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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Traxion, Aug 28, 2012.

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    I mentioned this at last years Gary Con and I still think it is a good idea. There were a lot of kids (8-14) on Sat and Sun, but not a lot geared for them. I heard a lot of grumbling from adults about being "stuck with a kid" at their table, and from kids about not having anything to do.
    I'm willing to put my scout skills to use and coordinate some events for them on those days. But I'll need some volunteers to run some youth oriented games.
    There could easily be 2-3 tables for them going constantly. I know it sounds cliched, but these kids are the future of gaming. I was thinking a "learn to hack" arena for just simple combat with the players making characters and then fighting for a prize of some sort. This would introduce the kids to new games or at least get them familiar with how combat works in them. I'd also like to do some simple miniature games so they can try that out too.
    With a schedule like...
    Table 1
    0800-1200 Arena of death - Basic (Mentzer / Cyclopedia) DnD
    1200-1600 Arena of death - Pathfinder
    1600-2000 Arena of death - Hackmaster Basic
    Table 2
    0800-1200 Fuzzy heroes
    1200-1600 BattleTech
    1600-2000 Descent
    Table 3
    0800-1200 G-rated RPG or board games
    1200-1600 G-rated RPG or board games
    1600-2000 G-rated RPG or board games

    Tables 1& 2 could handle a steady stream of players showing up late or leaving early.

    Then something similar on Sunday for 0800-1600
    Obviously I'd need to find volunteers to run (or help run) each game, but I think I can find them :).

    What do you think?
  2. caalas

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    My wife and girls (13,10,5) will be coming with me this year (wife the whole time kids some of the time). We are planning on teaching/running board games geared toward all the different ages. I also have 4 other board game facilitators lined up to help. Count on us for the board game part.
  3. francisca

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    If we can work out the schedule, my 13 year old will run a Basic/Expert D&D game for kids only, just as he did last year.
  4. jim skach

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    Dibs for two, please!

  5. Melf

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    I think that my little girl will be ready to come to Gary Con and play in another year or two. Your son's game was really well done last year. Looking forward to seeing him in action again at Gary Con V.
  6. francisca

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    I'm sure my son will be happy for the votes of confidence guys!
  7. geekpreacher

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    This really has me wanting to bring my family this year. In 2011, I had planned to bring everyone but my mother-in-law was having surgery and my wife graciously let me go to GaryCon while she and the kids stayed with her mom. GaryCon, that year, just happened to coincide with my wife's Spring Break. (She's a teacher.) This year they coincide again and I was thinking of just bringing the wife and leaving the children with Grandma but, after reading this, I'm not sure.

    Our biggest problem is our 3 year old. I'm afraid if we bring him my wife won't have a chance to really relax and enjoy herself. Our 13 year old, however, loves to game and she would love going to GaryCon. In fact, she keeps asking me when she can go. She'll be fourteen by the next GC and I know she'd have a blast.

    Maybe, if my life ever settles down I could help plan putting together a "fun time area" for children five and under. While my training is not specifically with those children, I do have training in screening volunteers and know how to implement safety policies to make sure the young children are protected.
  8. grodog

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    I had at least two kids play in one of my Aliens boardgame events last year, and they both seemed to have fun (they were ~12-ish IIRC). I'd be happy to run a kids only session this year (or kids + parents, perhaps?).

    Tavis had several children playing in the session I was in for his Dwarven Forge "Battle for the Brown Hills" dungeon game two years ago, and we all had a great time.
  9. jeffery st. clair

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    I've had kids in some of the games I've run over the past couple of years - I think if a parent is also playing (or at least riding shotgun for a bit) then the adults at the table have no reason to complain - after all, we all started playing sometime. My youngest Star Frontiers player last year (age nine, I think) fit right in at the table, and won the door prize, to boot! As I recall, everyone was happy to see him win it (a copy of the mag Star Frontiersman) and he was stoked - he won a straight-up dice roll for it, and what better way to reward one of the next generation of players?

    I, myself, might feel a bit awkward if somebody just dropped a young kid off at my table, and I did play at a table last year with a young one who probably should have had someone there to rein him in a bit. I think it just comes down to the maturity of the kids involved. I certainly don't ever plan on turning away any players, regardless of age, unless the table's already full.
  10. francisca

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    Hey any kid who is gonna spend his time in the game trying to off Sir Jon alright by me!

    <whistles innocently>
  11. sir jon

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    ... should've seen this coming. I'm on to you, Franks!

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