Would anyone like to share a ride to MKE on 3/26 in the AM

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by wyrdbrew, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. wyrdbrew

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    I'm taking the shuttle into LG from Milwaukee on Wednesday evening. As far as I know, the last return trip from the hotel shuttle will be Sunday evening. I have a call out to the hotel to verify that. I'm looking to share a ride back to the airport Monday morning. I need to be at the airport around 10 AM. I'm able and willing to pitch in on gas or other costs of getting to the airport. I checked the cab/shuttle fees and it's about a $100 trip if I do it solo.
  2. lucailario

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    I'll have a trip to the Milwaukee Harley Davidson museum on Wednesday.

    I have not planned it very well since also non-gamers (yet :D) are involved so I'll ask.
    They are not (not yet :D) exactly part of the comrade (yet :D).

    I need your flight number or at least arrival time and gate number; mandatory a way to spot each other ;)
    You might have to book something: in order to help you how long before do I have to give you a reply?
  3. wyrdbrew

    wyrdbrew Level 0 Character

    Thanks Lucailario but I'm all set for Wednesday. It's Monday morning I have to figure out.
  4. wyrdbrew

    wyrdbrew Level 0 Character

    I just got off the phone with the hotel and they hooked me up with a shuttle from the hotel to the airport on Monday 3/26 morning. Sweet.

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