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    For those of you, like me, that didn't make it to Gencon this year I just want to clue you in on what one gaming company is working on. Fantasy Flight Games has posted videos of their visit to Genccon 2011 & from what I have seen it is going to be a great upcoming year for FFG. Many of their games that have been out of print are getting facelifts & being re-released as 2nd editions, to include: "Kingsburg" & it's expansion; "A Game of Thrones", the boardgame & "Descent: Journeys in the Dark."They have also announced the release of a revamped "Wiz-War". (I'am still looking for more info on this one.)
    Now for those of you that have played Von Deekin's "Wings of War" I'am very pleased that FFG is planning to release "X-Wing"; a Wings of War clone, to some extent, that promises to give all those Luke Skywalker & Darth Vader wannabes the ride of their life. (& if it is released in time for Garycon IV I'll make sure it makes an apperence!)
    On a different note, I have to eat my own words. (Munch! Munch! BURP!-Hmm, tastes like chicken.) I had stated in a previous post, "Conquest of Nerath", that this would be the ONLY game I would be running at Garycon IV. Well it looks like I was wrong. My 'dance card' promises to be extemely full with just the games listed above. Maybe it's not to late to make Garycon IV a five day convention?

    DAMN game companys, I think I'm starting to hate them!! :lol:
    P.S. Here's the link to FFG Gencon 2011 videos http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_c ... layer.html
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    The new avatar rocks, Keeper. Where did you get it? I'd like a print like that to go on my wall.
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    New Wiz-War boxtop. They have it as an available avatar on Fantasy Flight Games forums, SO, I "borrowed" it. Maybe FFG will have some poster art available or something. Just contact their cutomer support & ask. Here's the link; http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_atencion.asp
    Now, if we could just get FFG to show up at GC IV with about 40-50 copies of WIZ-WAR that would be SWEET!! I'll bet Wiz-War is gonna be one of their (FFG) best sellers.
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    I'am thinking about running a Wiz-War elimination event with sixteen players slots available at start. Run it the same way as I'am planning to run "Conquest of Nerath".

    ANY TAKERS :?:
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    Yes, please. :)
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    I'll be looking for the Descent 1e->2e upgrade kit. I'm liking the sound of the changes they are making.

    I'd be down with the wiz-war tourney as well, schedule conflicts not withstanding.

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