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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by chainsaw, Jan 27, 2013.

  1. Savokk

    Savokk Level 0 Character

    Speaking of GenCon, wasn't the first day of GaryCon registration on the same day as the first day of GenCon Badge purchasing last year as well?
  2. Fuesar

    Fuesar Footpad

    THIS is the Case of the Missing Magic.
  3. LMetcalf

    LMetcalf Level 0 Character

    4:24 EST
    ...crickets chirping....
  4. Nogrod

    Nogrod Level 0 Character

    Plus one on this comment :)
  5. Keyes

    Keyes Level 0 Character


  6. draven

    draven Level 0 Character

    My roomies will pay dearly for this delay.
  7. LMetcalf

    LMetcalf Level 0 Character

    ...fist pumping... slows....
    excitement...dance... slowing...

    My initiative this round is apparently AFTER the Zombies!

    *tries to look patient*
  8. Savokk

    Savokk Level 0 Character

    IE: We have altered the time of registration, pray we do not alter it further.


    If you all would stop clicking on the website relentlessly we might be able to get this working.

  9. francisca

    francisca Troubadour

    Yeah, but tuesday is the critical day for gencon, as it is lodging registration.
  10. prolificvoid

    prolificvoid Troubadour


    IT'S A GO, folks.
    May have to try refreshing if you get a server error message.
  11. bighara

    bighara Chevalier

    It's open, I'm registered

    HOORAY! :D
  12. sniderman

    sniderman Chevalier

    And I'm in...

    And DONE!

  13. jeffery st. clair

    jeffery st. clair Troubadour

  14. chainsaw

    chainsaw Troubadour

    All done! Cool.
  15. mark

    mark Spellbinder

    Done and done! :)
  16. Dale

    Dale Administrator

    And, there was much rejoicing!

    All thanks to Donal (aka Chris)!
  17. mark

    mark Spellbinder

    Thanks, Donal! :)
  18. prolificvoid

    prolificvoid Troubadour

  19. Gravon

    Gravon Level 0 Character

    I'm good to go!
  20. Ligmancer

    Ligmancer Level 0 Character

    Mission accomplished!

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