"Assault on Server Mountain"

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    Do these words sound familiar?

    "I went through Event registration and all I got was a rock."

    "How can I not be registered? I still have coins to spend?"

    Then fear not for you too will have a chance to partake in an event I'm going to be running off and on in the open gaming area all weekend at Garycon: "Assault on Server Mountain" using some kind of blend of Metamorphosis Alpha and Dungeon Crawl Classics.

    A level 0 event much like Jim Wampler's beloved "Hypercube of Myt" only the bravest and most intrepid should seek to overcome the perils and obstacles before them as they attempt to register for what was one of the Starship Warden's most exciting and well attended* events: Ward Con.

    (*Clearly before a gigantic gas cloud threw the whole thing off the rails.)

    Yes every year travelers from the most distant corners of the Warden attempt to navigate the perils and hazards of the Ward Con pre-registration. Prepare to be amazed at the spectacle of special appearances by Gary Con staff and luminaries but be aware: Only the luckiest of players will make it past traps, bad dice rolls and generally a stacked deck to claim the most fabled and rumored of prizes: The Golden Ticket.

    We'll run this for fun in one of the many now conveniently open slots on my schedule. It's going to be loud, silly and ideally a good chance to commiserate. As I firm up times I'll post them here.

    We may also try to use to raise some funds for the official Gary Con charity provided Management is ok with it.
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    Sounds amazing!

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