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    That is one hell of a trump card. Point taken.
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    Much like Chainsaw, I've been wanting to try AL. Would be a great way to kill two hours.
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    We do need a suitable successor to SDC. I'll have to see if I can find my rule book. If nothing else, next year, this will happen.

    Back to the original topic...
    If WOTC didn't buy TSR, it could have been much worse. While I don't particularly like 3e, and I hated 4e, I can see that it was made by people (WOTC) that loved the game, just in a different way than me. That is fine, I had Hackmaster and Pathfinder to fill in those gaps. In my (not so) humble opinion 5e is a worthy grand-child to who/what we come to GaryCon to celebrate.
    There is room for all editions. The D&D brand, regardless of which edition is currently being promoted, is the leader that bring people in. If you don't like the latest version, play a different one, don't try and tell others they are having fun wrong.

    As for me, I'm running a father-son 1e game on Saturday and playing in a 5e game on Sunday.
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