Where is the event list/schedule?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by WoodGrainBox, Feb 22, 2019.

  1. WoodGrainBox

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    How do you expect someone to decide whether to attend if you never publish an event list?
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    Dudes! Discovery is part of the game! Why did you give him the links? Prowling around and finding the loot is part and parcel to the old-school experience!
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    If you are referring to the fact that you cant see the event list on TTE, my advice would be to try a different search browser. When I use google, the event list doesn't show up for me on there. Not sure why.
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    Earlier this year I suddenly could not see any of the event listings on TTE for any con in either Chrome or Firefox. It turns out I needed to update both programs, and to do that I needed to update the OS on my 2011 Mac, and to do that I needed to add more RAM. Now TTE is working fine and it's like I have a new computer. : )

    So my suggestion is to make sure your browser is updated to the latest version.
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    None of that post-ODDenist heresy around here, please.

    Excuse me while I disconnect my Sinclair Scientific Computer from the TV antenna leads, so I can watch The Rockford Files.
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    No, there is no link on that page identified as "schedule of events" or "event list" or any such useful pointer.
  9. WoodGrainBox

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  10. WoodGrainBox

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    Does anyone running this show realize that the above page cannot be accessed from its parent page?


    No link to "shedule of events"

    Mickey mouse operation all around. I'd like to someday before I die play some Chainmail, but first it takes months of effort to get the site admins to approve my registration for this Forum, and then the con itself is veiled in secrecy... screw this...
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    Awww...are you not coming? What a shame...
  12. Poindexter

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    on the above link, click the "Attend" menu option and from the drop-down select the "Events Schedule" option.

    it will be helpful for you to log into the tabletop website before hand.

    hope that helps.
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    And, to note: It didn't take me "months" to approve your membership on the forum. It took me a few hours (because I work for Mickey Mouse during the day. No, really). As we established in our communications, it took you months to determine that we'd sent you a link in an email, and then I had to manually approve you when you circular-filed that email.
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    It's weird how all these people managed to buy badges and signup for events using the website then I guess, including many first timers such as myself. I also don't understand the hostility given that clearly, you are the one having issues that others aren't having. People have been very helpful to you as well and have been trying to help you solve your problem.

    There are real people behind these screen names. Are you always this rude to people IRL who are trying to help you out, or is it only an Internet thing?
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    Damn. More games and drinks for us.
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