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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mordrin, Jan 30, 2016.

  1. Liverpuncher

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    Oddly - I have not received in an email. However in my Recent Orders and Registered Events it shows I got everything I ordered. I also received a paypal confirmation order. The other strange thing is that my bank of coins was not charged; I still have all my coins. How should I submit this problem to the team? My friends have also experienced odd things with their orders.
  2. stahlnee

    stahlnee Spellbinder

    Great. I dont receive email for anything. So I have no email to check against.
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  3. athornton

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    Yeah, I got my cart choices. Here's hoping that it wasn't grossly, ridiculously oversold for everyone. Because I'm pretty pleased. I had a friend who got hosed, though.
  4. mordrin

    mordrin Spellbinder Staff Member

    Yeah, if your coins weren't subtracted, that's a bad sign.
    If I were you, I'd try submitting again now that's it's slowed down and see if you get a success this time.
  5. Liverpuncher

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