and taken control of the capital. Who will slay the creature and take control for themselves?
    Game 425: Friday from 4pm to 9:50. Defend the country from foreign invaders! The lord who finishes the strongest may make a bid for the crown....
    Game 407: Saturday 3pm to 8:50. The king is on his deathbed, and there is no heir apparent. Civil war is inevitable, and alliances are made to be broken....

    I know a lot of gamers have always wanted to play Birthright, but seldom get the chance....
  10. Tim Neppel

    Tim Neppel Level 0 Character

    Greetings GaryConners! I …am an Enchanter. There are some who call me... TIM?

    Here's my list of events.

    Thursday 8-10am

    Monty Python Fluxx Tournament: Join 2 Krazy Kooks (Greg Barry and Tim "The Enchanter" Neppel) for a Monty Python Fluxx tournament where the rules and goals are always changing. The game will feature the "Black Knight" expansion cards which include "The Black Knight" Creeper and the "TIm the Enchanter" Keeper. After a few rounds have been completed, the top player(s) will win "SOMETHING completely different!" Prizes TBA

    Thursday 12-4pm, Friday 4-8pm, and Saturday 4-8 pm
    Mounting Pitons to Hold the Grill: A live-action comedic homage to Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Take on the roles of Arthur and his brave Knights of the Round table. Set off from Camelot and travel across the Con seeking the Holy Grail! Duel the dreaded Black Knight! Brave the perilous Castle Anthrax! And if you don't soil your armor first, delve into the Cave of Caerbannog! Some amount of reading and walking involved.

    Thursday 4-5pm
    Bridge of Death Trivia: Tim the Enchanter is filling in for the BridgeKeeper this GaryCon! Come answer his questions three to cross the Bridge of Death, and WIN A PRIZE! But beware, answer incorrectly and thou art cast into the Pit of Eternal Parallelograms! (Just the end of the line!) This event only takes 5 minutes, but I will be quizzing participants for about an hour. You do not NEED to register to participate!

    Friday 8-10am
    Shadows over Camelot: A Cooperative game for 3-7 brave knights, with the possibility of a traitor. Try to fill the Round Table at Camelot with a majority of White swords (successes) while balancing each act precariously against the Progression of Evil. Work together to achieve many noble Quests, including retrieving Excalibur and finding the Holy Grail. But beware, one of your own may be plotting against you!

    Friday 9pm- (as late as we want to play!)
    Avalon: The Resistance -- The loyal servants of King Arthur (Good) seek to find the Holy Grail. But the traitorous agents of Mordred (Evil) have slipped in amongst their ranks, working to foil their noble cause. Only Merlin can see through their web of deceit, but he can speak only in riddles, lest his identity be revealed to the murderous assassin! A social deduction game like Werewolf, but without player elimination.

    Saturday 9-11am
    Cavern Tavern: Cavern Tavern is a worker (dice) placement and resource management game set in a fantasy tavern! Players assume roles of workers in the tavern run by a nasty and greedy barkeep. You will gather ingredients to make specialty drinks, work in the kitchen, do chores, and try to keep your patrons happy by serving them their drinks quickly. Take too long, and they'll "Diner Dash" on you!

    Sunday 2-3pm
    MPTHG -- Siege of Castle AAARRRGH! All previously participating Knights are invited back to conclude the FINAL SCENE of Mounting Pitons to Hold the Grill. Any other willing participants may be conscripted to join in the assault... and simply spectating is perfectly fine too! Come watch as Arthur and his Knights, with the aid of Tim the Enchanter, try to reclaim the Holy Grail! WEATHER DEPENDENT: This event may be moved OUTSIDE!
  11. Handy Haversack

    Handy Haversack Chevalier

    Sunday 12-4 PM
    Hyperborea: The Meal of Oshregaal: Most have heard of Oshregaal, the chaos sorcerer who created the armies of tusk people that threaten the land. He lives underground, his opulent mansion set in the wall of a great cavern. But few possess an invitation to dine in his lair, an invitation scribed on a sheet of living blood and that has launched you on a secret mission to his lair under the war-torn land.
  12. Muddy

    Muddy Level 0 Character

    Hi all,

    first time heading to GaryCon and am running two sessions using the Blueholme version of basic D&D. It's a homegrown adventure adventure, all levels of experience welcome. If you like lots of (excessive?) backstory, or want to look over the character options, you can do that here. Password: ThanksGary

    Please give it a look.

  13. Zenopus

    Zenopus Level 0 Character

    I'll be there for the second time (first was 2017), and am signed up to run In Search of the Brazen Head of Zenopus, once Fri morning from 9-1 and once Sat evening from 7-11.

    https://tabletop.events/conventions/gary-con-xi/schedule/1667 (full after Gold registration)

    This is the same scenario (retitled), that I had planned for last year before I had to cancel attending due to a death in the family. I did run it later in the year at North Texas RPG Con with Chris Holmes (!) playing along among others.
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  14. dndgeek

    dndgeek Troubadour

    Unfortunately I'm running something in two of those slots and I've been trying to get into Braunstein I for about 5 years and finally got in...during the other slot. I even considered giving up Braunstein for another year, but your Thursday game is already sold out. Hope you bring it back next year. I'll make room! :) -J
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  15. Cloak n' Dagger

    Cloak n' Dagger Level 0 Character

    No problem. Assuming it's not a flop, I'm sure I'll run at least one session next year.

    For anyone else interested, my Thu and Fri sessions have filled up already and Silver badges haven't registered. I've submitted a fourth event, just now, for Saturday evening. Not sure if it will get approved but I've had a couple folks asking so it's worth a shot.
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  16. dndgeek

    dndgeek Troubadour

    Boom, got it!
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  17. Cloak n' Dagger

    Cloak n' Dagger Level 0 Character

    Haha, sweet. Glad to have you onboard.
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  18. Kubo

    Kubo Level 0 Character

    I think you can get Dragons of Despair done in 8 hours if you keep a steady pace. Having played it more than once before with different groups, players tend not to take too many side jaunts before meeting the dragon. (I don't think I gave away too much of the plot. It's Dragonlance. You got to fight dragons!)
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  19. gizmomathboy

    gizmomathboy Spellbinder

    I've completed the totally unnecessary parts of my event preparation.

    Now to do the stuff that needs to be done.

    IMG_20190221_191728072-smallest.jpg IMG_20190221_192533422-smallest.jpg

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