Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by francisca, Jan 29, 2012.

  1. francisca

    francisca Troubadour

    Registration was a rousing success for me.

    I got all of my desired events not only for me, but for my 2 sons, in a matter of about 90 seconds.
  2. capitalbill

    capitalbill Level 0 Character

    Got everything I was gunning for as well. Wahoowah!
  3. Totan

    Totan Spellbinder

    System went smooth as far as I can tell. No lag, no errors.
  4. francisca

    francisca Troubadour

    I'm totally doing Townsend-esque windmills here.
  5. mark

    mark Spellbinder

    It was indeed a very smooth process. Well done Gary Con staff for getting this system in place for this year! :)
  6. silas

    silas Chevalier

    System works great: so unlike GenCon lol

    Nice work guys!
  7. JediSoth

    JediSoth Troubadour

    I didn't have enough points for everything I wanted. Would've had to sacrifice too much to play AD&D w/Frank Mentzer again. Will jsu have to settle for stopping by to say "Hi" when he has free time. Gonna have a good time this year, regardless, of course. There were a lot of good events from which to choose. Had to make some tough decisions. :)
  8. crunchy

    crunchy Level 0 Character

    Smooth and easy... My group of 5 got a bunch of stuff together.
  9. Nogrod

    Nogrod Level 0 Character

    I was also able to get everything I wanted. Wanted to compliment the webmasters for such a smooth event registration for me.

    Edit: And I was lucky and surprised to get Paranoia and Jeff Rients game. They filled up in like 2 mins. Happy Day
  10. osarious

    osarious Chevalier

    Got almost everything I wanted. Except for Playing with Frank. Wanted to play with my daughter, but she got in the event and I didn't. :( :cry: :evil:
    I think she may do something else and I may use her ticket. :lol: :cool:

    Otherwise, it went pretty smoothly.

    Just a suggestion for next year......Make it so you can enter the event in the Registration System by the Event Number.
  11. chainsaw

    chainsaw Troubadour

    Same here. Easy as pie. I knew what I wanted, put them in my cart in under a minute and checked out.
  12. Totan

    Totan Spellbinder

    2nd that. It would be quick and reliable for cart filling.
  13. jim skach

    jim skach Troubadour

    I have no woot...only...what?
  14. francisca

    francisca Troubadour

    only 1 ticket left in my son's "kids only" game. cool!
  15. bighara

    bighara Chevalier

    Reg was pretty smooth overall, but the cart editing could use a little refinement, especially if you discover the need to make a post-checkout change.
  16. Totan

    Totan Spellbinder

    "What?" because you don't know that people are talking their event registration success, or"What?" because you had major technical problems with the system?
  17. jim skach

    jim skach Troubadour

    Oh yeah...I should be clear...

    The registration was nice...the system itself was easy to use. A couple of improvements I could see being added; and one major issue I think needs to be addressed.

    No...my issue was the loss of memory that registration was taking place...
  18. chainsaw

    chainsaw Troubadour

    Oh man. :(
  19. Donal

    Donal Administrator

    I appreciate all of the feedback. Many a late night was spent working and testing this system, and so far, it seems the feedback is all positive. I will definitely consider all suggestions as I ponder additional upgrades for next year. First on the list, now that so many events are sold out, is a filter to NOT show the sold out events. ;)
  20. mordrin

    mordrin Spellbinder Staff Member

    If you do, I'd like it to be optional.

    I like being able to track which things sell out when for future reference.

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